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Policies into Bills to be made into Laws


Wednesday, November 9, 2016-2020


Anti-prejudice women laws, or anti-prejudice gay and lesbian and transgender and transsexual laws, or open “Free Trade” markets, or Monopoly regulations, or EPA expansion, or universal free healthcare, or universal free Higher Education, or gun regulation laws, or anti-brutality police regulations and laws and anti-gun violence regulations and laws against black men and other minority citizens and civilians, or free childcare, or increase taxes on the wealthy 1%, or friendly environmental laws, or free early childhood classes, or free public school lunches, or ending this two decade long warfare in the Middle East and redistributing funds to veterans’ welfare and educational infrastructure, or immigration reform, or rightly so turning corporations back into what corporations are which is institutions rather than lending a false identity to corporations as individuals, or no oil pipeline through the Midwest’s heartland, equal pay for equal work, single payer healthcare system, or raise the minimum wage to $21.00 (twenty-one American dollars) hourly rate per increase (“hike”) of annual inflation in the markets according to Mr. Bill Moyers’s information and research, or voter suppression laws, or free media without politicians’ threats or bullying or intimidation against the Free Press’s journalists’ or reporters’ lives who must get home in-time for supper and a bedtime story, or modern American infrastructure such as public libraries and public arboretums and public gardens and public sculpture gardens and public solariums and atriums and public planetariums and public graveyards as safe municipal services to all American private citizens and civilians or, or, or…etc.


          Literary Disclaimer: Writing is creative literary arts. Writing isn’t real. Writing isn’t any type of psychological test. Writing isn’t conversation. Writing isn’t spoken word. Writing isn’t speech giving. Writing isn’t lectures. Writing isn’t talking. Writing isn’t actions. Writing is thoughts written down to convey logic and reason. Writing isn’t “witchcraft.” Writing is letters, punctuation and grammar.


          “Constructive criticism” feedback is for when in person or for critical papers written in school or for newspaper critics whose jobs is to write critiques about the culinary arts or the arts or films and for “writing workshops’” roundtables. Content is creative writing. Writing isn’t erratic since writing isn’t a person. Writing is ideas and thoughts and opinions. Writing is consistency to practice writing. Writing’s work. Writing English’s a task de jour.


          My main Literary Goals:


          To write with the Queen’s English.


          To write as closely as possibly to “Dead White Males” otherwise writing isn’t considered any good.


Writing isn’t Speaking


          Modern speech is modern.


          Modern speech’s authentically empathetic.


          Speaking isn’t writing.


          Talking isn’t writing.


          Discussion isn’t writing.


          Conversation isn’t writing.


          Creative writing’s creatively experimental in nature.


          Mother Nature is cruel at best.


          Writing’s after the fact.


          Writing isn’t any crime.


          Writing’s any discipline.


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Thursday, April 25, 2019


“Like wine, the Torah pleases the heart and improves with age.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)




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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Upload: 7:00am CT, 8:05am

Word Count: 1,381

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Thursday!


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          Off The Grid:


          Gabriela Maria Estrada Tarr Wonson Oleson Long:


          Yep, this is my name. Thank you.


          Yes, I’m who I say I am.


          P.S. Yes, this May 14, 2019 I’ll have been off the grid for one whole complete year.


          Yes, I mean to get to the post office and do a change of address except I’ve been working 80-hour weeks and barely make the time to take care of my personal needs and wants such as make time to go to the post office and have a change of address.


---  ---  ---


          Highland Park: November 14, 2018 - April 25, 2019 -- $10,000 spent at Highland Park, West Bank,  Minneapolis, MN and Mall of America and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN:



          Highland Park, I’ve got awesome friends all over the world.


          Highland Park, let’s not front: since November 14, 2019 I spent ten-thousand dollars on wining and dining Highland Park, St. Paul, MN.


          Now, I’ve brought in the big guns.


          Personally, I’ve run out of money.


          However, while I spent ten-thousand dollars on Highland Park I also volunteer to this day and have not brought in any source of income.


          Personally, I feel like the richest person alive.


          Personally, I keep my head down and work 80-hour weeks and do the very best I’m able to my great and intelligent mind.


          Yes, Highland Park I’m lending a hand to volunteer run one estate as volunteer steward of an estate as well as help run a 65-year old publications empire.


          Yes, Highland Park, I believe in selling ads specifically for Veterans of Foreign Wars and the National Guard.


          Now, Iowa, I’ve been regionally directed to sell VFW adds to Iowa and I’m “green” and terrible at selling ads over the phone for the VFW for a publications company I’m now executive director for which in the short future I’ll personally be handling via email accounts and all and any of the business emails for which will be coming into the publications offices for the next decade.


          Iowa, I’m also one of your daughters since I spent my junior and senior as an undergraduate at Iowa City in Iowa at the University of Iowa thus and therefore I know all about Iowa and my best friends are from Iowa because they’ve all lived in New York City and know how to directly communicate with me in ways to best not make anyone angry yet quite direct and more direct and to the point.



Office Mutiny

Okay, we’ll pack up the estate and offices

and move to Greece


Personally, I don’t like the cold weather


Personally, I don’t like living in Minnesota


          Highland Park, I have an expensive pastry habit.


          Highland Park, since I don’t partake in cocaine use or heroin or alcoholism then I like to eat pastries and drink espresso. Cheers.


          Highland Park, I have a sweet tooth. I don’t mean to.


          Highland Park, I’m not here to take your money or dusty old furniture or gems and jewels. No.


          Highland Park, I’m here to break bread, pray, stretch, train for Grandma’s Marathon 2020.


          Highland Park, I’m here for respect and love and a united and happy front.


          Highland Park, I make apologies wherever I see fit.


          Highland Park, not to accept any apology is to be mentally ill, a derelict and without emotion.



The Big Guns Stepped In


          Thank you to our publications company for purchasing my espresso and pastries yesterday.


          Our publications company came through for me as of yet I work as a volunteer executive director until I make commission and haven’t been paid since November 14, 2018.


          Yes, I willingly volunteer.


          Yes, I’m here of my own free accord and free choice to spend my time as I best see fit, however.


          Whenever one volunteers to spend one’s own free time on others’ endeavors then one runs out of funds and doesn’t see a financial return, although I’m a peasant and I’m here for the great and excellent company and the food and respect and love.


          Look: when one’s smart then one may always be able to find taxable and respectful employment anywhere in America.


          However, I’ve been able to afford to go off the grid since May 14, 2019.


          Going off the grid is the Ut-most awesome feeling in the world.


          Going off the grid in the Twin Cities is more fantastic and wonderful than I ever thought it could be.


          Well, Highland Park, as of yesterday at 10:00am I officially ran out of money and both of my personal cards were denied at Augustine’s.


          Augustine’s, thank you so much for saving and setting aside my gorgeous French pastry croissants and double shot of espresso.


          Yes, Augustine’s understands I’m one of many bosses on the block.


          Yes, Augustine’s realizes all of my employees threatened mutiny if I ever fully and completely take over the helm and run this vessel.


          Yes, the new hires are and will be under my direct command.


          Yes, personally I like working with hardworking and common sense Millennials who will communicate and get back to me even with a one smiley face icon.


          Okay, radio silence makes workers seem unprofessional, immature and out of their minds.


          Now, this is a digital age and if someone texts me and tells me they’ve died and revived and we’re able to come to work then take all the time you need to recover, however.


          As a boss if I don’t hear anything about an employees’ attendance then after three days I’m going to assume the worst.


          If an employee hasn’t called in three days to tell me they’re in dire need of medical attention then I’m going to assume they’ve been either fled the state of Minnesota, kidnapped or dead. I don’t know.


          In the East Coast we don’t disguise our hatred for incompetence.



Sexual Harassment

In the Workplace


Why am I such a threat to men


          Minnesota, I fight my own battles.


          Minnesota, let’s begin.


          Minnesota professional broadcast engineers and graphic designers of Illustrator and graphic designers of Adobe Photoshop and any graduate level course graphic designer students and any laypersons or peasant women of color graphic designer enthusiasts; does anyone understand “linking” and “unlinking” files?








          Let’s move on.


          Yesterday, I was informed I had completely and utterly ruined the graphic design computer at work by simply “unlinking” files.


          Yesterday, I also got on the horn directly with a professional broadcast engineer Jewish Caucasian male and asked about “unlinking” links on files.


          Now, I explained to the professional engineers how I had innocently and simply gone into the Administrator Menu’s Window and had successfully added myself as an Administrator to the graphic design computer at work, however.


          Although in the process of successfully adding myself as administrator and adding my both post and email addresses then afterwards I noticed what I thought seemed as though I had added two new “untitled” files therefore I dragged the two “untitled” files into the main desktop then into the garbage bin on the computer.


          Now, I know everybody involved with basic computer functions knows exactly what I’m writing about.


          Furthermore, I’ve been informed by the professional broadcast engineer graphic designers there’s a box icon for which one clicks a single box and “links” all of the files back into sync.


          Lastly, I’ve also been informed by the professional engineer graphic designers if any graphic designer doesn’t know how to digitally “link” all of the files back together then either possibly any graphic designer doesn’t understand or know or realize the main basic functions to links and extensions which I do since links and extensions is all one does to convert from one format to another format. Haha.


          How do you like them apples, now?


          Well, I don’t know what to tell anyone except I caught our graphic designer in a lie for which he informed another peon over the phone I had ruined and broken and done malice to the graphic design computer at work at our offices for which I had done no such thing.


          Need I say more?






          Yours Truly,




Saturday, April 20, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)




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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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          “At Work and in Conflict” by John J. Wright.


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Upload: 10:00am CT, 10:45pm CT

Word Count: 1,414

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Saturday!


---  ---  ---


          Minnesota, I have an impeccable reputation here in the Twin Cities and in Duluth, MN and all over the state of Minnesota and in the East Coast and in Hollywood and abroad.


          Minnesota, not once and not ever has my back ever seen any casting director’s couch, not once and not ever did I sleep with any teachers or professors or other students’ parents, not once and not ever have I ever slept with anyone in any student body or not once and not ever have I ever slept with any colleagues or co-workers or collaborators or eighteen year olds prostitutes or eighteen year old drug dealers or eighteen year old stripper dancers.


          Minnesota, I’ve held my own against the world of manipulations and emotional abuse and psychological abuse and verbal abuse.


          Minnesota, I’ve lost scholarships and jobs and positions because I wouldn’t succumb to hatred or force or bullying or cruelty or disrespect or harassment.


          Minnesota, I’ve held my ground no matter how much abuse comes at me.


          Minnesota, our employees are sexually harassing us by telling the other boss I have ulterior motives in our personal relationship.


          Minnesota, our employees are disrespectful, vicious, mean and cruel individuals who scream their way through the world or lie, cheat and steal.


          Minnesota, I’m not our derelict hourly wage employees.


          Minnesota, I’ve signed a ten year contract for ten million dollars.


          Minnesota, please have our graphic designer stop sexually harassing me and by proxy have the other boss tell lies and spread slander about my personal relationships.


          Minnesota, I’m terrified of being sexual harassed at work since there’s no grounds for it.


          Minnesota, I feel so bad to be sexually harassed at work by one of our hourly wage employees for whom seems to believe he’s the boss and can lock us out of our own work computers for which belong to the company and not to the employees.


          Minnesota, please, keep me safe from all harm.



18th and 28th

Off of Lake Street

Near the Green Way


My Deepest Apologies,

Yes, at around 2:00am,

early this morning, I clipped

The side passenger mirror

To a black four-door car

parked on the left hand-side lane

on 18th and 28th


Oh, Minnesota, I’m sober and sleepy.

Minnesota, I mean no offense.

Minnesota, simply I’m going, too, fast.


Minnesota, Happy Easter.

Minnesota, please forgive my intolerable driving.


Minnesota, from now on I’ll drive like

a 200 year old sea turtle, slowly.


Minnesota, I love you.


Minnesota, there’s still dust on our car therefore

There’s not a scratch on the black car.


Yes, the car mirror was still intact when I drove away

without leaving my personal information.


Oh, Minneapolis, MN, will you please forgive my sober,

strict and serious driving blunder.


Please, Minneapolis, MN, I’ll make it up to you

with a poem

as I have yet to make it up to

the Minnesota florists

with the family name Bachman.




Sexual Harassment at Work


          Well, Minnesota, I do believe in you.


          Minnesota, the Caucasian male graphic designer at work has begun to sexually harass me at work through gossip and slander.


          The male graphic designer has begun to spread rumors about me to the other boss about how I have ulterior motives and manipulations to do ill will against the company and the boss which I don’t have any motives to hurt our company.


          Minnesota, sexual harassment in the work place is quite serious.

          Minnesota, any time you mention or insinuate I’m some type of manipulator or whore or slut or cunt then I’m being sexually harassed because no one else lives inside mind and heart and no one’s a brain reader thus and therefore whenever one is, too, much of a coward to ask questions rather than make general blanketed statements about the motives or thoughts or feelings of another then it’s considered sexual harassment.


          Oh, my god, the graphic designer actually thinks he can get away with sexually harassing me at work about my relationship.


          Minnesota, our graphic designer is a maniac brain damaged out of control and angry man for which I’m terrified of his retaliation and his wrath and his hatred for anyone who questions his motives or anything he has to say or do.


          Minnesota, please guard me well and keep me from all harm from a Caucasian old man who talks and acts and walks and gossips like an old woman.


          Personally, I think our graphic designer has a hormone imbalance and makes too much estrogen therefore and thus our Caucasian graphics designer sounds like an old woman, talks and gossips like an old woman and treats and interacts with the entire world like an old woman, vicious and threatened and insecure of everybody and everything.


          Please, dearest gods, keep this out of control man from any harm against me or anyone at the office.


          Please, don’t allow this seriously mentally ill man scream and throw hissy fits and be a complete tyrant and think he’s the boss.


          Please, keep me from all harm because on Friday I thought the graphic designer was going to tilt and throw the desk.


          Whenever the graphic designer gets angry which is every week then his eyes get red and he unbuttoned his shirt nearly to his belly button and intimidated the women folk with his bullying tactics.


          Not only am I being bullied at work, furthermore, I’m also being sexually harassed. Oh, my!


          Our graphic designer is a complete derelict who isn’t blue blooded from Boston and definitely not related to the queen or to Julia Dryfuss since the graphic designer is a complete imposter and a liar about his background and upbringing since I’m Rockport, MA since I was adopted August 1987.


          Yes, I’m actually who I say I am.


          Yes, my family is actually who they say they are.

          Yes, we’re a real family who doesn’t have to make up our history to feel more important or steamed than others.


          Our graphic designer doesn’t come from Boston.


          Our graphic designer is white trash trailer park and it took a real true woman such as myself to catch him in the lie he’s spun for himself.


          Our graphic designer is complete white trash and he knows I know he’s from Minnesota and not from New England or Boston or Massachusetts.


          Our graphic designer is mentally ill.





At Work:


Sexual Harassers

Incompetent Praying Christians




          Minnesota, personally I don’t know what to do about conflict in the workplace mainly since I don’t know how to deal with intolerable and vicious hourly wage employees who are apt to scream, yell and gossip about the bosses while other employees are incompetent and other employees are thieves.


          Personally, I don’t know how to deal with screaming graphic designers who lock out the entire offices out of the graphics computer while right now it’s 10:12pm, we’re at the office trying desperately to get into the graphics computer to scan checks and transfer funds to send and mail out checks.


          Now, on Friday our graphic designer hourly wage employee informed us as bosses about how no one is ever allowed to train on graphics and especially not me.


          The tyrannical graphic designer has informed us as bosses, I’m not allowed to ever train on graphics because I’m not allowed to gain or acquire the knowledge our graphics hourly wage employee has stored away.


          Well, as soon as I can train myself to do print graphics then I’ll be the fill in.


          No one is ever going to stop me from learning graphics knowledge.


          Well, I didn’t realize hourly wage employees dictated who can or can’t train on graphics.


          Well, according to our mentally ill or brain damaged graphic designer, our offices aren’t allowed to ever train anyone in on graphics for print media then we have to rely upon our one and only graphic designer.


          Since we don’t have the budget to hire another part time/part-time (10 hours) graphic designer then I’m going to learn Illustrator and run with the program.


