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Policies into Bills to be made into Laws


Wednesday, November 9, 2016-2020


Anti-prejudice women laws, or anti-prejudice gay and lesbian and transgender and transsexual laws, or open “Free Trade” markets, or Monopoly regulations, or EPA expansion, or universal free healthcare, or universal free Higher Education, or gun regulation laws, or anti-brutality police regulations and laws and anti-gun violence regulations and laws against the brutalization of black men and other minority citizens and civilians, or free childcare, or increase taxes on the wealthy 1%, or friendly environmental laws, or free early childhood classes, or free public school lunches, or ending this two decade long warfare in the Middle East and redistributing funds to veterans’ welfare and educational infrastructure, or immigration reform, or rightly so turning corporations back into what corporations are which is institutions rather than lending a false identity to corporations as individuals, or no oil pipeline through the Midwest’s heartland, equal pay for equal work, single payer healthcare system, or raise the minimum wage to $21.00 (twenty-one American dollars) hourly rate per increase (“hike”) of annual inflation in the markets according to Mr. Bill Moyers’s information and research, or voter suppression laws, or free media without politicians’ threats or bullying or intimidation against the Free Press’s journalists’ or reporters’ lives who must get home in-time for supper and a bedtime story, or modern American infrastructure such as public libraries and public arboretums and public gardens and public sculpture gardens and public solariums and atriums and public planetariums and public graveyards as safe municipal services to all American private citizens and civilians or, or, or…etc.


          Literary Disclaimer: Writing is creative literary arts. Writing isn’t real. Writing isn’t any type of psychological test. Writing isn’t conversation. Writing isn’t spoken word. Writing isn’t speech giving. Writing isn’t lectures. Writing isn’t talking. Writing isn’t actions. Writing is thoughts written down to convey logic and reason. Writing isn’t “witchcraft.” Writing is letters, punctuation and grammar.


          “Constructive criticism” feedback is for when in person or for critical papers written in school or for newspaper critics whose jobs is to write critiques about the culinary arts or the arts or films and for “writing workshops’” roundtables. Content is creative writing. Writing isn’t erratic since writing isn’t a person. Writing is ideas and thoughts and opinions. Writing is consistency to practice writing. Writing’s work. Writing English’s a task de jour.


          My main Literary Goals:


          To write with the Queen’s English.


          To write as closely as possibly to “Dead White Males” otherwise writing isn’t considered any good.


Writing isn’t Speaking


          Modern speech is modern.


          Modern speech’s authentically empathetic.


          Speaking isn’t writing.


          Talking isn’t writing.


          Discussion isn’t writing.


          Conversation isn’t writing.


          Creative writing’s creatively experimental in nature.


          Mother Nature is cruel at best.


          Writing’s after the fact.


          Writing isn’t any crime.


          Writing’s any discipline.


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Saturday, July 13, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count Goal for the week: 3,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Saturday!


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          Personally, I’m dealing with being gas lit.


          “Gaslight’s” a term for when usually a man blatantly lies to manipulate and distort reality for their female romantic partner.


          Now, since I’m a writer I know when I’m being gas lit because no one can tell me I make up things I hear since I don’t.


          On Wednesday we went to a chicken k restaurant to pick up an order and my chauvinist said to me in public, “We were having a good day until you until you brought up the blondie.”


          At the time I was at the pick-up counter looking for our order when I heard my chauvinist explicitly tell me, “We were having such a good day until you brought up the blondie.”


          The entire kitchen staff looked up at my chauvinist while my back was at him and the look on my face was priceless because I looked mortified while facing the kitchen staff.


          My chauvinist keeps telling me that he said this to me in private in the car, however. I know better than to know when someone’s stonewalling me or gas lighting me.


          For some reason my chauvinist likes to lie and say I’m the one who lies.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          For some reason my chauvinist loves to publically humiliate me.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          For some reason my chauvinist makes up a strict set of rules for me such as I’m not allowed to ever leave the property in case I go for a run I might just hypothetically have imaginary sex with strangers in the bushes.


          For some reason my chauvinist thinks really little of me.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          Since the beginning of our relationship my chauvinist has been commanding me to literally and quote: “Go fuck some cocks.”


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          My chauvinist’s constantly telling me if I go for a run by myself then this means I want to go and fuck strange men.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          My chauvinist tends to lie about his whereabouts at the bar.


