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Policies into Bills to be made into Laws


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Anti-prejudice women laws, or anti-prejudice gay and lesbian and transgender and transsexual laws, or open ďFree TradeĒ markets, or Monopoly regulations, or EPA expansion, or universal free healthcare, or universal free Higher Education, or gun regulation laws, or anti-brutality police regulations and laws and anti-gun violence regulations and laws against black men and other minority citizens and civilians, or free childcare, or increase taxes on the wealthy, or friendly environmental laws, or free early childhood classes, or free public school lunches, or ending this 17 year long warfare in the Middle East and redistributing funds to veteransí welfare and educational infrastructure, or immigration reform, or rightly so turning corporations back into what corporations are which is institutions rather than lending a false identity to corporations as individuals, or no oil pipeline through the Midwestís heartland, equal pay for equal work, single payer healthcare system, or raise the minimum wage to $21.00 (twenty-one American dollars) hourly rate per increase (height) of annual inflation in the markets according to Mr. Bill Moyersís information and research, or voter suppression laws, or free media without politiciansí threats or bullying or intimidation against the Free Pressís journalistsí or reportersí lives who must get home in-time for supper and a bedtime story, or modern American infrastructure such as public libraries and public arboretums and public gardens and public sculpture gardens and public solariums and atriums and public planetariums and public graveyards as safe municipal services to all American private citizens and civilians or, or, orÖetc.


Friday, November 3, 2017


ďHospitality to strangers shows reverence for the name of the Lord.Ē


(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Vicissitude (irregular change, variation)


The vicissitudes of fortune had a great effect upon his outlook on life.




A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Street Etiquette.




Chapter 9.

Page 136


Never speak to your acquaintances from one side of the street to the other. Shouting is a certain sign of vulgarity. First approach, and then make your communication to your acquaintance or friend in a moderately loud tone of voice.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.






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Happy Friday!





Looking for Fulltime Employment


††††††††† Hello.


††††††††† As of today this blog is shut down to seek fulltime employment elsewhere specifically in corporate America.


††††††††† The content of this blog was indeed incredibly personal about previous illnesses and surgeries particularly dealing with tumors and operations and womenís health.


††††††††† As of August 2017 I no longer have any more tumors and there wonít be any more surgeries. I beat this cycle of eight continuous years of re-growth of tumors and Iím proud to call myself a survivor.


††††††††† Mainly for the past eight years I worked from home since my health wasnít what it couldíve been. Now that Iím healthy Iím ready to head back out into the workforce.


††††††††† This blog was primarily set up to become a better overall English writer, nothing more and nothing less.


††††††††† The writing content I drew from was my life, however.


††††††††† As far as copywriting or marketing would have absolutely nothing to do with my personal life or health and the writing would have everything to do with specific copywriting content and company marketing narrative.


††††††††† This specific blog and website are unique in that it lasted for eight years under the financial investment of private investors and our run has now come to an end.


††††††††† We leave with absolutely no hard feelings.


††††††††† All of the Tís are crossed and the Iís are dotted.


††††††††† The photography and video content is educational.


††††††††† The self-portrait series is mainly to learn to become more comfortable in front of the camera and to continue to hone my skill set with Photoshop.


††††††††† No, Iím not a website designer.


††††††††† No, Iím not a software designer.


††††††††† Yes, my Photoshop skill set is at a high professional level.


††††††††† Yes, my photography skill set is at a high professional level.


††††††††† Yes, my video skill set is at a high professional level.


††††††††† Yes, my writing skill set is at a high professional level.


††††††††† My strengths lie in the four mentioned above skills.


††††††††† Yes, Iíve been working with HTML updates from a template, however. For sure HTML is one of my weaknesses as I have mentioned before.


††††††††† A programmer I am not.


††††††††† Yes, Iím my harshest critic, however. Programming isnít something I do even though Iíve worked with HTML FTP uploaded content and updates for the past eight years.


††††††††† Yes, Iím professional and personable and respectful and up to date with professional mode of conduct.


††††††††† Yes, I keep my hands to myself and I value the personal space of other people.


††††††††† Yes, Iím relatable and smart and kind and for the most part a ďone stop shopĒ when it comes to photography, video and writing.



††††††††† Yours Truly;


††††††††† Gabriel



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