          Now, I’m terrible when I first train on anything thus and therefore there’s a learning curve, however, whenever I finally get good at something then good luck and goodbye, watch the back of my shirt leave anyone in my dust. 


          Yours Truly;




Thursday, April 18, 2019


“Too much is unhealthy.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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          “At Work and in Conflict” by John J. Wright.


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Upload: 7:03am CT, 8:03am CT

Word Count: 1,274

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Thursday!


---  ---  ---


          Notes In General:


          Feminism Is Overrated when talking about a Paycheck:














          Employee Yelling or Screaming or Gossiping at the Office is Unprofessional:












          For Any employee to Advice Verbal Abuse from One Boss against Another Boss is Wrong:


          To weekly yell and scream or bully or gossip or to biannually walk out on any job is automatic grounds for dismissal.


          One doesn’t attend the office and bullies and yells their way through the world since most mature people don’t ever want to hear an hourly wage employee yell and command and demand their weight around simply due to insecurity.


          Professionally, I think experience trumps all degrees.


          Professionally, I don’t think a degree has anything to do with making tens of multimillions of dollars.


          Professionally, hiring is based upon wanting to spend more time with people who can come up with solutions rather than create melodrama for the sake of melodrama or verbal violence for the sake of verbal violence when people are at work especially conducting business.


          No, one doesn’t bully their way through the world simply because one feels entitled to their opinion. No.


          An opinion is a well stated statement for which one doesn’t ever introduce any type of verbal violence against any woman of color or any woman boss. Period. Underscore. Underscore. Underscore.


          Primarily, at work one holds their tongue and doesn’t gossip or disrupt the natural order of sequence in professional events.


          Primarily, there’re serious rules, laws and regulations about how one does conduct themselves at work and at home and in business.


          Yes, mistakes get made and corrected and most mature professional people can accept real clear and evident heartfelt apologies and sentiments when due.


          Now, not anyone is cut out to be the boss or any type of leader in any type of setting and there’s nothing wrong with being a follower since I most definitely don’t like to make any decisions, however.


          Yes, I’m an automatic leader because I’m fair and I can truly understand from all sides, however, I don’t condone any violence of any type.


          Yes, plain and simple, I was born to lead at anything I set my mind to since I do give a great deal of consideration to peoples’ livelihoods while no one trespasses against my well being, person, body or psychological or emotional wellness. Thank you.


          Yes, I fight my own battles. Thank you.


          No, I don’t ever ask for help.


          Yes, I directly apologize each time I’m wrong and I’m specific about what I apologize for. I’m not cruel. I don’t make blanketed apologies.


          Yes, I know analyses and computation and I know positive problem solutions since I know global communications and rhetoric.


          Now, simply because people are mature in years this doesn’t make people obsolete especially when people come with experience then people are usually right.


          Nonetheless, when employees attend work and literally yell and scream or walk out on the boss simply once then game over.


          Now, I believe in the employment of all workers since I believe in working peoples’ livelihoods, however, I don’t want to be treated like a piece of garbage and be publically humiliated and relegated to have to beg for permission to exist. Hahaha. Lol.


          Yes, I’m East Coast blue blooded Ivy League and this doesn’t mean anything except the people in our family have the brains, wits and brawn to be cut throat ruthless and civil and quite fair when in conflict, however, ours tend to teach revenge is best served cold and with kindness.


          No, I’m not here to fire anyone much less take anyone’s job away, however. I don’t want to be verbally abused at work since I know my place in this world and as far as I know my stance is a solid stance.


          Yes, as of Monday morning I seize being a volunteer and will be on the payroll. Yep.


          Yes, within a forty-eight hour span of time I’ve had two epiphanies and my gut tells me I’m quite right about the employee situation for which it stands.


          Well, as for not wanting to be near me while training and shadowing then I don’t know what to tell anyone since such speech is fourth grade speech and speech o f characters in books of old petty women hermits in the woods living by themselves rather than urban chic lifestyles.


          Yes, I shower everyday and each day I wear a clean change of clothes since I do three loads of laundry per week. Thank you very much.


          Yes, I do wear Coco Chanel #5. Lol.


          Yes, I do like light scented fragrances with a mature smell of subtlety.


          No, I don’t personally or professionally believe in having to say anything about anybody else’s body fragrances. Nope.


          When any Mature Team of Bosses Work well together then Bosses Cover each other since all of the responsibility doesn’t only fall upon one set of shoulders: Ah, yep.


          Yes, of course, face-to-face, personally, I’ve thoroughly apologized to our interviewee about my unprofessional misconduct to be tardy for an interview I personally set up and the day before was demoted to observe rather than conduct the interview since I was to stay back and ‘stay put’ at the estate to conduct proper business with the professional plumbers. Done. I abide by my orders. Thank you.


          Yes, I know each and every time I swear which is seldom nowadays, only as examples.


          Yes, I have five 2019 calendars going all at once and thousands of pieces of scratches of papers in tall garbage bags to organize through the last seven years of notes on pieces of paper. Sigh.


          Yes, all of the “books” or actual manual card catalogues must be manually or scanned into a digital file system into an actual desktop computer for up and running as of twenty years ago.


          Yes, paper and cardboard create more dust into the atmosphere.


          Thank you for starting the interview process without me.


          Personally, I like an interviewee who can hold their own as any mature adult in any professional and serious and proper and strict and sober and relaxed and calm and confident and direct polite urban manner.


          No, absolutely not. One doesn’t ever flirt or touch anyone in any interview process.


          Without flirtation one initially shakes hands at arrival and departure.


          Yes, by myself I’ve interviewed all over the world.


          Yes, I’ve been flown to interview with all types of tycoons, however.


          My civil duty and responsibility is to Minnesota, first and foremost. Yes, I take my civic responsibilities most quite seriously.


          Walking in on any Job Interview to offer cookies is Unprofessional and Inappropriate Misbehavior:


          Please, have some aspects of proper and professional decorum.


          Please, I’m not asking for much other than to break bread together and to keep our head in the game and to bring our A-game to the table and be successful due to mare excellence and make tens of millions of dollars and with a positive attitude. 


          Yes, Making up Accounts is Thievery:


          Please, don’t bill to any clients’ accounts without their permission to first bill them otherwise this is grounds for dismissal.


          Yes, please, do your own work such as pull out the books and card catalogues and set up your own regional sales. Thank you. The bosses are running the accounting and client accounts. Thank you.


          Yes, have fun.


          Yes, rest easy.


          Yes, peoples’ livelihoods are safe with me, however. Please, don’t go out of one’s way to ruin client relationships. Thank you.




          Yours Truly;




Tuesday, April 16, 2019


“The man who sows hatred reaps remorse.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)






---  ---  ---



A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Upload: 6:59am CT, 8:25am CT

Word Count: 1,048

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 7


---  ---  ---


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Tuesday!


---  ---  ---


Boycott of:

 “Lindus Construction”

(Thursday, April 11, 2019 through ?)


          Dearest Minnesota Executive Housewives and Ladies and Women of all Self-worth, Self-Respect, refinement, grace, wits and spiritual humanity with empathy and sympathy, please, boycott “Lindus Construction.”


          Please, take Highland Park’s word to the wise.


          If any harm comes to me, personally or my body then the first place to look would is “Lindus Construction.”


          No, I’m not here to harm any creature.


          Simply, I’m not any threat to myself or to others due to the fact I’m quite emotionally intelligent and hold a great deal of self respect and self worth and a great deal of consideration and humility to apologize each and every time I’m wrong, however.


          When I’m not wrong then I’m right and often I’m right simply because I observe, gather information, size up the situation and analyze and realize what happened simply by looking at structures then through deconstruction I know exactly what happened since writing’s mainly detective work about how the world works and to best go about destruction’s wake to better solutions.

          Please, keep me safe from all harm.


          Please, keep us safe from all harm.


          There’re indeed far more powerful quantum physics scientific forces at work then Minnesota and fraudulent Wisconsin businesses.


          Wisconsin, yes, I, personally as a volunteer will send the Wisconsin Better Beareu of Business back to the Wisconsin hole hence and whence they came from.


          No, Minnesota doesn’t allow for Highland Park to get abused by having their homes flooded through incompetency then mock and laugh at the disaster and disgrace and harm caused to any estate of any type because in Minnesota we do actually take care of our Highland Park citizens since such citizens pay through the roof in taxes while the uber rich such as the Trump family hide their money in off shore accounts such as Swiss banks or the Caribbean or Costa Rica.


          Now, I can understand conflict and disagreement, however, I don’t understand mockery during or while in miscommunications or mockery and sheer evil laughter in the face of post disaster and further humiliation.


          Please, don’t harm women or the elderly or children or men.


          Please, seize the violence of manipulation, hatred and more hatred and over-sexualized Americans residing in Minnesota or the Midwest since the Midwest is more like Babylon than any other place. The ports.


          Now, I’m sober, strict and serious as a heart attack.


          Yes, I’m also reasonable and content and happy to be alive through thyroid tumors as well as fulfilling my calling and duty in life for which is to write each week no matter what since writing is the most fun any human can have by themselves primarily to help make sense from life or make sense of life since life moves at a fast clip pace and life doesn’t seize, life is ever changing and fast moving. Yep.


          Well, I’m a writer and we hold a great more deal of responsibility to our communities since writers are schooled in the psychology and legalities of humans. Period. Underscore. Underscore. Underscore. Thank you.


          Yes, writers make sense otherwise what a waste of time writing would be and I don’t have time to waste. Although, I love a good siesta I haven’t taken in about 31 years except when sick or under the weather or low immune system or not enough sleep.


          Well, “Lindus Construction” let’s play ball.


          “Lindus Construction,” in Minnesota we take care of our own no matter 'who' has the money or the goods, we feed our own and watch out for our own


          In Minnesota we don’t leave any man behind in the field to bleed out to death because as Americans we believe in one value, humanity for our country fellowmen and fellow-women and our immigrants and students and elderly and children and men and women and all creatures great and small, both alike.









Minnesota Diarrhea

Friday, March 29th, 2019 - Friday, April 5th, 2019


Today’s Weight:

140 pounds



Yes, last night,

 I most certainly walked out on my dinner host

As a dining guest

And I’ve apologized

To the necessary party involved.


Conflicts, disputes and disagreements are between two parties.


History teaches us no one ever knows what’s going on inside anybody else’s relationship thus and therefore its best not to throw stones at glass houses. Yep.


Personally, I do wonder why

Minnesota Highland Park women’s look

In their eye

Is either

sheer emotional desperation,

tiredness, frightened, worried, terrified or

lonesome or lonely

or in severe emotional pain

or helpless

since most women

around the world

bravely and gracefully and beautifully

do carry on

as single parents

in barrios, shanty towns and ghettos.


Minnesota, what’s with the emotional desperation?


Minnesota, what’s with the work-a-holism?


Minnesota, what’s with the low self esteem?


Minnesota, what’s with the bedroom eyes?


Minnesota, what’s with the mild flirtation in customer service?


Minnesota, what’s with the self loathing?


Minnesota, what’s with little girls lifting up their skirts?

to fully grow men?


Minnesota, must all female customer workers, bar patrons, friends of the family’s children lift up their shirts or blouses or dressed or skirts and expose themselves?


Minnesota, over sexualized misbehavior is brain malfunction.


Minnesota, flirting looks better on television than in real life


Minnesota, is this Babylon?


Minnesota, the Costa Rican Harvard Ivy Leaguers sent me back here to write and work and be happy thus I shall.


Minnesota, you shan’t get in the way of my happiness.


Minnesota, why do you hate so much.




Let’s move forward.


Minnesota, Costa Rican women aren’t threatened by other women’s over sexualized and foolish misbehaviors since Costa Rican women are taught we’re “drop dead gorgeous” and kind and capable and intelligent and smart and willing to work smart for our spouses, children, community and family and friends and neighbors.


Minnesota, Costa Rican women

are quite quiet and shy and reserved.


Minnesota, why do you hate women of color so much?


Minnesota, what have women of color ever done to you?


Minnesota, mature along with me.


Minnesota, I’m not insecure.


Minnesota, what’s with all of the insecurity?



          Yours Truly;




Sunday, April 7, 2019


“Hatred usually joins lies.”


“Love blinds us to faults, but hatred blinds us to virtues.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Haggard (having a wild, wasted, worn look; gaunt, drawn)


The smooth features of his youth had turned to the haggard face of a worn-out old man.


(Seriously, this is the next vocabulary card for which is next in line.)


---  ---  ---



A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: 1,291

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Sunday!


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Women’s Health

Nice and Easy


Side Bar:

Anyone; Holds the automatic right
and permission

and may write about Palmer’s Bar

since Palmer’s Bar

is an establishment

open to the public.


Personally; I don’t hold anything against Palmer’s Bar.



the only reason

why I think

some of the

Palmer’s Bar’s

female patrons

are over sexualized

and sexually misbehaved

is because

my one male guest

consistently complains

of “sexual harassment”

each week

for five months.


Someone’s not telling the truth.



Palmer’s Bar



Nice and Easy


Otherwise, I’m going to get the urge to want to

stream a live feed up somebody’s arse.


No sudden movements.



No, Palmer’s Bar isn’t any type of community.

Palmer’s Bar is a bar.


Please, don’t mock me.

The public humiliation is plenty.


Palmer’s Bar is a bar

like any other bar

in which one pays

for the drinks to be there

and the patrons panhandle

from other patrons


When one is a patron then one frequents

an establishment and not a community


Let’s make some serious distinctions.

Please, don’t feed me malarkey.

Thank you.

Yes, I’m 41, not 21.


Please, don’t get "sexual harassment” confused

or real commercial money

will teach

a lesson to be learned

about business and

not about running a soup kitchen bar.



Sexual Harassment of Men


Now, no former female

West Bank bar owner

ought to ever so much as mention

to any man’s good attorney friend,

she wished she ought to have

fucked a patron at her former bar

otherwise such talk is indeed

considered sexual harassment

and the men consider such talk sexual harassment.


My goodness, imagine sexually harassing

the male attorney friend by proxy

then having the sexually harassing message

related by second hand notification. Horrific.


To this day the men are still traumatized

And openly talk about the disgrace.



Palmer’s Bar will continue to run

While I hold down the fort

at the estate

and run a 65-year

ad publications empire.

Thank you.


          Personally, if ever there’s anything to be taken personally then I do.


          If not, then please don’t waste my time with drunken fallen down and passing out alcoholism and heavy drug use and wet loins and melodrama, self-loathing, perpetual violent boredom or a deep unfulfilling need to be sexually acknowledged as a “sex object” or a “character” in a fiction novel or as a public amusement or given the title of court ‘gesture’ (English as a second Language) as an underhanded insult to be made fun of for the sheer and pure pleasure of others.


          Mockery isn’t any form of flattery.


          To be used as a freak by the freaks isn’t any form of compliment. “One of us…”


          A lack of funds on my part doesn’t mean one has to hit rock bottom primarily due to the fact I work two full time jobs and 80 hour weeks therefore I’m following workaholic American cultural laws, bi-laws, rules and regulations except I haven’t ever been paid within the last five months of work therefore I’m waiting to make commission while I’ve already run the estate and am now running the ad publications empire as a volunteer worker.


Now, simply,

because Caucasian Americans

tell me I’m without funds

then I ought to go to the nearest food shelter

and/or apply to women’s shelters.

No, Thank you.


Please, have better solutions

Or don’t say anything at all.

Thank you.




Today, I have $200.00 to my name.

Next week, at this time I’ll be a multi-millionaire.

The contract is done.

The deal’s been made.


What a difference a week makes.


Yes, I pay my dues.

Yes, I work 80-hour weeks.

Please, don’t lie to me.

Thank you.



Urinary Tract Infection

My upper back feels as though it’s broken.


          No, I don’t have any shame to write about West Bank, Minneapolis, MN sexual harassment or violence on the streets and in the bars or about urinary tract infections. Nope.


          Simply, I have a “urinary tract infection” due to the fact I took wrong male advice as to how to wipe my rectum with a mixture of water and toilet paper except water expands and spreads fecal matter oils thus and therefore here I am with microbes/pathogens (poop particles) on my upper back which the pain doesn’t seize.


          No, I don’t purposely give myself UTI’s.