          My chauvinist’s a blatantly liar because he’s always in search of strangers making him feel better about himself even though my chauvinist tends to place himself in precarious situations with bar depressives, drug dealers and prostitutes.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          My chauvinist believes he’s famous and special even though he’s not.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          My chauvinist likes to tell me I’m “stupid” and “idiot” and “incompetent” yet he requires for me to work for him for free.


          Personally, I find this type of psychological misbehavior incredibly distressing.


          My chauvinist’s a class A narcissist and control freak as well as manipulate and a liar therefore we don’t often get along because I’m a free thinker with free will and I don’t like to be manipulated because I can see loopholes a mile away.


          My chauvinist’s always setting up a double standard by demanding me to stay home while he likes to go and socialize with drunken teens or bar depressives.


          My chauvinist’s every need must be looked after while my needs go unmet.


          My chauvinist isolates me yet he’s free to go anywhere he likes and wants.


          My chauvinist lies about his whereabouts.


          My chauvinist constantly has crushes on strangers and constantly has a wandering eye.


          My chauvinist likes to scream and yell and swear at me thus I scream and yell and swear back, however, I’m a woman of color without any finances therefore I end up looking bad, although, it’s my chauvinist who gets off of publically humiliating me.


          Personally, I don’t know why my chauvinist believes or seems to think or tells me I’m constantly ready to “fuck other cocks.”


          Personally, I don’t know why my chauvinist gets mean with me.


          Personally, I have to walk on pins and needles and I have to be on eggshells constantly otherwise my chauvinist ends up screaming at me at the top of his lungs.


          Personally, I wonder if my chauvinist has some type of mental defect or some type of brain damage.


          My chauvinist’s constantly demanding my time, resources and energy otherwise I’m “stupid” as a girlfriend.


          If I ever stand up for myself with great and clear rhetoric then my chauvinist calls me “insane” and “crazy” and “stupid.”


          My chauvinist gets to go out and hang out amongst bar whores and bar depressives, however, if I were to ever join him and if any man talks to me then for the rest of the night I’m called a “cunt,” “whore” and “bitch” for so much as responding to anyone with so much as directions or common speech or common courtesies.


          My chauvinist wishes I paid for everything because my chauvinist has explained to me he likes to be treated to everything and have everyone pay for him and be treated real well except my chauvinist’s extremely stingy and unfair and since I’m not able to afford to take my chauvinist out then I must slave away at house chores and office work for free.


          My chauvinist’s cruel to me because my chauvinist self-loathes.


          Ultimately, my chauvinist hates himself and in turn he hates me and he hates everybody else.


          My chauvinist is one of the cruelest men I’ve ever met who wants to be taken care of like a child yet he makes no reassurances to make me feel secure in our relationship because my chauvinist’s constantly looking and seeking the sexual attention of strangers.


          My chauvinist confided in me about how when my chauvinist was ten he used to literally anally fuck the other little neighborhood boys as young as three years old and he’d listen to their screams.


          My chauvinist’s a narcissist and a gas lighter and I’m unto his game.


          My chauvinist wants sex with me, however, constantly on the lookout for whose next in line to date.


          My chauvinist’s a hater of his friends, acquaintances, and anyone who he deems lesser than him for whom practically anyone is lesser than my chauvinist unless women flirt with him then he thinks they’re wonderful.


          My chauvinist demands attention like a little kid.


          My chauvinist’s a pathological liar and a verbal abuser.


          My chauvinist’s misbehavior reminds me of an old bitter woman.


          My chauvinist’s a charmer in public and extremely cruel at home.


          My chauvinist really hates me yet wants to control me.


          My chauvinist’s constantly breaking up with me and kicking me out.


          My chauvinist’s told me I’m “ugly.”


          My chauvinist requires to be completely ignored by all women for the rest of his life because my chauvinist leads with his genital Chakra because he feels unfulfilled therefore he thinks having strangers pay attention to his looks or his sexuality will make him feel better except he always seems so defeated and sad to be used and considered a little whore by anyone who comes in contact with him.


          My chauvinist’s not a very nice man to me or much less to others.


          My chauvinist’s constantly threatening to leave me at home to clean and date his geriatric 87 year old mom while he lies about his whereabouts.


