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Artist Statement


Hello. Hi.

It’s now autumn 2017.

For close to a year, I haven’t found the right words to write this artist’s statement.

New season, new changes and new opportunities are around the corner in 2018.

Well, I decided to write a new artist’s statement which is less personal and more encompassing of our times and our nation.

In America, we’re one. America is a nation for which we are open to listen to interpretation and degrees in difference of opinion no matter how different those opinions may be from our own opinions or values or beliefs.

In America, we agree to disagree. In America we don’t “boo” or hurt or harm anyone for any reason especially not off of any podium or stage for which any brave soul is gifted enough to speak to a room full of people peacefully gathered to hear what any speaker has to say about any subject matter.

In America, we give second and third and fourth and fifth chances. In America, we forgive and don’t punish. In America, we don’t fire workers for saying or doing the wrong thing. No. In America, we judge based on performance and real skill set. In America, we look after our ill and sick and poor and downtrodden. In America, we look after women and children and the elderly.

In America, we understand no one may agree with us yet we stand for what we believe is right especially justice and peace. In America, we live and let live. In America, we look after others than just ourselves.

In America, we hang onto our value system and know professional ethics are set in place for the overall democratic nation as one republic.

In America, we give the benefit of a doubt. In America, we’re all equals under the law. In America, we’re innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In America, we hang onto our families out of duty, and honor and great love and respect for each other. In America, we don’t always get along yet we allow for others to be themselves no matter how culturally or racially or heritage or creed is vastly different from our own.

In America, we look to respect and not hate to guide us and develop great leaders which have a vision for a united states.

In America, the wealthier classes and businesses pay higher taxes therefore not to drown the middle class and the working poor into further debt. In modern America, we believe health care is a right to be paid by taxpayers by the federal government for all citizens to have health care coverage. In modern America, we believe in socialized health care and socialized education. In America, we believe education ought to be freely granted to all citizens and civilians such as the European Union. In America, we believe any refugee or immigrant can financially make it from the sweat of their labor and their intelligence.

In America, we give thanks for being American and having a Free Press and other federal institutions set in place for the ethical order of our nation as well as safety and structure. In America, we’re free to express ourselves as we best see fit for many different situations and circumstances. In America, we believe anyone can make it and be allowed to eat and feed our families with the very little money we make for our families to more than survive and live and thrive together. In America, wealth and assets monopolized by one individual or one group of individuals isn’t the American way since America is made up of villages rather than individuals.

In America, we’re a democracy and a democracy we’ll stay since it’s a matter of nationalistic spirit more than propaganda to further progress in the sciences and mathematics and knowledge and innovation and the arts in general.

“De La Pura Vida,”
“To the Good Life” (According to the Costa Rican greeting.)

Gabriela de la Holm

Copyright 2017 Holm Digital All Rights Reserved.

"No matter what the provocation, I never fire a man who is honestly trying to deliver a job. Few workers who become established at the Disney Studio ever leave voluntarily or otherwise, and many have been on the payroll all their working lives."
--- Walt Disney

"The first thing I did when I got a little money to experiment, I put all my artists back in school. The art school that existed then didn't quite have enough for what we needed, so we set up our own art school."
--- Walt Disney

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