          Well, Caucasian privileged humans tell me since as of right now I hold $200.00 on a former household credit card and since I fight a serious upper UTI then I’m waiting to be seen at Planned Parenthood on Vandalia Street tomorrow morning to get blood work done and antibiotics. Yep.


          No, I’m not ashamed to write about anything. Why would I be? I wouldn’t be.


          No, I don’t have a sexually transmitted disease.


          No, I’m not contagious to anyone else.


          Yes, I had the option to go in on Friday at 2:45pm at Uptown, Minneapolis, MN except the cost would’ve been about $500.00, I don’t have.


          Therefore, I took my own health into my own hands and am simply and only killing time until Monday morning to be seen for $200.00 which I can afford tomorrow morning. Thank you.


          Yes, the only reason why I’m waiting to be seen is because I have $200.00 and not $500.00.


          Yes, if I didn’t have $200.00 then I’d have to wait for my first pay check in two weeks time, not this Thursday, however, the following Thursday and by then the literal microbe shit in my spine would probably kill me because any woman can only take as much microbes up her spine as she’s able to.


          Yes, I’ve been living with real back pain since this past Friday and now the back pain is for real since the microbes/pathogens are floating around and infecting the area in my upper left shoulder and the middle of my spine.


          No, not once have I had any burning or itching of the vagina.


          Yes, from Wednesday through Friday of this week I felt a constant 24/7 urge to urinate.


          No, there’s no odor or pus or anything.


          All systems go except for this excruciating and consistent pain on my left shoulder blade.


          Yesterday, I took seven Ibupoferrin over the course of an entire 16 hour day of work.


          Today, I took two.


          Nothing kills the pain of microbes in the spine/pathogens. Nothing, kosher, anyway.


          Please, ladies don’t ever apply water to your toilet paper because the oils in excrement is able to expand in H2O and possibly spread into the vagina/urethra and cause bladder infections which can spread into the kidneys and up the spine as I’m experiencing now or a medical doctor will have to tell me.


          Yes, I’ve been told to smile through shuddering spasms of pain. Okay.


          The last time I had a UTI I was 15 and experimenting with the application of tampons and how to insert tampons into the vagina.


          No, shuddering in pain isn’t pleasure. Nope.


          First and lastly, let’s begin with women’s health.


          Well, intellectual women of Hollywood have explained to me, most often than not, the atrocities and shaming and humiliation of women is done by other women.


          As far as women’s health is concerned I’m beside myself there’s no such thing as free healthcare for American women in general since female genitals are by far more prone to get yeast infections and UTI (from fecal matter spreading into the vagina) and other serious vaginal aspects to female health.                                       


          Well, I became tired.


          No, I’m not going to go to any woman’s shelter simply because I lack funds.


          How preposterous.


          Why do white people always tell me to go to women’s shelters?


          White people are insane.




          Truly Yours;




Thursday, April 4, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



---  ---  ---



A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house



The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Thursday!


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The Boss

Yes, I accept the position of Executive Director

To Normandin Publications


Yes, business-Wise

The Spirit of Larry Normandin Resides in Me


No, I haven’t ever seen any ghost.

No, I don’t speak to the dead.

Ah, no.



As an indigenous modern Maya woman,

Probably I’d fall over if I ever saw any ghost.


The living and ghosts ought not to ever interact

under any circumstance or for any reason.


          As of last night at 9:00pm CT, I was personally informed by a junior executive decision and junior executive shareholder to hire all twenty-year olds to sale ad publications to raise sales to eventually financially fund a branch or section of children’s books under the umbrella and protection of the overall ad publications company for private profit or sales revenue from both the online and printed publications of the children’s books’ sales. Ok. Yep. (Correctly, I edited the above sentence.)


          Yes, on commission I’ve been hired to single-handedly raise revenues to ten million dollars over the course of ten years to be shared in three equal parts and I get a cut of the ten million, however.


          As of Tuesday this week, I was informed to personally and single-handedly bring up sales to two million per year. (Ok. Copy that. Over.)





          No, I shan’t be sexually threatened or disturbed or bothered or disrupted to hire all twenty-year old women to help each other succeed together to start a children’s book branch of the ad publications company since I’m a sober, strict, serious and fair boss.


          Yes, ever since the film Fort McCoy (2008, 2nd Assistant Director) I’ve personally been responsible for the fair treatment of twenty year old women who are far more detail oriented than me and by far much better at English speaking and most professionals who’ve worked with me, know “from a mile away” I catch other people’s mistakes since I’m able and willing to quietly without much or much of any stink go and directly correct others’ mistakes by myself without any of the glory or notice from anyone, however.


          As most of my respectful and mindful Hollywood female roomies and co-workers have literally watched me nearly run an entire operation or film set on my back without computers or printers or paper of water on set.


          Most executives understand, I, quietly come in and “save the day” and don’t fire anyone at the end of each day no matter how many terrible trials and tribulations, we’ve had on a film set or during the course of production even though others always take the credit for having me work for pennies on the dollar from 5:00am to 11:00pm for days, weeks, months and years and decades.


          Yes, since September 2009, I’d been an executive housewife for which I did all of the vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, laundry, beds, bedding, dusting, wiping, cooking, research and literary writing and all around support system to a successful broadcast engineer.


          As a nine-year executive housewife, I literally climbed on top of the farm roof and fixed shingles, cleared brush and fixed walking trails, fixed and rewired fixtures, fixed the AC Unit (the second time it broke down) and cut the lawn and shoveled.


          Yes, as a woman I’ve been doing men’s physical labor for the past twenty years.


          Yes, as a woman I can tell men’s labor is physically taxing to the body and takes a toll on the overall bones.





          First, starting this morning as of 10:00am I’m to personally and single-handedly take over all twenty-thousand client accounts and to personally handle all of the daily business operations which entail all business accounts payable and receivable, all mail and all business calls, emails and private communications between business owners and managers and staff and employees as well as run “the books” (accounting) (no matter who gets hired as accountant, since not a penny gets past me) and proof read or copy-read each and every ad copy for errors and misspellings and incorrect grammar as well as fire and hire and train all employees from this day forth. Ok. I accept.


          Yes, I’m the executive director to the ad publications company and the future children’s books’ sales branch of the ad publications company.


          Yes, the senior and junior shareholders all understand I’m the executive director to their ad publications company.


          No, there’s no room for error.


          Yes, we all understand each other. Perfectly.


          Yes, I’m the one who has been chosen to single-handedly run both the estate and the ad publications empire. Thank you. I’m here. I’m present.


          Any questions? No? Good.


          Let’s move on.




          Now, when the senior and junior executive bosses all go off to Greece from July through the end of September 2019 then I’ll be in the office and at the estate full time running the entire empire single-handedly by myself and no mistakes or mishaps can ever go wrong. No.


          Yes, I’m the steward of the estate.


          Yes, I’m the executive director to the ad publications company.


          Yes, for a fact I am.


          Any liabilities or risks or anything inappropriate then I must face realities and set mishaps or mistakes back in line and in order.





          Yes, I’m the first line of contact and communications and the last line of contact in communications as The Boss of the children’s book’s sales branch of the ad publications company mainly because I was hired under the agreement and handshake to single-handedly and personally raise ad sales simply to finance a brand new branch of children’s books’ sales and revenue under the same ad publications company thus and therefore my dream still sits on the table, however.


          My twenty-year old hires must keep up their ad sales at all times to financially support the children’s book branch of the publications company. Yes. Yes. Absolutely.


          Thus and therefore, my twenty-year old hires will be advertisement sales people as well as directly under my executive director’s intelligence, smarts and kind orders to make children’s book’s sales a reality revenue otherwise I neither personally live on Cloud9 nor inside some melodrama Telenovela. Thank you.


          Now, the 51% of senior executive shareholders to the publications company have given me my direct orders and directives as executive director to only hire retiree business women with MBA’s and in their seventies who also happen to live in Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN. (Copy. Loud and Clear. Copy Over.) (Film-set etiquette and speech for the walkie-talkie.)


           Ok, let’s go.


          Minnesota, I’ve got sales quotas to meet.


          Minnesota, nothing gets past me.


          Minnesota, simply because I don’t always speak up this doesn’t mean I don’t have eyes on the back of my head because I have honed my mighty fine skills to have an extra sensory sense about what on Earth goes on when my backs turned.


          The bosses tell me everything.


          Yes, I hold all of the private codes and bank account numbers.


          Yes, I’m hyper responsible.


          Yes, I’m terrified to fail when it comes to other people’s livelihoods.


          Yes, I’m more excited to succeed at anything having anything to do with publications and printing.


          Yes, I’m a sucker for beautiful advertisements.


          Yes, five state areas please, have patience with me.


          Yes, twenty-thousand clients, thank you for directly able and willing to peacefully and directly communicate with me within the next ten years while I transition to take hold of the helm and captain and direct this ad publications empire into the 21st century.


          Let’s make millions for Minnesota scholarships and Minnesota public education.


          Yes, two weeks ago I paid-out my second ten-thousand dollar scholarship to a Chicago fifteen-year old dance/theater student who is most deserving of our scholarship. Thank you.


          Anonymously, I relinquished the ten-thousand to this particular scholarship to this particular individual.


          Anonymously, no one has any idea the checks are from my direct orders.


          Ok, my Millennials, I need you. Thank you.




          With All of My Love;




Wednesday, April 3, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house







The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count:

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          Happy Wednesday!


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Minnesota’s Over Sexualized and Horny

Professional and Industry Women


          Let’s jump right into this literary deconstruction:


          As any writer will tell anyone, writers don’t have time to “mince words.”


          Look: As far as my looks are concerned, it’s been explained to me: supposedly, I’m considered a “drop dead gorgeous” Indigenous modern twenty-first century woman due to my inner beauty and intelligence and diligent kindness. Ok, I can work with that.


          No, I’m not personally threatened by any other woman mainly due to the fact Costa Rican girls are taught to believe of themselves as gorgeous and kind and beautiful and national treasures to the overall gross national product since beauty isn’t replicated and usually beauty is a raw material as most beauty is raw material on Earth or raw material found in nature.


          Women are nature therefore and thus women are beautiful.




          Now, there’s only a small group of attorneys in town who hold the power to change the over sexualized culture of professional paralegal females and professional secretaries and professional waitresses and wait staff.


          Personally, I don’t completely or totally understand why Minnesotans don’t understand overt sexuality vs. subtle sensuality.


          Now, the Costa Rican women don’t walk around with their vaginas on their sleeves since the basic mathematics to the female anatomy is usually two breasts and one vagina and one vulva and two labia lips and two fallopian tubes and one cervix and one uterus.


          Yours Truly;




Thursday, March 28, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house







The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: 806 + 310 = 1,116 + 609 = 1,725

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Normandin Publications

March 28th, 2019


Dearest Clients, please have patience with us

(Normandin Publications)



Larry Normandin


This is a time of great training and change and

A digital 21st century emergence


Thank you.


Fake Accounts

Made Up Accounts

Difficulty with One Employee



Ike Russell

Is tomorrow’s

Blog subject matter.


(Yes, I have full disclosure

to write about Ike Russell

with his first and last name.)


Thank you for your patience.



Employee Misconduct

Fake Accounts


          Truly, I don’t know what to write about one particular and specific employee (unnamed persons) and their misbehavior to be so desperate as to create fake accounts with our private clientele at Normandin Publications.


          Personally, the Normandin family members and myself and other employees haven’t ever made up fake client accounts and neither have we personally partaken in any misbehavior or thievery therefore on my personal behalf, please Midwest accounts accept my deepest apologies and sincere concern for our clients’ accounts.


          Five state areas please bear with me as I hold the helm as boss with two other bosses guiding the way towards future success.


          Twenty thousand accounts; I see you. I hear you. I’m here. I’m present.


          Look; no matter what anyone may or may not think about us as personal individuals and three bosses or whether anyone hates or loves our guts: Well, Normandin Publications is a 65 year old reputable company simply due to the fact Normandin Publications is family operated, owned and run. Thank you.


          Now, if anyone has anything to say about the Normandin family individual members then I take personal offense because around these parts we’re direct and straight communicators and we don’t thief since we’re absolute workaholics and strict family people with some serious sober and strict habits about success and excellence. Thank you.


          Now, if you’ll excuse me I don’t want to fire anyone therefore I’m going to fight for our employee and place them under a strict six month probation period, however.


          One more fake account and I’ll have to step in as the boss and fire our employee, my employee. Yikes. I don’t want to, however. I will.


          Yes, I’m the boss of hiring and firing and training.


          Yes, I also take out the garbage and recycling.


          Yes, I’d love to get a compost pile going at the office.



Fake Accounts


          As of yesterday afternoon Normandin Publications discovered five fake accounts under our existing clients’ roster.


          Personally, I’m so sorry.


          For sure, I’ll eat some crow.


          Oh, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska, please have patience with me since I must make some serious decisions about one of our employees.


          Yes, I’m horrified as to what to do and how to reprimand an employee of 25 years with Normandin Publications.


          Well, the responsibility comes down to me to hire and fire and train employees.


          Yes, I work on commission therefore the janitorial services are rendered for free as well as the dusting and cleaning and straightening and organizing and restructuring and remodeling and etc., etc., etc.


          When male executives are hired and trusted to have the best interest of the company at heart then why do male executives get a salary with benefits and vacation and an office with a view of the clear blue skies and a computer while a woman of color doesn’t get anything offered as an executive.


          Please, don’t waste my time. Thank you.





          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, March 27, 2019




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public or at the house







The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: 806 +

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Word Count Goal: 800


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Wednesday!


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          Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN: A Few Notes:


          *) Yes, I’m overbooked and I missed Tuesday’s dental appointment.


          *) Yes, I’m overbooked and on Monday I was late to meet the plumbers bid and estimate.


          *) Please, don’t think the worst of me. There’s only one of me and I work 80 hour weeks without a Sabbath for 20 days straight. Ah, the couch and pajamas.


          *) Dancing vs. Genital Dancing


          *) Respect dating couples.


          *) Flirting waitresses isn’t a job requirement.


          *) Please, keep anyone’s flirting wet loins and genitals out of my meal dates or food or drink. Thank you.


          *) Minnesota, I’m right here. I see you. I hear you.


          *) The housewives of Highland Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota get murdered by their husbands. Well, we’ll have to change this about Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN. Yep.


          *) The Villager News Publication has no misspellings. The Villager gives the rest of the national papers around the country “a run for their money.”


          *) Minnesota, if you don’t want me then Los Angeles will take me in and house me as their training athlete and working artist in residency.


          *) “Every second counts in” in a marathon since every three minutes a woman is beaten or murdered or raped. I’ll be running against the clock.


          *) I have zero logistical timing.


          *) How does one go to the bathroom during a marathon?


          *) “Please, don’t over fill the toilets otherwise I get stuck with cleaning all of the poop.” --- Anonymous Quote


          *) “Please, close all liquid tops otherwise the products dry out.” --- Anonymous Quote


          *) Yes, I’m terrible with time and timing-out myself.


          Yours Truly;




Monday, March 25, 2019


“Where you are loved, go rarely, where you are hated, go never.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Plausible (seemingly true, reasonable, trustworthy)


His excuse for being late was accepted as plausible.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

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For breakfasting in public or at the house







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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Monday!


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Humbly and Graciously;

Yes, I accept the professional position as

The Boss

(General Manager, liabilities, budgets and communications)


Normandin Publications



          The only words I can say: Thank you for the opportunity to boss a publishing company into the 21 century.


          Thank you.


          Well, at this moment as contracts stand:


          Yes, I’m technically and officially the boss.


          Yes, to my defense I’m extremely kind.


          Yes, I’m a terrible communicator in conflict because I know what’s at stake: the safety of all women, children and men.


          Yes, I may hire and fire anybody for which fairly requires to be hired or fired.


          Yes, Photoshop and I are besties.


          Yes, Final Cut Pro and I are besties.


          Yes, Excel and I are enemies.


          Yes, I’m responsible for twenty-thousand client accounts.


          Yes, I’m responsible for the smooth transition and operations into the 21st century.


          Please, wish us luck. Thank you.


          Yes, I take out the garbage and recycling and vacuum and dust.


          Yes, ‘straight out of the gates’ I’ve been granted the green light (given permission and blessing) to hire four (4) new employees based upon commission. There’re no health benefits.