          My chauvinist’s an impetuous child.


          My chauvinist’s a tyrant.


          Personally, I can’t say or do anything otherwise I’m constantly barraged or accused of being a cheater except my chauvinist’s already cheated on me and he likes to claim he’s constantly sexually harassed except he isn’t.


          My chauvinist acts like a loser with me to be mean and manipulative to me.


          My chauvinist doesn’t realize I see right through his misbehavior.


          My chauvinist likes for me to routinely clean, sexual intercourse, work at the office and mandatory family dinners otherwise I’m not allowed to get a job outside of the home or the family business because then I’m accused of wanting to go and fuck strangers.


          The only option I have in life is to go to a homeless shelter or ward off the misconduct and misbehavior of a narcissist who likes to gaslight me.


          Personally, I consider narcissist to be the most boring people on Earth.


          Personally, I’m treated quite badly by a chauvinist who likes to pretend to be the victim yet I’m constantly verbally or psychologically abused and I’ve been told by the women’s domestic violence abuse hotline that such misbehavior won’t ever end or seize.


          Personally, I’d love to spend 24 hours without hearing about bar whores or bar depressives or bar anything.


          My chauvinist only ever talks about is how good strangers who compliment him make him feel. Poor soul.


          My chauvinist’s low self-esteem therefore he constantly puts me down to bring himself up.


          Personally, I’ve love it if I could go a day without hearing about drunk stories or marijuana stories or drunk bar stories or about other women who he deems whores.


          Please, anywhere we go, blatantly ignore my chauvinist because his narcissist personality only craves sexual attention otherwise he doesn’t seem to function quite well if there isn’t someone constantly paying attention to him.


          My chauvinist’s a geriatric narcissist. Poor fellow.


          No, I’m not a narcissist.


          Yes, I’m simply bitter to have been handed such a weird lot in life.


          Yes, I can handle the long hours and the hatred and manipulations and lies, however, I can’t handle being called derogatory names or constantly sarcastic comments which aren’t funny yet are said to harm me or to belittle me or to get me upset.


          My chauvinist seriously disrespects me and I continually keep standing up for myself, however, then I get more punishment.


          My chauvinist really into punishing me by excluding me from social activities thus and therefore I live with a narcissist who’s only goal is to eat away at my soul because narcissists must have complete attention on them at all time.


          Yes, I eat, breathe and live for my chauvinist’s world yet my needs go unmet since I haven’t run in seven months.


          Yes, finally I’ve begun to read again after a seven month hiatus.


          My chauvinist’s archaic and overworked lifestyle keeps me from any time for myself therefore self-care and reading and writing are done when everyone’s asleep otherwise I live as a slave and indentured servant to one man and his entire world.


          Yours Truly;




Monday, July 8, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Monday!


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Why are physical violence abusers charmers?


Female co-worker physical violence abuse


Oh, “domestic violence abuse” is terminology for couples.

Ok, I got the terminology wrong.


Is domestic violence abuse terminology for co-workers?


Ok, I’m talking about physical violence abuse

at the office and not at home.


To be specific: I’m writing about,

“Physical violence abuse” amongst female co-workers


Yes, I have more than one perpetrator in my life.


          Now, the biggest secret about my perpetrators is this: I’m not the only woman who gets physical violence abuse against my person since my perpetrators also like to perpetrate against another woman.


          Well, well, well.


          Minnesota, this state is made of cowards and haters and abusers.


          Now, my physical violence abuser(s) and perpetrator(s) have no respect for me, however, my perpetrator(s) like to go around and be charmers in public then literally if or whenever I don’t agree with my perpetrators about anything in particular then I must deescalate any situation except I’m stubborn and I don’t want to be disrespected in the first place therefore I call people out on their disrespect.


          My charming physical violence abuser(s) and perpetrator(s) love to be seduced by drunks, drug dealers and prostitutes and bar depressives.


          My perpetrator(s) are pathetic.


          My perpetrators are really out of control with their lives and lifestyle.


          My perpetrators like to threaten my livelihood.


          My perpetrators like to compliment other women on their looks rather than the work.


          My perpetrators are haters.


          Yes, I actually do believe my perpetrators are brain damaged due to alcohol thus they’re not able to make friends of either of their own age or be included amongst same age peers in their fifties and sixties.


          My perpetrators socially seek out drunken derelicts because my perpetrators are low self-esteem otherwise they wouldn’t go out of their way to be enticed or seduced by alcohol and drunken derelicts.


          No, I don’t kiss the touché of my perpetrators.


          Personally, I don’t know why perpetrators who beat up women are so charming amongst strangers while such abusive perpetrators wail on women folk at the office.




          Now, I don’t have a penny to my name.


          In my March 2019 my ex-husband got the house, the dog, retirement and everything else because I wasn’t able to afford legal counsel thus and therefore I received nothing since I was too scared to represent myself in court.


          Okay, I have not a red cent to my name and I don’t care because I work 80-hour weeks for the past seven months therefore I’m not lazy rather economically abused.


          Yes, I slave myself for my office co-worker perpetrators who use me and treat me in quite a manipulative manner and are unreal and bitter, hateful old people who believe they own the world because they believe they do which they don’t.


          Now, since I’m economically abused then I’m not able to have any type of life of my own and I’m not allowed or able to afford anything therefore I’m at the mercy of my sweat equity which is more than plenty of physical and office work for room and board.


          Now, my entire life is all about my perpetrator otherwise I get chastised, criticized or threatened to be fired on a daily basis.


          No, I’m not having a good time because my co-workers are abusers.


          Now, my perpetrators like to stonewall by telling me I lie except it’s my perpetrators who lie about their misconduct and abuse.


          Personally, I feel stronger today than I have in seven months because on Saturday I got up the courage to tell my dad I get called derogatory names on a daily basis and my dad told me if I didn’t leave then by the age of 80 I’d go insane of being called derogatory names.


          Now, I have a sprained wrist and no one ever volunteers to pay for my sprained wrist for which I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars in sweat equity for the past seven months and I earned the right to have my medical bills paid for.


          Yes, our secret is this: both of us as women get physically abused by the same perpetrators and one of the perpetrators is a Caucasian woman and we keep quiet about it because we’re afraid of our female perpetrators who beat up women.


          Yours Truly;




Saturday, July 6, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Saturday!


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Mature People in Romantic Relationships

Don’t Talk to Bar Depressives about their Romantic Relationship


My chauvinist only wants to be with me.

Okay, it’s a start.


          Personally, I’ve been taught as a mature adult not to ever talk to anyone about one’s own private romantic relationship otherwise one makes the relationship weak and vulnerable especially amongst bar scum or drug dealers or prostitutes who are constantly looking for an angle or a way to destroy families or make the family structure weak.


          Yes, last evening my chauvinist ran away to an undisclosed location with Palmer’s locals on Colfax in South Minneapolis to go get high and gossip about his marital problems with a 21-year old black woman and her chauvinist.


          Now, my chauvinist has told me about how the 21-year old black woman has constantly sexually picked him up or sexually made advances upon him thus and therefore my chauvinist chose to go and tell this particular black woman about our marital difficulties in miscommunications with each other.


          The golden rule is: no one talks about their romantic relationship with their sexual spouse other than with one’s partner otherwise one goes around slandering and bad mouthing and gossiping the character of one’s partner without one’s partner being able to defend themselves.


          Yes, my chauvinist likes pity from anyone who will hear him out.



          On Friday, June 6th, 2019 at around 4:45pm I told my chauvinist I wasn’t going to help him cut branches and to please have a nice date with the branches.


          At about 5:20pm my chauvinist rushed into our downstairs family room and complained, “I’m doing all the work.”


          “You volunteered yourself.” I said.


          Personally, I work for free and I volunteer myself to do 80-hour work weeks for my chauvinist, however, last night after a long week’s work I wanted to sit down and comb my hair and get ready for dinner out instead of cutting branches simply because there was fifteen minutes to spare.


          Verbally, I told my chauvinist I wasn’t going to help out with one specific chore and that specific chore for which I refused to do was the mere fact I wasn’t going to help cut down tree branches.


          After my chauvinist ever so rudely came in and proclaimed and announced he was doing all of the work of cutting down branches then I reminded him that it was he who volunteered himself to cut down the branches then my chauvinist demanded I go outside and help him with the tree branches and to “shut up” thus I made it a point to keep talking because once I make a good set of points then why stop talking.