          The average daily employee commission: $1,000-$3,500.


          Yes, my future plans are to hire as many as fifteen employees and I’ve been given the permission and blessing to do so by the boss’s boss, the matriarch.


          Yes, I’ve been scouting talent since the year 2000 when I worked for Scout Productions in Boston, Massachusetts and Hollywood’s USA Films.


          Yes, I, too, will be working for commission therefore nothing’s guaranteed aside from my success as a delegator and boss. No, I don’t receive any type of health benefits. No, I don’t get salary therefore there’re no guarantees and metaphorically I don’t like to ride in any moving vehicle without a seatbelt.


          Yes, I’m allotted tens of thousands of dollars in funds to renovate the basement offices into a privately tutored employee-only child care.


          Yes, I’m allotted funds to renovate the basement apartment at the estate because last Friday the basement flooded.


          Yes, we’ve had professional “Buggs Rodent Control” come out to the estate and deal with the rodents. Thank you to both father and son team 1980’s graduates from the University of Iowa. Go Hawkeyes. Haha.




          Side Bar:

          Side Notes:


          Yes, I literally took poetry classes with some of the football players and African American brothers on scholarship to play football for the University of Iowa’s team in Iowa, city, Iowa.


          Yes, we’ll be brothers and sister till the very end.


          Yes, my friends and African American University of Iowa Big Ten University football players have literally grammar checked and corrected my spelling and poetry.


          The Big Ten football players were some of the best poets I’ve ever come across. Thank you.


          No, I didn’t ever hold any type of sexually consented relationships with anybody at either Congdon Elementary School, The Marshall High School, The Rudy Perpich High School, Bradford College, University of Iowa or Harvard or M.I.T. or Stanford or Yale or Oxford or Nordame or University Minnesota Duluth or University of Minnesota or Macalester or Hamline University or Saint Thomas Academy or St, Thomas College. Thank you.


          Yes, I’ve been wined and dined by the above mentioned, however. My clothes have always remained on since I’m sober, strict and serious. Thank you.


          Yes, I’ve starved and semi-starved in Minnesota.


          No, I didn’t starve in Costa Rica, However.


          No, I haven’t ever dated or bedded any co-workers or bosses other than one person who I married and divorced thus and therefore I’m alright with anybody I run into or hardly ever at all.


          No, I haven’t ever dated or bedded anybody from AmeriCorps or Damiano Center or Grant Elementary School or The Boys and Girls Club or Duluth Parks and Recreation or Women’s Transitional Housing or Norshor Theater or The Red Herring Lounge or any Pizza Luce or Lake Avenue Café or Taste of Saigon or Semblesque or Lingua Kenetica or Suitcase Productions or Taviette Film Productions or HolmDigital or any teachers or school mates or classmates or anybody for such matters. Thank you.




          Well, I’m allowed to repaint the walls except I must match a drab cream color. Bummer.


          Personally, I wanted to brighten up the offices with Caribbean ocean blue colors.


          Yes, I’m allowed to restore and repaint the outside of the building to its original aqua blue. Thank you.


          Saint Paul, Highland Park, MN: I love you.




          Yes, I’m here and I’m present and I’m awake and alert and intelligent, sharply astute and nothing gets pass by me.




          Let’s do this!


          Let’s go!


          To be Continued…
















          Yours Truly;




Thursday, March 14, 2019


          Hi, Happy Thursday!


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          Highland Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota; I’m present. Here:


          Well, last night at 8:00am Freeway (my former pooch) and I did factually get locked out of Ewing Avenue thus and therefore we patiently waited to have the doors unlocked and quickly hand off Freeway to his present legal canine-parent.


          Yes, at 7:00pm last night I forgot both of my cell phone plugged to the main kitchen’s wall of the estate and I left my Patagonia fleece jacket with Ewing Avenue’s keys also back at Highland Park’s main kitchen on the black leather couch.


          Thankfully our former Ewing Avenue neighbor was outside by the side of her kitchen door while on her cell phone and she stopped her present face to face telecommunication and did me the favor to make the call to the present Ewing Avenue’s property owner and to say to please unlock the door hence the property owner wasn’t on the premise at the time of the call thus and therefore Freeway patiently waited in the car while I smoked a cigarette on the front stoop.



Loyal Friend, Confidant and Lover

A Feminist

Mature Adult Wo-Myn


Spoken For Wo-Myn

Monogamous Heterosexual



Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN

Holds My Heart

                    Personally, I’ve dealt with three blows this week which is official signing of divorce papers, moving and the loss of my doggie.


          Well, I’m here to tell all, I’m calm and drinking the best Lattes in town at Coffee Bene and gracefully carrying on with my freezy/hat hair as much as possible. Thank you. I feel good about all of my decisions as a mature and loyal human to the ones I love and presently give a great deal of daily, weekly and monthly consideration of the Ut-most degree.


          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, March 13, 2019


“Unfounded hate only multiplies quarrels.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Extemporary (not prepared, on spur of the moment)


An extemporary address was demanded from every member present.


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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Morning Dress For Visitor.


Chapter 26.

Page 329


For breakfasting in public or at the house of a friend a wrapper is not allowable. A dress with a closely fitting waist should be worn. This for summer may be of cambric, or other wash-goods, either white or figured; in winter woolen goods, simply made should be adopted.


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Wednesday!


          A divorcee, however, spoken for.


          Officially a divorcee as of this Monday at 3:00pm.


          Taking the week to move from Ewing Avenue to Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN.


---  ---  ---


          No, I haven’t Ever Sold Street Drugs: (I wouldn’t know how to.)


          No, I haven’t ever been paid any type of monies to be a professional street drug dealer much less any type of pharmaceuticals sales rep. Thank you.


          Look: Caucasian Duluth, MN East High School Graduate Minnesotan Males: As the situation stands, according to the Buddhist: most of life in general is considered filled with suffering: therefore if the Caucasian Duluth, MN East High School graduate males in their forties be so kind as to please stop spreading terrible personal rumors about me specifically then I would truly appreciate it since life for a woman of color is truly a minefield to navigate each and every single day of life in racist Minnesota.


          Yes, my finances are my quite personal and private business.


          No, I don’t have any income coming in. Correct.


          Yes, I’m a trust fund baby, however, summer of 2010 I was completely and totally disinherited for the second time. Oh, well. Moving on. Next.


          Yes, when one’s disinherited then one is free to conduct one’s own life without any pressure of failures and disappointments from anyone. Perfect.


          No, I haven’t ever been paid to be a drug carrier.


          No, I don’t know what heroin or crack look like.


          No, I don’t purchase any type of street drugs other than overpriced fried foods from food truck kitchens.


          No, I haven’t ever been paid to take off my clothes.


          No, I haven’t ever been paid to be an exotic dancer.


          No, I haven’t ever embezzled any monies.


          No, I haven’t ever misappropriated funds.


          Yes, I’m exactly who I say I am.


          No, as a general rule I don’t steal anything except I take an extra couple of recycled napkins because the recycled brown napkins are indeed cool and modern hip.


          No, I don’t steal anything. No. Not lighters or pens or straws or anything from any bank, store or restaurant.


          No, I’m not into hanging out at bars.


          Yes, I’m a homebody and I like to relax in the comfort of my own abode rather than have drunken bar women give me menacing looks simply because my best friends prefer me over drunken women.


          Yes, there’s a paper trail and paper records of my entire life starting at birth in San Jose Costa Rica’s main hospital May 14, 1977.


          Everybody tells me 1977 was the best year of their lives. Cool.


          Yes, I’m a peasant 100% blooded San Salvadorian Maya scribe born and raised in Costa Rica for the first ten years and a mature adult woman adoptee to Park Point, Duluth, Minnesota’s Caucasian Jewish/Finn family on my father’s side as well as also adopted to Rockport, Massachusetts Caucasian blue blooded family on my mother’s side, 1690, our family literally establish Cape Ann near Gloucester, Massachusetts. Period.


          Yes, I know exactly who I am. I’m 41 and limping through life. Fasciitis. Thank you.


          Much of my situation is one I’m not able to help the circumstances of the events for which took place to land me as an adoptee on August 24, 1987 specifically to Duluth, MN and Rockport, Massachusetts.


---  ---  ---


          Long Workweeks:


          What a long workweek. As of yet I haven’t taken the Sabbath which was scheduled for this past Sunday. Around these parts, we’re workaholics.


          For the first time in two weeks straight come this Sunday will be the first day of one complete Sabbath.


          Indeed, I most definitely look forward to the relaxation in complete pajamas and do nothing except say prayers to Yahweh and lay on the couch and catch up with the week’s news and entertainment as well as find nontoxic nail polish and paint my finger nails at my private solo apartment in Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN.


---  ---  ---


          Monday at 3:00pm We Signed Divorce Papers:


          Well, it’s official. I’m a divorcee; however, I’m most definitely spoken for.


          We signed divorce papers.


          As of yesterday I began to move my minimalist meager belongings in a Manhattan, New York City’s fashion and style then one has complete and immediate total control of what’s what and what goes where while one moves.


          Personally, I own hardly anything therefore this is an easy move.


          No Pooch then No Palmer’s Bar:


          Last night, according to my new situation, I was informed and notified as of this Friday I’m to no longer have any contact with Freeway, my Yorkie Terrier pooch since divorce is divorce.


          Okay, Fair enough.


          In return, quit frequenting Palmer’s Bar forever.




          If I don’t get to ever again see my dog for which I took care of each and every single day since July 4th, 2013 then I don’t want either of us to ever again frequent or set foot at Palmer’s Bar on the West Bank in Minneapolis, MN. Done deal. Awesome! I can rest easy.


          Personally, I’m not any type of competition to any of the Palmer’s Bar women or any neighborhood women or any family friends since I was chosen to be here for this specific responsibility therefore I’m solidly here and I’m nearly singlehandedly running an estate and work as emotional and otherwise support staff to an advertising empire for which requires an office renovation to an entire floor and remodeling as well as I’m going to have a staff-only and employee-only daycare built on-site for working parents or soon to be working parents. Yep. I’m serious as a heart attack about a private employee day-care with private tutors in math, English and science and art and music at the office.


          No, the office isn’t for sale.


          No, the building isn’t for sale.


          Palmer’s Bar women; please don’t intimidate me with menacing stares or evil and cunning intent or with sexual deviance because I win. I won. I’m here. I was chosen out of all of the women for the past four decades to help helm and direct this estate and advertising empire. Me. I’m the one who is wanted to make it all run. Okay. I accept.


---  ---  ---


          There’s No Hand Out Here, Only Hard Work:


          No, I’m not a gold digger.


          No, I don’t want to know how much money anybody makes.


          My work isn’t a ‘free meal’ or a ‘hand out’ or a ‘free ride’ because last week I dealt with plumbers and rodent control and this week alone I’ve already talked to Best Buy about the exchange of a new dishwasher for another dishwasher and on Monday I spoke to the Saint Paul water works specifically about last quarter’s bill which turned out to be $270.00 when usually the water bill is $90.00 each quarter and on Friday I took three hours to conduct blue dye toilet leakage tests on three different floors to the estate and the main kitchen sink to the estate has minimal to barely any water pressure and the kitchen sink has been detached from its base ever since the plumbers left on Thursday therefore I must find the time to go to Menards and get a new kitchen sink and install it myself and the upstairs guest bedroom has to be re-plastered and the main estate]s kitchen has to be repainted because the painters who were here three years ago up and left the wood frame painted and abandoned the job and how can any company due such atrocities against their customers also the outdoor fence has to be removed and replaced with an invincible electric fence then all of the dogs in the neighborhood don’t shit and piss all over the estate’s private property as well as the pipes are galvanized and I’m still waiting for Minnesota Plumbing and Appliance to call me back with a possible estimate because we’ve got one geriatric living with painful rheumatoid arthritis and I’m living with thyroid tumors since October 2013 and the main estate’s living quarters and the private apartment must be well kept and maintained as well as smoothly operated and run consistently for the next many decades before retirement when I sale ten million dollars worth in sales (split three ways) or hire a team of people to bring in 10 million in sales while I run payroll, emails, operations, janitorial services, employee relations and hire and fire and bring a 65 year old advertising company into the 21st century of technological advances and modern useful working and living quarters. Thank you.




          Palmer’s Bar women; please don’t intimidate me with menacing stares or evil and cunning intent or with sexual deviance because I win. I won. I’m here. I was chosen out of all of the women for the past four decades to help helm and direct this estate and advertising empire. Me. I’m the one who is wanted to make it all run. Okay. I accept.


          Now, Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN I’ve been here since November 2018 and I’m so very glad and happy to be amongst you.


          Now, not once and not ever did I consider living in Saint Paul, MN and now for which I’m here I’ve fallen in love. Thank you.


          Highland Park, let’s respectfully and peacefully get along and have fun and be copacetic and kind, smart and intelligent as well as bring serious commerce to Saint Paul.


          Highland Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota, I’m yours.



Divorcee and Spoken For
















          Yours Truly;




Friday, March 8, 2019


“If you are fair, your fairness will destroy your hate.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Consanguinity (blood relationship, close relationship)


Brothers are bound by ties of consanguinity.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Dress for Church.


Chapter 26.

Page 338


The dress for church should be plain and simple. It should be of dark, plain colors for winter, and there should be no superfluous trimming or jewelry. It should, in fact, be the plainest promenaded-dress, since church is not a place for the display of elaborate toilets, and no woman of consideration would wish to make her own expensive and showy toilet an excuse to another woman, who would not afford to dress in a similar manner, for not attending church.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


          Highland Park:


          Highland Park, Congratulations to St. Thomas Academy’s tremendous hockey win last night over Duluth East.


          No, I’m not an expert in any sport. I’m not.


          Simply, I’m a sports enthusiast and an art appreciator.


---  ---  ---


          Palmer’s Bar Women:


          Palmer’s Bar women, it has been brought to my attention my guest doesn’t like his dreadlock beard pulled because when facial hair is pulled then it’s quite painful.


          Palmer’s Bar women, hands off any man or woman.


          Now, good modern American respectful customary behavior dictates one must always muster up the courage to ask permission of anyone else to physically touch others anywhere on their personal and/or private person.


          No, I don’t ever flirt with anyone.


          Yes, I have a bubbly personality, however, people approach me.


          No, I don’t approach anyone unless we’re neighbors or co-workers or business partners or awesome friends of friends.


          No, I’m not sexual in general.


          No, I’m not a walking vagina.


          Yes, I fully cover myself, my cleavage and my derrière.


          Yes, I’m sensuality incarnate.


          Yes, I’m aware I exude sensuality, however. I don’t do it on purpose. I was born with it. I was born with innate characteristics and abilities to be a human sponge and a gorgeous woman who has had to work hard at bringing out the best parts of myself to the surface since I’m picky and hardly ever like anyone or anything.


          Yes, I force myself to be social at the bar since I go sober.


          Yes, I’d much rather stay at home then socialize in a room full of people drinking without abandonment.


          Creepy Little Girls:


          Finally, Palmer’s Bar women, whenever one stares at another person for anymore than six seconds then one’s rudely intimidated by any inappropriate stare which states either manipulation or cunning or calculation with ulterior sexual motives.


          Simply because any drunk and horny Augsburg College Caucasian woman is in her twenties she doesn’t ever go up to any bar stranger for a man and stick her tongue down his throat especially when the man is with someone who doesn’t frequent the bar. Yep. I know all about it. I know all about the Augsburg College bar whores.


          Palmer’s Bar women, if one were to stare at others for twenty minutes straight with a permanent grin or a permanent ‘joker’ smile on one’s face then the entire social dynamic gets creepy real quick.


          Personally, I thought another Caucasian twenties something woman was having a facial stroke right there and then at the bar. Her face looked paralyzed.


          Palmer’s Bar women, if one were to stare at another specific individual with a permanent grin plastered on one’s face for twenty straight minutes while the stared individual continues to play darts and socialize with their close and personal and private intimate best friends then afterwards the socializing individuals will out loud ponder if the Caucasian little girl with a permanent smile had huffed gas or on heroin or high on crack this past Wednesday evening at 8:00pm.


          Palmer’s Bar women; nothing gets by me. I’m always the sober one.