          On a daily basis my chauvinist likes to humiliate me and break up with me and throw me out of the house because it’s the only power my chauvinist has therefore he wills it nonstop.


          On a daily basis if I don’t agree with my chauvinist then I’m called a “slut,” “whore,” and “cunt” which I’m neither of those things.


          My chauvinist likes to pretend like he’s the victim and doesn’t hold fifty percent of the relationship’s responsibility.


          Yes, I absolutely don’t handle domestic violence abuse very well because by the time someone’s called me a “bitch,” “cunt,” or “whore” then I do yell and swear because being called a “cunt” is the equivalent of being slapped.


          Yes, I do have a set of pipes on me and I’ll scream anytime anyone takes the liberty to follow me around the house, the office or the yard and call me a “slut,” “cunt,” and a “whore.”


          Yes, I’d rather be kicked once a week rather than be called a “slut,” “cunt,” and a “whore” by an abusive chauvinist.


          Yes, the more I’m called a “cunt,” “slut,” and a “whore” then I raise my voice and continually tell the perpetrator to “please, don’t call me a ‘cunt,’ ‘slut,’ or ‘whore’” then I do raise my voice simply and especially when I’m not heard then I can make use of my lungs because each time one’s called a “slut,” “cunt,” and a “whore” then one’s soul dies just a little bit thus one must put up a fight for one’s soul and not allow any asshole to call any woman such atrocities.


          Yes, being called a “slut,” “cunt” and a “whore” is considered domestic violence abuse in the same measures as being physically slapped and I’ve been physically slapped across the face just one short month ago and I didn’t know the head bops side to side whenever slapped and continuously slapped on both sides of the face.



The Office is different than Home

Co-workers will beat up other co-workers.


          A month ago when I was slapped on both sides of the face, I woke up to my life and got a hold of a mop and began to swing the mop handle around as hard as I could and banged the mop handle on a countertop to make a lot of sound and noise to snap my perpetrator to an alive state of consciousness.


          Now, by the time any perpetrator takes the liberty to beat up their victim then I don’t think the physical violence will ever stop because I think the perpetrator likes the physical and emotional violence, too, much.


          Personally, I don’t think the abuse is ever going to stop.


          Yes, I’ve been in a physically violence abuse situation at work with one female co-worker and what I’ve learned is there’re absolutely not any repercussions for Caucasian men or Caucasian women when such men or women insult or emotionally and psychologically or physically abuse their female co-workers or anyone else for such matters.


          No, there’s no one here to advocate for me other than all of the other countless of domestic violence abuse victims and physically abused co-workers.


          Not once and not ever in my life did I ever think any co-workers in their right minds would ever take seven months out of their lives to bi-weekly kick me, choke me, strangle me, hold me face down against my will, slap me, drag me across the floor by my hair or punch me in the ribs or punch me in the breasts or strangulation without consent.


          The problem with strangulation is strangulation doesn’t leave any marks therefore one isn’t ever able to go to the police and tell the police about how one’s held down or chokehold to the point one thinks one’s drowning.


          For the past seven months, each time I’ve been strangled at the office then I feel as though I’m being drowned.


          Strangulation is very much like drowning in the sense strangulation is quiet and one isn’t able to scream out for help or one isn’t able to call out and one seriously feels one’s windpipe nearly collapsing under the pressure of so much trauma and force to the windpipe.


          Yes, I’ve been told by co-workers I’ll be murdered or killed if I stay.

          Why can’t people just quit rather than threaten death by blunt force?


          Forewarned is forearmed.


          Okay, let’s play ball.

          Whether people like it or not; I’m an executive.


          The reason this blog exists is to ensure my safety as a woman of color.


          Yes, I’ll stay on this line for as long as I can to ensure I haven’t been murdered or killed by the hands of my perpetrators (more than one) which I know my co-workers all too well to be charmers and kinder to anyone else other than me.


          This is all I’m going to tell anyone: I’m winning because I don’t go out of my way to lay hands on anyone while I continually take a beating every other week.


          Personally, I’m starting to metaphorically become the biggest feminist militant admiral around since I now realize women everywhere are used, beaten, sexually harassed and literally dragged by their hair until the perpetrator(s) feels satisfied.