          Yes, this past Wednesday night, afterwards, we did comment about the twenty-something year old Caucasian woman who permanently smiled for twenty minutes straight at one of our very own equal peers in our social group and we did wonder if she was high on crack.


          We weren’t sure, if the young woman was inappropriately flirting or if she wished or wanted to be found sexually alluring?


          Well, newsflash, we thought the young woman was possessed or mentally ill which anyone under the age of 35 is always apt towards mental illness.


          Finally, the sound engineer noticed the creepy misbehavior of the woman who stared at our friend and directly the crack head woman was asked to please stop staring at our particular friend while he played darts.


          The crack head woman got up and left because if she wasn’t aware of her creepy misbehavior then we’ve all been made aware of her intimidation tactics since this is the third time and third week in a row she has misbehaved herself to our equal peer and partner in our specific social group of friends and equal peers outside of Palmer’s Bar.


          Gross. Yikes. What a creep.


          Now, Palmer’s Bar women, one doesn’t go around pawing or randomly putting one’s hands all over other people especially when people wear cashmere sweaters or one doesn’t ever profess one’s true and long lost love to others at the bar because outside of the bar most people have private lives and socialize with half the globe therefore when Palmer’s Bar women go around professing their love or inappropriately touching men then most doors automatically get shut closed since most classy women don’t ever profess their undying love to bar acquaintances. Peace.


---  ---  ---


          One Hundred Business Partners:


          Well, I might as well admit it.


          Tonight, I must find my business partner and shake hands with him on one resolution.


          Now, in October of 2018, when I entered a business partnership with one West Bank music executive producer then I also entered a business partnership to one hundred (100) other business partners who happen to be all men.


          Yes, I’m a legitimate business partner.


          No, I’m not a silent partner.


          Yes, I’m a ghost partner.


          Yes, all of our business partners know exactly who I am.


          Yes, I’m a twenty year volunteer grant writer veteran.


          No, I don’t know a single one of our other one hundred business partners unless there’s a dire problem then I step in and no one wants to see me step into a round table otherwise fair is fair and I don’t mince words. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.


          Personally, I’m English as a Second Language and I don’t have time for mind games since translation is a lot of work on a daily basis.


          Yes, we’re looking to book children’s open mic Sunday brunches.


          Personally, I’m not able to stay up past 9:00pm unless I drink coffee.


          Yes, we’re all under one huge creative umbrella to a nonexistent music record label (hilarious) as an organic structure and non hierarchal system and relaxed and respectful work construct in which we don’t ever see each other or speak to one another unless there’s trouble then I’m brought in and “good luck.” Game over. I’m strict, sober and serious. I don’t take well to manipulation or psychological abuse.


          Now, our organic grassroots Minnesota nonexistent record label recorded or laid down tracks or “cut” one Christmas vinyl album which all proceeds go directly into the pockets of Minnesota musicians.


          Now, our musicians are placed all over the Twin Cities and play all days and nights of the week in cafes, restaurants and bars.


          Our Minnesota musicians are elementary school music teachers.


          The cost of health care is ridiculous therefore we hope our nonexistent record label may subsidize some of the out of pocket expenses for our hardworking musicians.


          Now, it’s been explained to me for which my title as “executive producer” is mainly due to the fact I deal with the potential problems, liabilities and serious major conflicts between venues and owners of establishments otherwise “our” record label knows I don’t drink in public or at home and I definitely don’t hang out at bars unless to be directly social with the lady folk or dance otherwise I’m hanging out at the end of long workdays.


          Furthermore, I don’t make any money off of our nonexistent record label.


          Not once and not ever am I going to be found at any recording studio since I’ve done enough of such any specific video-taping activity as a former executive documentary film producer who did in fact cross the t’s and dotted the i’s.



Lindus Construction

Baldwin, Wisconsin


Huston, We’ve Got A Problem.















          Yours Truly;




Thursday, March 7, 2019


“The Holy Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Agglomeration (a massing together, a cluster, a clump)


He found an agglomeration of material hard to describe.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Dress The Appropriate Finish of Beauty.


Chapter 26.

Page 324


The fair sex have the reputation of being passionately fond of dress, and the love of it has been said to be natural to women. We are not disposed to deny it, but we do not regard it as a weakness nor a particularity to be condemned. Dress is the appropriate finish of beauty. Some one has said that, “Without dress a handsome person is a gem, but a gem that is not set, But dress,” he further remarks, “must be consistent with the graces and with nature.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 0,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Thursday!


---  ---  ---


          Scottish Kilts:


          After viewing thousands of photography negatives from the year 1998, I’ve come to find not once and not ever have I captured the private genitalia of men. What I’m after as a photographer is the curl of the kilt (undulation) when the men march. Period. Thank you.



Lindus Construction

Balwin, Wisconsin















          Yours Truly;




Monday, March 4, 2019


“If you will remember the end of all things, you will cease hating.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Apathetic (indifferent, unconcerned, unemotional)


It is difficult to arouse the interest of an apathetic student.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Simplicity In Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 325


As we have already remarked, the secret to perfect dressing is simplicity, costliness being no real essential element of real elegance. We have to add that everything depends upon the judgment and good taste of the wearer. These should always be a harmonious adaptation of one article to another, as also to the size, figure and complexion of the wearer. These should be a correspondence in all parts of the lady’s toilet, so as to present a perfect entirety. Thus when we see a female of light, delicate complexion, penciling her eyebrows until they are positively black, we cannot but entertain a contempt for her lack of taste and good sense. There is a harmony in nature’s tints and good sense. There is a harmony in nature’s tints which art can never equal, much less improve.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count Goal: 1,200


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Monday!


          Let’s finish off this ongoing nonstop workweek.


---  ---  ---


          Simply thoughts about Minnesota:


          Yes, I’ll be taking this Tuesday and Wednesday off (the blog) to fulfill a million and one responsibilities elsewhere each day.


          My head’s in the game.


          Yes, I’m an astute athlete.


          Personally, I’ve had reason and logic explained to me, writers are usually naturally good long distance runners or great lovers of and/or team players of the game baseball. Yep. I’m in love with the game of baseball and long distance running even though I’m terrible at both sports. Wink.


          Minnesota, I’m here. I see you. I hear you.


          Minnesota, I’m in love with you even though Minnesota’s badly misbehaved.


          Yes, Minnesota, when we get our act together and stop misbehaving then we may more often peacefully and sober play together at Cecil’s Delicatessen or the Como Conservatory, Palmer’s Bar, Vina Vietnamese Restaurant and the Mall of America or Mickie’s Diner with Mary’s wonderful French fries and hamburgers and awesome shakes and forever let’s continue to hang out at Cecil’s because it’s my favorite delicatessen in town or in the entire of the Twin Cities.


          Radisson at Mall of America:


          Fine Dining:


          As for the Radisson’s Restaurant “FireLake Grill” at the Mall of America: The In-Bone Bison is absolutely delicious as well as the ambiance.


          Dearest Radisson’s FireLake Grill kitchen, the “Tomahawk” steak must be taken off the menu because well, the name alone is racist and the bone is unsightly on any plate as well as considered a vulgarity and we all know it.


          As for my hamburger and French fries at the “FireLake Grill” well, my hamburger wasn’t any good for a $167.00.


          Please, no.


          Radisson Hotel, no.


          Most certainly I don’t drink alcohol yet a steak and hamburger ran me $167.00. Ha. What a joke. The steak and hamburger were terrible.


          WA Frost:


          As for WA Frost’s Portland, Oregon red vineyard wine and chicken wings are delicious.


          However, WA Frost, we all very well know duck is always well cooked otherwise the alternative is a bloody mess on the plate. Gross.


          No, WA Frost, no.


          Boston taught me all about fine dining at Davio’s for steak and duck and I’m telling you $226.00 for three plates of poorly cooked duck has left a terrible taste in my mouth for fine dining in Minnesota since I’m fronting the bill. Thank you.


          The best burger and fries and shakes in town are at Cecil’s and Mickey’s Diner. Yep.


          As long as Cecil’s Delicatessen and Bakery and Mickey’s Diner do continue to contribute to affordable prices to their neighborhood and community at large then the people will be well fed at affordable price because fine dining is in some ways quite a gross experience.




Nobody will ever replace Anthony Bourdain



          Yes, I’ve been asked to be the next Anthony Bourdain. Indeed, summer 2018 I passed up the opportunity because the Twin Cities requires my presence here plus the thought of being in dirty airports half the year would make me literally sick to my stomach therefore yet once more I’ve sent Hollywood packing ever since the year August 2005 I keep breaking up with Hollywood since I want control of the writing due to the fact I’m the only one who can tell “the” story the best.


          Hollywood knows I have what any great writer has which is tenacity and discipline, sober, strict and serious work ethic. Yep.


          Oh, I’ve already written my life story because Hollywood keeps knocking on the door to purchase the rights to my life story except I must be the one to write the rough draft to the script rather than leave it up to Hollywood since all Hollywood knows is concrete jungle and all I’m wired for is tropical jungle in which if one were to be a complete fool or an idiot or moron then one dies.


          A snake bite can take anybody out. Actually, a snake bite’s deadly.


          A scorpion can take anybody out. Actually, a scorpion’s sting’s deadly.


          A frog’s squirting poison is indeed deadly.


          Some types of plant spores are deadly to the touch.


          The tropical jungle only makes one promise: to regenerate and to overtake humans and to spit humans back out. Haha. LOL.



Como Conservatory


          Minnesota, finally, I found a piece of Costa Rica right here at the Como Conservatory.


          Each time I’m homesick for Costa Rica then I’ll get a little bit of cash out of the ATM for a cash donation and go and sit amongst the bright tropical flowers. Thank you, Como Conservatory. I didn’t know Costa Rica was right here all along.


          Minnesota, I’m homesick for Costa Rica.


          The Como Conservatory is clean, well managed, the general public was sophisticated and warm and friendly and not afraid of each other. Yes! Minnesota, you warm my heart when Minnesota’s well behaved and well mannered.


          Minnesota, baby, we’re all in this together.


          Minnesota, let’s make millions and millions of dollars to implement an awesome educational system for our Minnesota’s future babies.


          Yes, I get the reels in real time.


          Yes, I keep an eye peeled to the skies and weather reports, local community activist action and the status of our homeless Minnesota’s youth and minors as well as elderly homeless adults.


          Yes, Minnesota, we must shelter our homeless babies. Yes.


          We must be better.


          We must do better.


          We must live for better.


          Otherwise, the alternative is complete and utter disaster in the form of collapsed civilizations such as the Ancient Maya all left large city/states mainly due to the fact there was very little clean water to go around, lack of sanitation services and chronically endured semi starvation and famine as well as high taxes and lack of educational or affordable housing thus and therefore the Ancient Maya’s cultivated and long lasting endured Ancient civilization collapsed and today I write before the Minnesotans, the Costa Ricans and the Greeks as an Ut-most humble offspring of the Maya as a female scribe and a humane woman who’s as bitter as “piss and vinegar.” Yep. Haha. LOL.  I love you, Minnesota.


---  ---  ---


          With all of my love;




Sunday, March 3, 2019


“Hate ruins the savor of food and the peace of sleep.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Primeval (belonging to first ages, primitive)


The primeval forest has been placed under government control.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Dress of Bridegroom.


Chapter 26.

Page 346


The bridegroom should wear a black or dark-blue dresscoat, light pantaloons, vest necktie, and white kid gloves.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Sunday!


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The Modern Feminist vs. the Male Chauvinist Pig

Business Partners

Good Question


          Yes, this morning, I literally and loudly San Salvadorian “wailed” (loudly cried) since there’s nothing more for me to do other than to console myself and return solicitude back to myself by wailing.


          Yes, when I “wail,” I conduct serious spiritual and emotional and psychological business and deep tissue inner work.


          Four months straight I’ve allowed a male chauvinist pig to call me either a “cunt,” or a “whore” or a “bitch” or called “ugly” twice (oh, my!) which such daggers have left me wounded and shaken right down to the marrow of my very self.


          The reason why I “wail” (once in a great while) is mainly to get all of the stress hormones out of my body and recalibrate and create new balance through vibrations throughout my nervous central system and wipe clean my entire system by shocking the body back into a restart or a reboot. Yep.


          When one’s continually and perpetually emotionally and verbally abused then all one has for true and tried protection’s one’s own natural raw regenerated vibrations and vocalization power which is more powerful than all of the déclassé money in the world.


          Money without class and plenty of verbal abuse is nothing more than a vulgarity.


          Simply, because anyone may or may not be “rich” this doesn’t necessarily mean people have “class” or eloquence or sophistication because by the time any adult immature man ‘only’ finds any vocabulary words to call any woman crude names about her genitalia to perpetuate further verbal abuse then the man is “ghetto” and no matter how much any woman may cry or “wail” the man’s still the perpetrator to his own verbal and emotional and psychological set of abusive misbehaviors.


          Now when I’m perpetually and directly verbally abused and psychologically tortured then I’m indeed a verbal royal cunt to protect and combat against any further feelings like I’m a filthy and dirty human who is literally psychologically tortured by malicious intent to be called a “whore,” “slut,” “cunt,” or “bitch” on a daily and weekly and monthly basis. I don’t know I can take anymore verbal abuse especially when strangers seek me out and speak to me. I don’t go out of my way to speak to strangers. Strangers speak to me.


          As of the last four months I dread any male strangers ever speaking to me otherwise I personally get punished by being called a “whore” when other men simply ask me the time or ask me if there’s another band playing and such mundane small talk.


          Having a woman’s genitalia be insulted on a daily basis is literal torture since my thirteen-year long marriage (with one exception) my ex-husband called me a “fucking bitch” however, I demanded to be given $20.00 to go to Target to purchase socks and underwear since I’d been wearing the same three pair of socks for five years. Pathetic.


          Why are modern feminist women directly verbally abused and psychologically tortured when a woman is consistently good, kind, able, capable and smart, kind and intelligent and literally cleans up everyone’s messes.


          Personally, I went from a “bad” mute marriage to a terrible verbally abusive business partnership since “wining and dining” someone else is a business partnership and when only one business partner’s expected to pay all expenses for the other business partner, however, the silent business partner always gets yelled at, then “game over” since the silent business partner will want out as fast as they negotiated and shook terms on any deal.


          Perpetual and continued verbal abuse is abuse anyway one looks at it.


          When one individual party literally fronts the bill and also gets verbally abused or objectified then abuse is abuse.


          Verbal abuse is so much more painful than physical abuse.


          Physical abuse one can get over the pain and hurt, however.


          Verbal abuse is never ending and continuous and exactly like the Chinese water torture.


          When anyone’s continually the perpetrator of verbal abuse then I put them at low 50 IQ. No joke.


          With cognizant and clear words, when I yell and scream to defend my good name and good honor and good person then I’m at about a high 130 IQ.


          When I’m angry after being verbally abused then don’t ever touch me or ask me for a hug because my body’s temperature has literally risen and my testosterone levels are elevated and my jerk impulse is to block and hit anyone who gets into my personal and physical 360 degree space.


          Personally, I don’t like to be verbally abused and then manipulated to hug it out. Please. I’m not an animal.



Alarmed by Verbal Abuse


          As of this morning, I became alarmed and frightened I saw my entire future before me and the future looked exactly as the last four months of sheer psychological torture and emotional torment.


          Personally, I’m not sure why Caucasian Minnesotans only attach two labels to me which are either “maid,” or “prostitute” which not once in my life have I ever been a private domestic maid to any one simply I’ve always volunteered to Summit Avenue crowd to be able to call me their “maid” or “butler” then others would think Summit Avenue more esteemed while they lost their fortunes. Get it. I do the Minnesotans favors.


          The Minnesotans don’t do me any favors because I don’t ever ask for favors or favoritism from anybody much less from the people in my life.


          Nobody’s giving me a free ride or a ‘hand out’ and I’m expected to pay for everything of mine plus another because the other party informed me such any individual party feels “good” and expects to continue to feel good while I continue to front the bill for food and drink yet I get spoken like a prostitute which is wrong to denigrate any amazing sex worker working for a living.


          For the past four months all I ever hear each Wednesday and Friday is “why don’t you go suck some cock.”


          “Say it again!” I commanded this Wednesday ready to split open the male chauvinist’s bottom lip.