          Yes, I’m winning because I don’t lay hands on anyone while I choose to take the physical beatings except for today since I took a beating outside in the yard (my perpetrator(s) getting sloppy) and the neighbors at the office now know I get beaten by co-workers because while I was held down against my will right afterwards I screamed and said, “I’m being beaten!”


          The thing for which occurs whenever one’s mouth is covered at the same time one’s nose is severely pinched then one also feels as though one’s drowning.


          Drowning is a silent death and so is physical violence abuse.


          Oh, I don’t care who believes me.

          My body’s taken the brunt of the brute force.


          The neighbors at the office know I get beaten.

          The whole world knows I get beaten by several charmers (plural as in more than one person.)


          Yours Truly;




Friday, July 5, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Friday!


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          “The War on Drugs” is a tremendously awesome band.


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          America believes in treating our immigrants with respect, decency and medical care.


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Happy Belated Fourth of July

Happy Belated Birthday to Freeway


          Yes, yesterday was my pooch’s birthday.


          Well, I’m here to tell anyone the most difficult aspect to divorce is the loss of one’s pet.


          No one ever tells you losing a pet in divorce will be more difficult than the divorce itself.


          Yes, I wish I could still sleep with Freeway.


          Yes, I miss petting Freeway as well as cuddling up with Freeway and simply hanging out with Freeway.


          Since July 4th, 2013 through November 2018, Freeway and I spent each and every single day together for close to six years.


          Yes, Freeway was and is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.


          Ultimately, the difficult aspect to Freeway was this: Freeway barked for about on average five hours per day thus and therefore doing chores or writing was nearly impossible with Freeway around, however, I love Freeway and putting Freeway out eight times per day was no big deal.


          Yes, I miss the company of Freeway.


          Yes, I miss the smell of Freeway.


          Yes, I miss taking lunch breaks with Freeway.


          Yes, I miss Freeway’s male testosterone.


          Yes, I miss Freeway.


          Personally, I do my best not to think of Freeway too often otherwise a small tear wells in my eyes and I get hot all over my chest.


          Well, my life turned out perfectly good, however, once you’ve had a dog in your life for your best friend then life’s not ever the same again.


          No, I’m not allowed to see Freeway because my new living condition has asked me not to look back and not to have any contact with Freeway thus I don’t.


          However, I would love to run over to Ewing Avenue and spring the door open and with wide open arms have Freeway climb onto my arms and lap and have the two of us catch up and sit down for a good hour in each other’s company while we catch up in each other’s presence.


          Freeway knows me better than anyone else.


          Freeway loves me unconditionally and I love Freeway unconditionally.


          Yes, moving forward means not looking back, however, I truly thought I’d get to see freeway, however, I shan’t therefore I must carry Freeway around with me in my heart.


          Oh, the pain of letting go of a pet is the pain of the death of a canine child.


          Oh, I miss Freeway more than I’ve ever missed anyone in my entire life.


          The thing about Freeway is that he’s still alive yet I must treat his existence as though he has passed on since and most likely I shan’t ever get to see Freeway ever again.


          Of course, my ex-husband will allow for me to see Freeway, however, I must move forward as an executive and not dwell on the loss of Freeway even though the loss of Freeway’s still quite tender in my heart.


          Freeway, I love you.


          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, July 3, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



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          Happy Wednesday!


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The Immigrant Life

Is a Miserable Life

In America


          For the past thirteen years I was a suburban housewife to a broadcast engineer and financially “everything” we could or did afford was taken care of for me since I slaved to keep our properties well repaired, organized, clean and neat on a constant daily basis.


          Yes, my ex-husband provided cigarettes because I wasn’t asking his permission, I was working just as hard as he was and he understood the maturity in providing cigarettes to someone who labored hard.


          Now, my ex-husband’s first wife of sixteen years truly set us financially behind with about one-hundred thousand dollars worth of debt thus and therefore I wasn’t able to afford to go back to school and get a masters degree or I wasn’t able to afford professional haircuts for about eleven years hence I gave myself home haircuts which is the worst thing any woman can do for her looks.


          On my birthday’s I did receive a $1,000 gift each year for thirteen years.

          Boy, I miss a birthday payout or birthday bonus.


          This birthday I received $200.00 in prescription glasses, thus was my birthday present for which was incredibly unromantic and most women would agree a necessity isn’t a present or a gift.


          Now, I love my prescription glasses, however, this isn’t a birthday gift.