          How is anyone, who, is ever anybody’s guest and has indeed had all of their drinks and food paid for four straight months have the gull to call his hostess a “whore” in public and in front of his community of people?


          Look: Nobody sober or drunk ever calls their hostess (who pays for everything) a “whore” or one‘s the complete toilet ghetto of the world.


          No matter how drunken one gets, One doesn’t ever call his hostess who fronts the bill for four months of Wednesdays and Fridays a “whore” and denigrate his hostess in the mere presence of others while the hostess bites her inner cheek and steadily controls herself not to wind back and slap a chauvinist hard across the mouth. Yep.


          This morning I wailed because the continual and perpetual verbal abuse and emotional and psychological abuse won’t seize. There seems to be no relief in sight therefore this is all there’s to look forward to for the rest of one’s life since people usually don’t ever change.


          Personally, I’m a true and quiet and peaceful person.


          However, whenever I’m psychologically tormented by being continually and chronically and perpetually treated or insinuated or directly called a “whore” when there’s no basis or foundation for such claims since I haven’t ever been a prostitute in my life then watch me walk away forever because I don’t return to where I’m not wanted. Why would I? I wouldn’t.


          No, I haven’t ever been paid money or any other gifts in exchange for sex. Nope. Not once and not ever. I do know. Since I’ve mainly either always semi starved in life or I’ve gone with very little for exchange in sweat equity.


          Yes, I more than pay my way through this Earth and some plus.


          Personally, I’m not able to take the belittlement and public humiliation.


          Yours Truly;




Friday, March 1, 2019


“Hate is like the plank of a bridge: once put in place, it stays there.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Teem (overflow, abound, swarm)


The pages of the book seemed to teem with new ideas.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page 3


“Taste,” says a celebrated divine, “requires a congruity between the internal character and the external appearance; the imagination will involuntarily form to itself an idea of such a correspondence. First ideas are, in general, of considerable consequence. I should therefore think it wise in the female world to take care that their appearance should not convey a forbidding (sinister, hostile) idea to the most superficial observer.”


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Friday!


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White Privilege

Caucasian Entitlement


(Dedicated to Sarah)

Highland Park’s

Jefferson Avenue’s Lady


          Minnesota’s mainly a state for which anywhere one were to live, one were to feel as though one lives in a “ghetto” primarily due to bad attitudes and a great divide in class warfare and racial divides.


          Now, Minnesota’s a place for which people will speak behind others’ back and the stereotype of misbehavior is perpetuated by an idealism for which doesn’t exist.


          Minnesota is a location and a place for which we live.


          Minnesota isn’t a state of mind.






















          Yours Truly;




Thursday, February 28, 2019


“The hatred of other men destroys your own world.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Temporal (limited to time, civil as opposed to spiritual)


Temporal affairs occupy most of man’s time and care.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Dress For Social Party.


Chapter 26.

Page 336-337


For the evening-party the rules just given regarding dress will apply, except that more latitude is allowed in the choice of colors, trimmings, etc. Dresses covering the arms and shoulders should be worn; or if they are cut low in the neck and with short sleeves, puffed illusion waists or something similar should be used to cover the neck and arms.


Dark silks are very dressy --- relieved by white lace and glimmering gems --- they are admirable. Wearing gloves is optional. If worn, they should be of some light tint harmonizing with the dress.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Thursday!


---  ---  ---


          Distinctions about Spoken Lies vs. Written Lies:


          No, personally I’m not any type of liar since I don’t have anything to lie about except when I blurt out stupid words then I digress with each word uttered.


          Now, personally I make a terrible liar therefore I stand by the truth because the truth’s way easier to “keep track of” than lies.


          Personally, I was brought up not to ever lie, steal, cheat or brutalize or harm or injure another.


          Personally, I was brought up to be kind, smart and intelligent even though the Ivy Leaguers in my life only cared to get ahead as well as privately the only negative types of communications have been to be called “ugly,” “cunt,” “bitch,” or “whore” which I’m not usually any of such types of degrading and mean and cruel labels.


          Let’s say for argument sake I were to act like a “bitch” or speak like a “bitch” such negative communications doesn’t actually turn me into a literal she-canine dog since humans are human and usually our state of rest is quite peaceful rather than constantly “go look for trouble” since life’s quite complex and there’s much work to be done and many responsibilities to be fulfilled.


          Now, with the exception of one spoken lie to my father, I recently lied to a verbally and psychologically abusive elderly person and I accept my verbal lie and make peace with my lie.


          Within 24 hours, I personally and in-person corrected my lie and told the absolute truth about coming to a complete stop then my passenger got out of the vehicle on Sunday, February 17, 2019.


          The disappointed elderly person laughed and thought what had happed to me was funny and I won!


          A written lie, well, shit!


          No one can help another out of a written lie. Game over. Haha. LOL.


          The reason why I win each time I tell a verbal or spoken lie is because A) I’m always going to document my verbal lies and make apologies and corrections to the one specific person I lied to face-to-face B) The correction to any lie and the reaction from the apology by the acceptor is what’s most telling about the possible sociopathic tendencies or pathological lying within the sadomasochist who receives the apology and who tends to ‘show all of their cards’ when the apologizing party makes themselves Ut-most vulnerable and corrects a spoken or verbal lie and the acceptor makes a joke out of abuse or violence.


          In America, people will hardly ever be courageous enough or ethical to apologize for their misbehavior, misjudgments or misgivings or unfounded harsh criticisms or verbal abuse while as one womyn of color, apologies are frequently made as an everyday occurrence.


          Modern psychology teaches us most adults on average lie about ten times per hour while on average children lie about 20 times per hour.


          Let’s all get over ourselves and realize human nature’s survival relies upon lies therefore the facts, proof and evidence are even of more consequence and more importance than ever before in the history of humanity.


          The awesome aspect about record keeping is the proof of a time, date, who, what, where, when and how and the rest is mainly gravy.


          Now, I’m a huge believer of facts, proof and evidence therefore Americans believe and trust in our institutions more than ever before to keep us safe from tyrannical families, Wall Street, the National Rifle Association and Bitcoin and greedy self-interest groups such as lobbyist since these are some of the most corrupt money making and money grabbing sectors of the populous.


          Since technology’s ‘the wave of the future’ then humans shan’t need to ever so heavily rely upon the corruption of other humans or human error or human weakness or human cruelty or human biases or human subjective hatred.


          Remember; any reader is privileged to get court side seats to be any witness and a spectator to literary writers who write ‘feats of heroism’ through our literary wraths, however.


          Most any writers I’ve held the privilege to get to know their work and the honour to speak with them has taught me most writers are sensitive people who are strong in linguistic value and highly intelligent and compassionate and caring enough to sit down and share of their thoughts and convey precise meaning outside their mind to complete strangers who will most likely hate any writer’s guts since most writers are people who can’t and shan’t be bought because “Freedom of Speech” is a Constitutional Right here in this “Land of the free and home of the brave.”


          In closing remarks intellectual artists and writers and musicians are quite “true to their word” since deconstruction is work in mathematics and science and all art like engineering is deconstruction and construction of some of the most abstract concepts and ideas.





White Privilege

Caucasian Entitlement


(Dedicated to Sarah)

Highland Park’s

Jefferson Avenue’s Lady


          Minnesota’s mainly a state for which anywhere one were to live, one were to feel as though one lives in a “ghetto” primarily due to bad attitudes and a great divide in class warfare and racial divides.


          Now, Minnesota’s a place for which people will speak behind others’ back and the stereotype of misbehavior is perpetuated by an idealism for which doesn’t exist.


          Minnesota is a location and a place for which we live.


          Minnesota isn’t a state of mind.






















          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, February 27, 2019


“Better a dish of herbs where love is, than a fatted ox served with hatred.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Temporize (to delay, to yield to current opinion, to comply with the time and occasion)


The senators wisely refused to temporize.  


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Thinking About Your Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 328-329


Never appear to be thinking about your dress, but wear the richest clothes and the plainest with equal simplicity. Nothing so destroys a good manner as thinking of what we have on. Never keep a morning visitor waiting while you change your dress. You ought always to be fit to be seen; and it is better to present yourself in your ordinary attire than to be guilty of the ill-breeding of keeping your acquaintance waiting while you make an elaborate toilette.


Never spend more than you can afford on your dress; but endeavor by care, neatness, and ingenuity, to make up for expenditure.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,500


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Wednesday!


---  ---  ---


          No Trade Deal Made with Dictators who starve their Peoples:


          North Koreans, the Americans stand by you!


          North Koreans, “crooked Trump” doesn’t mean anything to the American people since the Trump Corporation and Trump family and Mike Pence are traitors to the State.


          Impeach crooked Trump.




          Who in their right mind makes trade deals with tyrants?




---  ---  ---


          Highland Park’s Terrible Drivers:


          Yes, I come with seriously awesome and strong credentials:


          Well, literary writing isn’t any type of discipline for which one does for example to write; “I like the color blue, how about you?”


          Ojibwa, No.







          Literary writing’s the written language for record keeping, argument making and critical analytical thinking skills.


          Look: I’ve put in my time under the sun.


          For years with tons of fear and smarts and kindness and intelligence I rock climbed, jazzercised, neighborhood speed walked with matching pastel head band and wrist bands, speed boat, five times sailed the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean and lived in the Manhattan Marina as well as rollerbladed and for years played softball on a team of young ladies and for four years I practiced and ran on both the cross country and track teams at The Marshall High School Preparatory for College (scholarship student, assistant librarian) and neither did I understood the score system nor translated the competitive nature of others since I could barely get my Maya Indigenous little body of blubber to cooperate with me much less think about winning anything.


          Furthermore, I spend (4th grade through 12th grade, one week per summer) eight years in a row attending Cass Lake Episcopal Camp in Cass Lake, Bemidji, MN learning biblical lessons in both Ojibwa and English mainly due to the fact the Episcopal camp is set on the reservation lands therefore the Ojibwa and the Episcopalians have a tight and close knit bond like no other.


          Personally, I signed up for eight years of archery and arts and crafts and I did indeed and in fact passed all of my swimming tests and made it out to the raft many times, however.


          Most of my camp mates know me to be strict, serious, and quiet and I only pull off major legal pranks when no one’s watching especially when I was a camp counselor to my fourth and fifth grade ladies.


          My campers knew I was strict, sober and serious and I always kept the peace amongst my campers as well as I kept them close by and extremely safe because my campers know I live by one motto and one motto alone; “Safety first, safety first, safety first.”


          Cass Lake Episcopal Camp was my mandatory upbringing as Cass Lake Episcopal Camp was also mandatory to all of the Park Point, Duluth, MN’s St. Andrew’s By The Lake Episcopal Church. Yep.


          Last Note: At one point my parents were best friends with their best friends since college and who happened to have been the managers to a camp called Adventurous Christians in the Gunflint Trail of Grand Marais, MN.


          No matter what anyone may say, the owner of their thirty sled dog team would personally train me in to learn to feed and water and run the thirty sled dog team as cross training during the summers therefore one week per year for eight years (1994-2003) starting at the age of 14 my parents volunteered my time to go and volunteer with dog sled team’s cross training.


          Yes, personally I’m always intimidated by dogs in general.


          Although, for eight years I was besties with a team of thirty Alaskan Siberian huskies who knew I’m sober, strict and serious and my babies and I watched out for one another. I watched new generations of pups be born and grow up.


          “Super Man” was my lead sled dog and best friend.


          My team of thirty sled dogs protected me and I protected them. We’re bonded for eternity because even though we only worked together and didn’t actually ever hang out as inter species relations, we knew I would go to the death for the protection of my thirty Alaskan Siberian Husky babies.


          Personally, I’ve proven to be one of the most responsible peoples alive not because I say so, simply because I’ve proven to be so.


          For two years I played intramural sports for Bradford College in Bradford, MA and I specifically played hand ball and indoor volleyball.


          Most of the ultra posh and expensive private Liberal Arts Colleges were as bad as we were or worse, however. We played and met in the field and laughed whole heartedly and understood we could make awesome plays, however. The awesome plays were seldom and few, however, when we were right on then Bradford College was unstoppable.


          Yes, I went to one of the wealthiest and most expensive Liberal Arts Colleges in America. Simply, I couldn’t believe I was accepted into Bradford College since most of the population of Bradford College went on to Harvard University.


          Yes, I attended Bradford College as a private academic tutor specifically for International Japanese and Mexican and Middle Eastern students for which required my assistance with their homework and studies.


          Furthermore, Yes, I was the librarian assistant at the Art Library in the Arts Building at the University of Iowa.


          In summary, my junior and senior years of undergraduate I was also the darkroom assistant at the University of Iowa’s Art’s Building photography studio.


          Thank goodness for digital photography.


          The days of old one had to have biohazards material waste management care for the toxic photography hazardous chemical waste.


          Yes, peoples throughout the worlds will and can vouch for where I’ve been, where I’ve lived and where I’ve worked and volunteered.


          Whether people hate my guts or not is relative since anyone who’ve ever been in my presence knows I’m sober, strict and serious and one of the safest people in the room because I work, too, hard to go out of my way to be physically violent. I’m wise and naturally tired. Thank you.


---  ---  ---


          Business Negotiations:


          8:00am meeting.


          In negotiations.


          Yep, I refuse to sign anything because being placed in a position as “General Manager” is serious business and usually a position salaried for which begins at one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) because if hypothetically the pipes were to freeze and burst or hypothetically if the staff were to ‘go up in arms’ and stage a walk out or the plumbing explodes or the mold requires to be removed from the basement walls and six inch dust removed and office rooms cleared, cleaned, remodeled and the mold sealed up forever.


          Furthermore, when there’s no cleaning staff then one has to do all of the office shoveling, office vacuuming, office cleaning, office dusting and office clearing as well as meet daily sales quotas between $1,000 to $3,000 per day plus do the books, cut the checks for payroll and hire-and-fire staff plus get the office set up for fiber optic network systems and get the exterior front of the building’s office repainted to a beautiful aqua blue or ocean blue because orange isn’t cutting it.


          Now, my position will require a serious salary and bonus and healthcare coverage because no one ever wants or desires to be the boss or ‘second in command’ and I’ll be required to work six days a week for the next decade or until I make $10 million in advertising sales or meet sales quotas on Children’s Book sales in publishing then $10 million gets split three ways evenly.


          Well, being any type of general manager’s a lot of work for very little compensation to a 65 year old Publishing Company for which requires an entire overhaul and I’m the person to do it.


          Therefore if anyone wants me to be the extremely sober, strict and serious person I am about carrying an entire company on my back especially by myself this summer 2019 when the two owners and bosses go plan to go off to Greece then I require a serious salary and benefits and bonuses because I’m terrified and scared and frightened to fail yet eager and willing to do my best.


          Yes, I know the General Manager of the Zurah Shrine Club used to make around one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in the year 2006 therefore as a wise and mature womyn I would like a serious offer on the table otherwise I’d rather have very little worry and stress other than daily living as a volunteer domestic worker in exchange for my room and board. Haha. LOL.


          Yahweh’s with me and watching over me. 


---  ---  ---


“Planters Fasciitis”

(Oh, English as a Second Language)
















          Yours Truly;




Saturday, February 23, 2019- Sunday, February 24, 2019


“Hatred is the fruit of fear.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Trajectory (curve which a body describes in space, path traced by projectile from gun to target)


The trajectory of the projectile had been worked out before the gun was fired.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Evening Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 827


Evening dress means full dress, in the common acceptation of the term. It will serve for dinner, opera, evening-party, everything but the ball. Ball dresses are special. With regard to evening dress and ball dress no explicit directions can be given. The fashion-books declare what is to be worn, and the dressmaker is the interpreter of the fashion. Still individual taste should be exerted, and no slavish adherence given to fashion at the sacrifice of grace and elegance.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


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Upload: 7:29am, 8:32am

Word Count: 1,851 + 1,590 = 3,441 + 2,577 = 6,018

Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,559


---  ---  ---


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Saturday!


          Happy Sabbath!


---  ---  ---


          Correction from “horse” to “hoarse.” Haha. Lol.


          Correction from “year” to “ear.” Haha. Lol.


---  ---  ---




          Well, most people I know who pass away from cancer are usually soft spoken Caucasians who haven’t ever smoked a cigarette in their lives or who hardly ever drink any alcohol and kept “dry homes” (no alcohol anywhere) or people who ate all organics or people who were vegan.


          Mostly the funerals I’ve ever known about have been the funerals of people who passed on from cancer within the Caucasian populations of organic vegan eaters and non smokers as well as non drug users and non alcohol drinkers and astute and kind and non competitive athletes.


          Well, the people who seem to live the longest are people who are haters and dissatisfied and bitter and angry emotional and psychological bullies.


          Personally, what I’ve gathered from basic observation of human nature, usually, mean and cruel people outlive kind people because cruel and mean people fight to stay alive and survive and thrive.


          Okay, mean and cruel people outlive us all.


---  ---  ---


          Volunteer Domestic Worker:


          Yes, I’m a volunteer domestic worker which means I don’t get paid for my domestic engineering services mainly due to the fact I work “sweat equity” in exchange for Jewish or Vegan food plus my room.


          Four times, this week, I either shoveled or used the snow blower to clear off snow from half a city block.


          $300.00 per ½ city block X’s 4 times snow shovel = $1,200


          Twice, by request this week I used the snow blower to clear off ½ a block of an inner yard.


          $150.00 per ½ city block of inner yard X’s 2 shovel = $300.00


          $1,200 sidewalk//shovel + $300.00 yard//shovel = $1,500 dollars worth one week of sweat equity alone in value for the exchange of shoveling and make use of the snow blower.


          Wow! My body alone saved $1,500 to an estate this week.



Room and Board

Hardly Costs Anything




          Nobody’s paying me any cash or money other than “room and board” which I seem to work five times more than my room and board is worth.


          My basement apartment’s 1972 private sleeping quarter’s with shag carpet leaks and drips water unto my mirror from the first floor bathroom.


          For nearly four months I’ve asked to please get a plumber and fix the leak in my bedroom.


          By mandatory request, at all times, I keep the apartment at 60 degrees with slight black mold on the windows. I only have one dresser and absolutely not any closet space since there’s no closet in my room.


          One aspect of my mockery is I’m applauded for wearing snow pants inside the apartment which is more of an insult than a compliment to save money while one’s constantly cold and shivers throughout the nights of months of cold winter weather.


          Personally, I cleared out most of the last decade’s cobwebs and mice feces and six inch dust and dusty boxes and exercise equipment and forgotten furniture and made a guest bedroom for myself.


          Of course, I’d say my sleeping quarters, alone, are only worth about $200.00 per week (if that) which equals $800.00 per month.


          Now, from a basic estimate of budgets I seem to eat about $100.00 of food per week which equals $400.00 per month.


          Each month my personal and private “room and board” costs $1,200 to live on.


          Plus, I don’t ever require anything since I’m quite self sufficient.




          Personal Items Purchased

          By me for the past three months and three weeks:


          Bulk Dried Foods: $50.00 every two weeks.


          Hygiene and household cleaning Products: $100.00 every two weeks.


          Palmer’s Bar: $60.00 each week. I drink tea. I was providing for another individual party who happens to drink stiff alcohol.


          As of this week and effective immediately, I, no longer feel neither obliged nor obligated to purchase free alcohol for anyone especially when I toil, sweat and labor as much as I do.


          Personally, I don’t ever have to go into Palmer’s Bar ever again.


          The month of January 2019, I spent $2,500 taking out one other individual party even though they asked me to attend restaurants and bars I was left paying the bill.


          Nobody’s doing me any financial favors therefore let’s not get this narrative wrong.





          Once per week I change and wash my bedding and the bedding of another individual which equals $50.00.


          $50.00 for bedding and wash per week X’s 4 weeks in one month = $200.00 per month of washed bedding and weekly fold and put away clothes.


          Five times per week (three months and three weeks) I’m the only individual who’s been washing the dishes of three individuals and cleans up after “family dinners” because it’s been explained I don’t “bring home bacon” therefore I must always do the dishes even though supposedly I live with a family and families all share equal responsibilities.


          Washing others’ dishes and washing my own apartment’s dishes is a clear expectation therefore I comply even though I’m not officially “the help” rather a welcomed and invited live-in guest.


          Each time one thoroughly cleans up after a large family meal in which one must wash pots and pans and wipe down counters and each time puts all of the leftover food away then it costs $30.00 total per each time.


          $30.00 X’s 5 nights per week: $150.00 of dish washing sweat equity.


          $150.00 dishes/per week X’s 4 weeks in one month = $600.00


          $600.00 dishwashing/month + $200.00 bedding wash = $800.00 of sweat equity for board per month.


          Each week I vacuum the private sleeping quarters of myself and another individual as well as vacuum the private family area to a private basement apartment which equals $50.00 per week.


          $800.00 bedding/dishes X’s $200//vacuum per month = $1,000 of sweat equity towards board for one month.


          Plus, as an expectation I now work six days a week and even if I were to blog/write on my days off on Sundays I’m still criticized for sitting here and spending my one free day per week doing make up work for literary arts.


          Personally, I’m chaperoned 24/7 and I haven’t seen much of my friends within the past four months also I spend each Wednesday and Friday at Palmer’s Bar and spend my own money on another.


          Look: Nobody’s doing me any financial favors therefore let’s not get “up on a high horse” and denigrate me or criticize me or judge me for being tired and having to also entertain others or make them feel better when they’re demoralized or sad or lonely or alone. Sigh.


          People take up way more energy and attention than necessarily allotted.


          Plus, I get stuck with elderly care which is nothing I ever signed up for.


          Last Saturday, one party informed me they absolutely had to run out and go to the office therefore I must take an elder to infusion therapy, however.


          Taking elders to their doctor’s appointment is elderly care and it costs about $150.00 an hour.


          During the middle of the week I found out the one pressuring party who made their excuses and said they had to run out to the office instead went out for Pho soup while I went without any food until 4:00pm last Saturday and left the house without socks because all other parties require for their needs to be met or they scream and yell at the top of their lungs while I’m left picking up the pieces to their miscommunication and controlling freakish nature.


          Personally, I don’t like to be lied to about how pressing the matter of making money is then leave me to elderly care when being emotionally manipulated, used and abused.


          Last Saturday night I had clothes thrown at me and let me tell you, denim hurts when denim hits the eyeball.


          Now, I’m not complaining (except I must make it clear here) my left eyeball still hurts therefore no one has anything over me.


          Yes, I know exactly when I’m manipulated, used and abused.


          No, I’m not any type of an idiot.


          Yes, I know my legal rights. Yep.

          Personally, I don’t have time to take care of my own dishes therefore I don’t want to be criticized about not washing my own dishes since I hardly ever have any leisure moment to myself.


          Either people have to talk at me all the time or I have to sit through the same retold stories about the 1970’s when Camelot was well and alive.


          Personally, I don’t remember the 1970’s and I can much less care to reminisce about the 1980’s and 1990’s. I live in the present. I live in the year 2019.


          Look: I’m not having any fun. I’m overworked simply due to the bullshit excuse my room and board is provided for except I work 10 times more than my room and board requires therefore “give me and break” and lay off otherwise I’m going to start thinking the extreme worse of Highland Park.


---  ---  ---


          Highland Park Bereavement 02/23/19:


          Highland Park’s families, please accept our deepest condolences for your loss.


          May Your Ancient Ancestors be with your loved ones now in this time of passing.


          Dearest beautiful friends of friends; we keep your family in our everlasting nonreligious prayers.


          From afar I watch Highland Park families and their outstanding contributions to their overall neighborhood and to the local community as well as the world at large.


          This is a somber day still yet we come to pay our respects as we maturely and astutely deal with a head-long wind and walk the fine line to mourn and to be and to celebrate the life ever after.


          Side Note:


          Personally, I don’t cry at funerals. I’m too old. Personally, I don’t attend weddings or funerals of people I don’t know because...


          To pay one’s respects has nothing to do about the ego.


          To pay one’s respects has to do with the bereaved family to support the family and show their family respect for the very life of their beloved one’s passing and their mother who passed away.


          There’s no greater pain than the loss of a parent, child or grandparent or best friend or lover.


          Peace Be with you.


          And also with you.


          We bow our heads in a moment of silence.


---  ---  ---


          Mall of America’s my new Favorite Place to hang out:


          Personally, I love the Mall of America so much I’m willing to do a personal one year boycott.


          Now, no one ever has the right to speak or address any strangers especially not in public otherwise one’s considered a creep no matter how much of a public exhibitionist or public evangelical.


          No one’s as manipulative as public evangelicals.


          One must not be a “sucker” to evangelicals no matter how soft spoken evangelicals are since most are taught to be vendors rather than spiritualists.


          Be very careful of the public manipulations of evangelicals.


          Now, if strangers stop others to comment on any dreaded beard then all one is doing is getting a forced entry into a conversation and the need for attention from strangers.


          Last night at the Mall of America I denigrated myself and prayed in public because there was nothing to do other than to literally bend over to the forceful overly sickly sweet soft spoken voice of a Caucasian evangelical female vendor. I was as sweet as a Bostonian, however, there’s also the mean and cruel side of Bostonians since we’re bastards.


          Now, when one were to address any other strangers in public spaces then the only time allowed to address any other strangers is when one shares a “common space” or “common experience” or people are a bit crowded and strangers make room for other strangers.


          One doesn’t go around making personal comments about the facial hair or the looks of strangers because this is the 21st century and creepy to ever speak to another person about their physical attributes much less speak to any stranger about their facial hair whether one’s a professional hair dresser evangelical or not.


          Last night, I felt so manipulated I need a baptism to clean off the scum of manipulations.




          Mall of America; I consider MOA an institution.


          Mall of America; the Children’s area is booming loud with loud speaker music which most likely creates hearing loss in many of our American and foreign children who frequent and love to peacefully hang out at the Mall of America.


          Mall of America; if children are out past 8:00pm then most likely the children aren’t loved enough by their parents to have enough presence of mind to keep their children at home way pass their bed time.


          Mall of America; your misuses are great, however, the misuses may not literally and physically touch Americans without first asking permission since not anyone likes Shiatsu deep tissue massage.


          Deep tissue message may harm any individual who doesn’t understand Shiatsu deep tissue massage or who don’t know what Shiatsu is.


          Now, Americans have begun to complain and threaten to suit for being touched without permission by Shiatsu misuses. Peace.


          Personally, I don’t care to suit anyone.


          Mall of America; Children must be respected.


          Children must not run indoors otherwise it’s obvious no one loves the little children enough to have any adults in their lives say, “There’s absolutely no running indoors in public areas. Thank you.”


          Why do Minnesotans seem to believe Minnesotans are the epicenter of the world when Minnesota’s a “fly over state?”




          The next time an evangelical approaches me or mine I’ll quietly lean in and tear your whole life apart until I’m satisfied and leave any manipulative evangelical in quiet tears.


          Yes, I’m the adoptee of two psychologists.


          Nothing much gets by me therefore let’s not pretend like I don’t know the Minnesotans require so much attentions because they’re needy because Minnesotans seem to act as though no one ever truly loved the Minnesotans as children therefore as adults Minnesotans seem to self-loathe and there’s nothing anyone can do for the Minnesotans except for the Minnesotans to do self “behavior modification.”


          Hey, Minnesota; I’m the English as a Second Language strict, sober and serious asshole.


          Hey, at least I know exactly what type of an asshole I am.


          There’s no point in being a passive asshole while one inches their way through meeting their needs met through aggressive manipulations.


          Now, the two creepy Caucasian evangelical Minnesota’s theology student and former Ukrainian construction worker and two complete strangers who ran from across the way to catch up with us and interrupt our private mall experience had the gull to directly address us and wasted twenty minutes of our time praying in public.


          You shall not ever interact with us again much less come to our abode.


          Let’s not pretend I was disgusted because I’m disgusted.




          Privately, I’ve converted to Judaism.


          The Home and Garden Show is the only show I’ve been meaning to make it to since May 2005.


---  ---  ---


          Good Morning, America.


          Well, I now work six days a week therefore ‘here goes nothing.’


---  ---  ---



Planters Fasciitis















          Yours Truly;




Friday, February 22, 2019


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


“To hate a man is as if to hate God.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Tenable (capable of being maintained or held)


We have enough facts to make our theory tenable.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.


Dress of Hostess.


Chapter 26.

Page 834


Evening dress mean full dress, in the common The hostess’ dress should be rich in material, but subdued in tone, ion order that she may not eclipse any of her guests. A young hostess should wear a dress of rich silk, black or dark in color, with collar and cuffs of fine lace, and plain jewelry, or, if the dinner is by gaslight, glittering stones.


An elderly lady may wear satin or velvet with rich lace.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Upload: 7:47am, 1:44pm, 2:20pm, 3:30pm

Word Count: 1,851 + 1,590 = 3,441

Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 2,000


---  ---  ---


          Literary Quota Done and Met:


          From 2010 through 2013 I wrote 10,000 per week thus and therefore I wrote about 550,000 words in the years of 2011, 2012, 2013.


          55 weeks in one year X’s 5,000 words per week = 275,000 words written per year.


          55 weeks in one year X’s 10,000 words per week = 550,000 words written per year.


          550,000 words per year (2010-2013) X’s 3 years of writing= 1,650,000 words (1.6million words)


          55 weeks in one year X’s 5,000 words written each week = 275,000 words X’s 5 years (2013-2018) = 1,375,000 (1.4million words)


          550,000 of overwritten words in one year (throughout 2010-2013) - 275,000 words yet to be written in one year (2019) = 275,000 words already met literary quota.


          550,000 divided by 2 = 275,000 words ahead of schedule.


          At this point I’m able to quit the blog and ‘call it a day,’ however, as a Maya scribe I’ll write and journal and record for the rest of my life therefore we might as well keep going until 2020.


          Finally, I’m beating my performance anxiety.


          As of this September 2018 I began to get “performance anxiety” about an hour right before I would write each day.


          I took a three month sabbatical and I feel great. I’m glad to inform our readers I beat this “performance anxiety.”


---  ---  ---                                               


          Bit Coin’s Imaginary:


          Elon Musk, no.


          Dearest Mr. Elon Musk, the Bit Coin doesn’t mean anything to the layperson since real money is real. I believe in the transferring of funds from one reputable banking institution to another reputable banking institution.


          Bit Coin is imaginary money such as Wall Street is also imaginary money.


          Invest in real estate.


---  ---  ---


          New England Patriots:


          The whole world hates you.




---  ---  ---


          Sacrificed the Goddamn Bloody Truth with an Inconsequential Lie:


          Testing the loyalty of an Emotional Vampire:


          On Sunday, no one jumped out of any moving vehicle.


          In oral story-telling, I did get exaggerated with one individual only (face-to-face) because I was scared out of my wits.


          Now, if the story gets out wrong then there’s only one main source of gossip to go around and I know exactly who it is.


          However, in reality what happened is, I came to a full and complete stop and then my passenger got out of a fully stopped vehicle. Period.


          Physically Accosted without Physical Contact:


          Now, before I made a complete stop, twice, my passenger full-on screamed into my right year and swung back their arm, however, didn’t ever actually make any physical contact.


          Seriously, my ear boomeranged with a vacuum of sound and I felt as though I’d been hit in the ear canal because I’d been hit by lethal sound waves. I was only grateful I didn’t soberly swerve off the road and get into a car accident. I count my lucky stars.


          Personally, I felt as though I’d been hit so hard in the ear I felt the pain of my ringing ear at the center of my chest and for one second I thought I might keel over and die from the stress my body went through.


          Personally, I give myself awesome credit for having enough wits and peace of mind to come to a complete stop and safely let my passenger out of the vehicle.


          The reality of the violence for which occurred to me was ten times more tragic and dramatic than the inconsequential lie I told to one single emotional vulture for an individual miser. I win! I told a lie to cover up the god awful bloody truth about being physically accosted without ever being touched. Weird.


          The End of story.


          Please, stay away from any type of emotional vampire.


          An emotional vampire loves to feed off of negative emotions and negative energy.


---  ---  ---


          Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is the creepiest woman alive:


          Bashar Al-Assad is literally 2011-2019 Hitler anyway one puts it.


          Now, the creepiest motherfuckers alive are people who are soft spoken yet advocate for tyrants and dictatorships because there’s always a brilliant alternative to Al-Assad other than ISIS.


          Tulsi Gabbard is going straight to hell right alongside with Bashar Al-Assad.