          Prescription glasses are more of a necessity rather than a birthday gift.


          A birthday gift is something you really want for which is a luxury or adornment rather than socks and underwear or necessities.


          Oh, this birthday I really missed receiving one thousand dollars ($1,000) to take care of myself, my hair and personal needs, wardrobe and clothes.


          This birthday, my chauvinist snuck off while we were in the middle of my birthday dinner, he chose to go off and get drunk and stoned with strangers down by the Mississippi River. What a loser thing to do. Really. Seriously.


          My chauvinist’s always more interested in having complete strangers boost his ego rather than be a true family man.


          My chauvinist’s delusional and tells me he’s famous except he lives in outdated squalor and isn’t ever willing to buy anything new and he seems to bring up his mom while completely naked and during sex every single week for seven months.


          Yes, I get scared for a man’s psychology who likes to talk about his mom while his penis is deeply inserted into my vagina. Yep.


          There’s nothing more disgusting than hearing a man talk about his mom while he’s penis is deeply inserted.


          All one can do is take one’s legs and immediately push the man out of place and remove oneself from the room.


          Most birthdays I’ve gone and gotten a real great haircut.


          This birthday I couldn’t afford a haircut while my chauvinist went and got himself a $7.99 haircut and didn’t even so much as extend the offer to get me a haircut while I paid $20.00 for his last haircut.


          My chauvinist’s told me he likes to be pampered and have everything paid for and be treated all the time thus and therefore my chauvinist’s more like a vain woman than a man.


          My chauvinist doesn’t ever want to pay for anything of mine unless I’ve worked myself to the bone which gets me two free meals out on Fridays and Saturdays except such days are date nights and my chauvinist ought to pay for dinner since all my chauvinist does is check out other women thus and therefore my Friday and Saturday night dates ought to be paid for.


          Personally, I work all day and I’m still not considered anyone worth or worthy to be here as an equal partner since I get thrown out of my housing every week thus and therefore my housing isn’t ever stable since I’ve been thrown out of my housing situation every week for the past seven months thus I have no idea if I have a home or not.


          My situation is quite manipulative without pay and tons of labor for which I’m told goes towards my room and board except I labor beyond a team of five men.


          In this new world for which I work like an indentured servant 80-hour work weeks without pay and I’m not ever financially compensated except for family dinners (mandatory Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday, I clean up) and since we don’t eat breakfast and I make the lunches then I’m not properly compensated and my feminine needs are overworked and I get used like a work horse since one of my bosses believes housework, cleaning and chores aren’t considered “real work.”


          When I first came here, my bosses were living in complete chaos, squalor and disaster and a mice infestation and my bosses know it to be the truth.


          My bosses allowed for their properties to go into disrepair since neither of the two bosses lifted a finger to do anything about it thus and therefore.


          Once again we have a mouse infestation and one of the bosses is dragging their feet primarily because it’s going to cost about $100.00 to have rodent control back out to the residence once again.


          Yes, last time I paid the rodent control bill to have rodent control come out in December 2018 and this week the one boss drags her feet while the mice take over the house by way of the drop ceilings I can see the mice scamper and I see their feet while the mice run across the drop ceiling’s lights. I almost begin to weep. I’m thoroughly grossed out.


          Now, in those thirteen years as a suburban housewife I took care of our multiple properties and not once and not ever was I ever constantly criticized about any water drops on the floor while cleaning the dishes or how much soap I utilized to wash the clothes or the way in which I folded clothes or how I eat or how much I eat or when I eat.


          Personally, I’m exhausted to constantly be criticized without any praise other than for sex or to literally be pet-on-the-head which is so ridiculous on so many levels.


          Personally, I’m exhausted to hear nothing other than criticisms or called “ugly,” or “fat,” “big girl” while I must constantly be support staff and emotional staff and always upbeat with a smile otherwise I’m considered “incompetent” if I don’t smile through harsh criticisms about the most mundane and boring things in the world for which is domestic household chores.


          Personally, I’m not able to talk about chores or work all the time otherwise I turn into a mental midget.


          Now, my male spouse doesn’t ever want to share any of the responsibilities to our household chores therefore I must get up at 6:00am or 7:00am to get the household chores done then make it to an 8:00am meeting then at 9:00am continue to clean until about 9:45am then off to the office at 9:50am, work all day and go home to mandatory family dinners, clean up, water the plants and entertain my host (“movie dates”) otherwise I hear about how I’m ignoring his needs except I need a real man to help me clean the house rather than being stuck in the attic or basement by myself cleaning up mouse crap while my spouse constantly complains about how his squalor home isn’t perfect and since there’s only one of me then there’s only so much I can do with on top of everything else I must clean or all I hear is a barrage of criticism about how much I suck as a housewife and how his mom’s the most amazing woman, although she hasn’t cleaned her house in about a decade and it’s obvious.


          Yes, I’m held up to the most bizarre set of misbehaviors which are double standards and old and dusty idealisms about a woman who used to be nothing except a housewife and quite bitter and lonely and now is old and talks about her glory days as a housewife like such glory days are occurring now for which they aren’t.


          Yes, I work for “sweat equity” which sweat equity is mild weekly household chores such as daily after supper clean-up of dishes into the dishwasher and wash, rinse and dry pots and pans by hand, every other day run grocery errands which take about an hour because it’s mandatory to go to three different stores, each work night make two lunches exactly as specified otherwise criticized, every other day water plants and flowering pots, every day make three beds, every day draw open and draw close shades in bedrooms and the basement, every week clean the one upstairs toilet and the basement toilet and every week vacuum the upstairs 2nd floor and the basement apartment, every week change bedding to three different beds, every week wash bedding and towels and personal clothes at 6:00am to minimize criticism, every week dust 2nd floor and basement furniture and each week sweep and mop the kitchen floor as well as in the winter snow shovel as well as in the summer cut the lawn plus on a continuous basis keep entire living quarters clean and neatly organized otherwise I’m constantly harassed or criticized or scolded or lectured which is irritating since everybody else has more leisure time while I work all day and all night long without much respite or breaks.


          My Antonia.


          Yes, I eat my lunch at my desk and I take a 20 minute walk (near the office, otherwise, I’m not allowed to walk alone in Highland Park neighborhood where we live because supposedly I’ll go and fuck my way in the bushes or behind trees) otherwise I wouldn’t ever get outside or otherwise I wouldn’t ever get a break.


          Yes, the above list consists in exchange for “room and board,” however, even snow shoveling is a bit more than necessary when it comes to room and board since the wear and tear on my body is by far more considerable than the room and board is.


          Seriously, I cost about $50.00 for food per week plus my room costs barely anything since my room hasn’t been furnished since 1972 thus I’m the one who takes care of the entire house by myself without much help, however, I’m also supposed to be entertainment, companion, caretaker, friend and wife and best friend and not ever allowed to leave the property not even for a four block walk around or near the residential property.


          Yes, in the day time I also work at the office and even though I haven’t sold many ads, I’m still six weeks into the hiring process and holding interviews, vetting Resumes, hire, fire and train new employees.


          Since the office doesn’t or isn’t willing to afford janitorial maintenance or janitorial services then I’m the one who literally paints offices, changes light bulbs, cleans out the kitchen, washes interior and exterior windows, weekly vacuums the entire office, cleans the women’s bathrooms, collect all recycling cans and brings garbage outdoors.


          Now, for some reason, simply because I don’t sell ads this doesn’t mean I’m sitting on my touché simply because I don’t have a “sugar daddy” and all there is here is work and more work and tons of work yet zero pay because my employers don’t think or believe I ought to get paid to train to do billing or I ought not to get paid to train to do month’s day learning or I ought not to get paid to vet Resumes or to interview or hire candidates.


          Seriously, I’m not sure why my work is considered unworthy of pay since I’m doing the work of about ten men.


          Seriously, I don’t get paid therefore I don’t know how I’m going to purchase clothes and shoes or shampoo or anything personal since I work 80-hour weeks without compensation thus and therefore since I do yard work then my clothes have begun to get used, however, no one believes I ought to be compensated thus and therefore I work with my own resources I brought here with me.


          Yes, I’m worried as to how I’m going to replace my tennis shoes for yard work.


          Will I have to do yard work barefoot? Possibly.


          No, I’m neither secure nor taken care of because all I do is take care of others who don’t believe I have a heart or don’t seem to believe I’m human thus and therefore they use me to no avail.


          Yours Truly;





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