---  ---  --


          Ilhan Omar:


          Ilhan Omar is a Freshman Congresswoman and ought to learn to be quiet since she doesn’t know anything about governance and it’s obvious to the laypeople.


          Now, Ilhan Omar ought not to ever make any comments about Israel or Jews or the Jewish government or Jerusalem otherwise Ms. Ilhan “Ignoramus” Omar will get our Jewish girls and womyn killed on the ground in Israel.


          Please, be quiet.


          Especially, when not well informed about anything pertaining to anything important or intellectual.


---  ---  ---


          Bernie Sanders is so cool:


          Bernie Sanders will win the next presidency of the United States of America because we all trust Bernie to fight for Democratic Socialist values and ethics such as free college education.


          Now, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is running except Ms. Klobuchar says she’s not a democratic socialist therefore she doesn’t have anything important to say.


          Yes, I’ll vote for Amy Klobuchar only because she’s local, however, please 'don’t put it past' me to change my mind at the very last minute.


          Personally, I only wish I would’ve voted for crooked Trump then I would feel better about the stupidity of this American life.


          Bernie Sanders has my heart.


          Amy Klobuchar is alright, however, a woman’s not going to win the president candidacy simply because women hate women, too, much to place any woman in a place of power.


---  ---  ---


          Prequel Prequel Note:


          My Personal One Year Boycott ended the same week it begun:


          Vietnamese “Vina Restaurant” (St. Paul, MN) won my heart.


          Personally, I grew up frequenting the best local Asian Soho (N.Y.C., N.Y.) restaurants and Uptown (Minneapolis, MN) and Canal Park, Duluth, MN’s Asian cuisine therefore I love being around the peaceful and relaxed stature of Asian Americans who carry themselves in a wonderfully humane way with great posture and with grace and dignity as well as contribute as any hardworking communities do.


          Highland Park, Cleveland Avenue, right in front of Vietnamese “Vina Restaurant,” “let us keep the peace.”


          Okay, I shan’t 1982’s MTV American style: give any one the ‘bird’ or flip off drivers in two ton cars while I limp my way through life in my fourth decade of life.


          Look: Seriously, I don’t personally have anything against any driver.


---  ---  ---


          Prequel Note:


          Vinegar’s awesome!!!


          Vinegar’s bitter, however, good for you.


          Hot peppers can literally kill any human without a tolerance or taste for or knowledge of the raw opening of the taste buds, ears, nose and throat.


          Be careful what one is to threaten to bodily harm the temple of another human being.


          Keep it humane.


          Personally, I don’t ever go out of my way to “dish out” any literal hateful dish recipes with mal-intent or malice since food’s a literal science and if one were to literally poison another then well, there are serious consequences for those who live.


          (To Be Continued…)


---  ---  ---


          No Spicy Spices:


          …“Tough love” is about direct words either written lectures or spoken verbal lectures from one mature adult to another adult.


          Okay, I’m personally weak when it comes to food.


          Personally, I fell in love with “Vina Restaurant’s” Vietnamese cuisine and I’m not looking back (as an American expression.)


          “Vina Restaurant’s” Vietnamese cuisine and food’s delicious and the greatest and blandest Pho soup without any spicy spices. Thank you.


          If I were to be fed anything spicier than mango or banana than I might have an allergic reaction such as with most rural peasant Costa Ricans I’ve ever known to cook bland (not spicy) yet flavorful (vegetable juices, fruit juices and none spicy Ceviche.) Oh, Costa Rica.


          Yes, I ought to go home to Baru, Dominical, Costa Rica where our family owns two acres of wild organic Bamboo then pitch a tent for a week and call it a day.


          Well, the last time I set foot in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama was in March of 2012.


          Wow, how the years quickly go by.


          Yes, the funds are there to go and travel, however.

          The time’s more precious than the money.


          Please, don’t front with me, Costa Ricans aren’t known for eating spicy foods.


          Culinary Note: In restaurants usually foods are cooked to chefs’ specifications because the food’s great and whatever condiments is used then such condiment usage is up to each individual’s liking or taste.


          Personally, I’m not able to eat beyond the bland spice turmeric.


          Yes, ever since we’re adopted (August 24, 1987) to hippie parents turned yuppie parents, we’ve known about turmeric since our parents helped found (1977) and set up the first organic and vegan food Co-Op in Duluth, MN, therefore let’s not pretend as though I don’t know what I’m talking about.


---  ---  ---


          The Weekend:


          America, we made it!


          This is the end of this workweek forever.


          Please, cherish the days, since each day we inch closer to death through the natural aging process towards longevity and eventually star dust.


          According to 2019 factual science, nothing much else happens to the physiological human body other than turn into literal star dust. Okay.


          The Snoopy comics are wonderful!


          Hip! Hip! Hooray!


---  ---  ---



Frontal Fasciitis











          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Upload: 2:14pm, 2:41pm

Word Count: 1,851

Word Count: Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,500


---  ---  ---


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Wednesday!


---  ---  ---


          Greatest Generation isn’t rather great:


          An emotional vampire’s an emotional vampire.

          A “Mommy Dearest” is a “Mommy Dearest.”


          Any mother who screams and yells every single day of her life is… I don’t know.


          Usually, in families with large fortunes someone or other looks to vulture each other’s fortunes therefore one doesn’t give another any reason or control to be a menace.


          Any menace like a bully gets stopped in their tracks.


          Now, one must keep it Kosher and respectful and not ever be in the same room with any type of “Mommy Dearest” or an emotional vulture seeking any minutia of any reason to threaten the very safety of another person or the financial safety of another person by threatening to place someone in a mental institution for having any type of long dreaded beard or being a kidder or a joker or a prankster or adamantly being an individual and independent soul with their own thoughts, emotions and feelings aside from any bully’s overly controlling, cruel and mean-spirited manipulations.


          On Sunday, no one jumped out of any moving vehicle.


          In oral story-telling, I did get exaggerated with one individual only (face-to-face) because I was scared out of my wits.


          Now, if the story gets out wrong then there’s only one main source of gossip to go around and I know exactly who it is.


          However, in reality what happened is, I came to a full and complete stop and then my passenger got out of a fully stopped vehicle. Period.


                    Sacrificed the Goddamn Bloody Truth with an Inconsequential Lie:


          Testing the loyalty of an Emotional Vampire:


          On Sunday, no one jumped out of any moving vehicle.


          In oral story-telling, I did get exaggerated with one individual only (face-to-face) because I was scared out of my wits.


          Now, if the story gets out wrong then there’s only one main source of gossip to go around and I know exactly who it is.


          However, in reality what happened is, I came to a full and complete stop and then my passenger got out of a fully stopped vehicle. Period.


          Now, before I made a complete stop, twice, my passenger full-on screamed into my right year and swung back their arm, however, didn’t ever actually make any physical contact.


          Seriously, my ear boomeranged with a vacuum of sound and I felt as though I’d been hit in the ear canal because I’d been hit by lethal sound waves. I was only grateful I didn’t soberly swerve off the road and get into a car accident. I count my lucky stars.


          Personally, I felt as though I’d been hit so hard in the ear I felt the pain of my ringing ear at the center of my chest and for one second I thought I might keel over and die from the stress my body went through.


          The reality of the violence for which occurred to me was ten times more tragic and dramatic than the inconsequential lie I told to one single emotional vulture for an individual miser. I win! I told a lie to cover up the god awful bloody truth about being physically accused without ever being touched. Weird.


          The End of story.


          Please, stay away from any type of emotional vampire.


          An emotional vampire loves to feed off of negative emotions and negative energy.


          Please, stay away from any type of emotional vampire.


          An emotional vampire loves to feed off of negative emotions and negative energy.


---  ---  ---


          80 and 90 year olds are obnoxiously Entitled:


          Now, Baby Boomers are nothing like the Greatest Generation.


          Baby Boomers are nothing like Generation X.


          The MTV Generation and Generation X are best friends.


          MTV generation, Generation X and the Millennials and the Y Generation are all besties.


          The Greatest Generation is bitter and old and no one’s ever neither obliged nor obligated to hang out with bitter and demanding and berating and domineering 80 and 90 year olds.         


---  ---  ---


          $14.99 H&M Earrings:


          Thank you. I look a million bucks under $30.00


---  ---  ---


          Palmer’s Bar’s Native American Jewelry Maker:


          Thank you, we received the correct change.

          You’re so lovely.


          How does a sober Native American womyn Jewelry maker conduct business at Palmer’s Bar? Quite gracefully and graciously and beautiful.


          My favorite durable jewelry which doesn’t easily break or come apart is Palmer’s Bar’s Native American womyn of real Jewelry makers made by a team of mother and daughter. Thank you. I’m grateful for such beautiful and gorgeous jewelry.


          Palmer’s Bar’s Hippie-N-Annie; we’re personally grounded for misbehavior therefore we shan’t be there tonight.




          Hopefully, we’ll see you next week.


          There’s a brilliant Anchorage, Alaskan amongst the Palmer’s Intellectuals.


          Palmer’s I didn’t mean to mindlessly leave my glass of H2O and non-alcoholic tea sitting around to be babysat. Sooorry.


          Please, please forget my mindlessness.


          As of late, I’ve been a little bit tired, lots of leveraging of 1972 heavy tree trunk furniture to move about for the past three and a half months.


---  ---  ---



Serious Life Notes:


There’re not any swear words over Broadcast airwaves.


Swear words are for modern art

or modern conversation

or modern verbal miscommunication

or modern jokes

or modern self deprecating and negative self-expression

or modern expression in general

or modern rap

or modern hip hop.


          Swearing isn’t ever addressed at another person to personally attack otherwise make your apologies and move forward together.


          One doesn’t ever criticize the great overall averages of consistent good, great or excellent work and outstanding efforts to always go “above and beyond all expectations” for no other reason than to unload the burden for others.


          By the time any two intimately established individual parties disagree

then any such two parties might as well get along

and peacefully co-exist amongst the tribes and nations of the world.


          No, I’m not from the ghetto.

          No, I don’t come from the ghetto.

          No, I don’t represent the ghetto.

          No, I’m not the ghetto.

          No, I don’t have a ghetto mentality.


          Yes, I’m a womyn of color.

          Yes, I’m a hard worker.

          Yes, I work for my keep and some.

          Yes, I’m overly responsible.

          Yes, I’m extremely gullible.

          Yes, I get easily frustrated “lost in ‘cultural’ translation.”


          Culture and Society isn’t the same thing.

          Culture’s way cooler than Society.

          Society is only pomp and circumstance hidden behind the mask of quiet abuse.


          Society isn’t worth much without Culture to guide Society into a better place for all with decency and respect and more respect to dream and to dream large for our future generations.


          A menace is a menace whether part of Society or not.

          An emotional vampire is a menace whether part of Society of not.


          Minnesota, I’m not here for your money.


          Neither am I a tax collector nor a “gold digger.”


          Highland Park, I’m here for respect otherwise we don’t have anything to say to each other. You stand over there and I’ll stand over here while I do my best to cope with painful frontal fasciitis. Thank you very much.


          Ok, “Daily Blast Live” is about to begin.


          One moment, please.



Sweat Equity’s an Actual Business Term

Barter’s also a Business Term


Sweat Equity’s Capitalism

Bartering is also Capitalism


There’re serious rules about volunteers overall wellbeing.

There’re serious rules about the rights of “volunteers.”


Sweat Equity isn’t elderly care-take


There’re serious rules about “sweat equity.”


“Sweat equity‘s” worth more than money

because no one ever gets back the time

one expands for one’s physical efforts.


To physically labor is to age at twice the rate

than others who don’t physically toil


          Be grateful for any little physical movement anyone ever does for another.



General Weekly Domestic Duties:


          People are neither ‘obliged’ nor ‘obligated’ to ever “lift a finger” for another person other than to fulfill basic responsibilities to basic needs such any welcomed and invited live-in-guest does sweat-equity specifically to either physically toil or with money pay for one’s own “room-and-board” which basic domestic responsibilities are to daily make one’s own bed, daily wash the household dishes if all individual household parties sit down to eat together (otherwise wash one’s own individual dishes,) wipe down household kitchen countertops (otherwise wipe down one’s own mess,) weekly wash one’s own bedding and towels and personal clothes, fold all loads of washed laundry as well as fold personal clothes and put away inside drawers, weekly or whenever needed sweep general areas such as any well-trafficked hallway or entryway to one’s own apartments or sweep or mop in front of the sink and stove areas and under the eating table, dust private quarters, dust one’s own private family area (aside from a place where one would be apt to meet formal company,) water one’s own personal private plants, take out one’s own personal garbage and recycling, vacuum general shared spaces in one’s own private quarters or apartments and vacuum one’s own private family quarters and sweep one’s own bathroom and sweep private kitchen in private quarters otherwise anything above-and-beyond is volunteered hard physical labor and expensive to hire-out great and trust worthy help therefore whenever any domestic worker or welcomed hardworking live-in guest goes above-and-beyond basic weekly domestic chores then others must put in sweat equity and share the hard labor to snow blow or shovel any half-a-city block then such any activity is factually worth $300.00 per each snow clearing or anytime anyone properly cleans out a Vent-A-Hood then it’s $300.00 per hour to volunteer for such specific projects usually hired-out by the upper-middle income earners.


          Now, one’s only obligated to do the sidewalks in front of one’s own abode.


          When anyone requires any extra or additional work done such as driveways or the interior of any courtyard walkway then it’s an extra $150.00 per the entire clearing since half a block of an interior courtyard’s still half a block to clean either by shovel or electric snow blower.



The American Middle Finger Literally Means

“Fuck Off!”


The American Middle Finger

Doesn’t Mean Come “here.” No.


The American Middle Finger’s

The quintessential Classic form of

“go touch yourself” and leave the rest of us in peace.


New York City Womyn


Don’t Fuck Around when Womyn

Give Out

The Middle Finger


The Middle Finger’s Serious Business to heed a warning.

The Aggressive ever lasting impression of the

Middle Finger’s to know a warning bell has been rung.


One Year Boycott of Cleveland Avenue in Highland Park

Dangerous Pedestrian Crossways

The Romanticism of Violence


Following any Stranger-Womyn into any Establishment is Wrong.


The Palmer’s Generation-X Womyn Concur.

The West Bank Ladies and I Talked it Over.


Highland Park;

misbehavior with a two-ton moving vehicle is creepy



I win.

Womyn win.

Pedestrians Rule the Crossways.

Pedestrians Rule the walkways.



Anger Management

February 2019


          One Year Boycott of Cleveland in Highland Park:


          Highland Park Village’s, Saint Paul, MN’s Pedestrian Crossway Misbehavior.

















          Truly Yours;                                




Sunday, February 17, 2019



Word Count: 111 + 185 = 296 + 1,678 = 1,974 + 1,618 = 3,592

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,500


---  ---  ---


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Sunday!



Frontal Fasciitis
















          Yours Truly;




Saturday, February 16, 2019


Upload: 1:43pm CT, 5:34pm CT, 7:41pm CT


Word Count: 111 + 185 = 296 + 1,678 = 1,974 + 1,618 = 3,592

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 3,000


---  ---  ---


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Saturday!


---  ---  ---


          Infusion Therapy Writing Environment:


          Writing at one’s desk is not the same as writing in public.


          Oh, today I had the Ut-most atrocious “hat-hair”.


          Personally, I’m tired of “hat-hair.”


          However, “hat-hair” is stylish since the alternative is frost bitten ears.


          Plain and simple.


          Point made.


          Well, when one does care-taking for the elderly then one must always take care of oneself first then one may be able to better take care of others.


          Today, I took care of the needs of others before mine and left the house without socks. What a shame. Weird.


---  ---  ---




          The dress I purchased for New Year’s has this tendency to get glitter-bomb all over the place.


          Last night, I handled the glitter-bomb dress and even though I showered this morning going into this Sabbath evening I’m still dealing with glitter on my face. Sigh.


---  ---  ---


          Highland Park Intellectual:


          To the lovely platonic stranger who kept calm, cool and collected at Vina’s around 4:30pm -- thank you for the intellectual rhetoric, however, dearest Minnesota wonderful and kind intellectuals, please, don’t ever follow stranger womyn into any establishment after any verbal altercation.


          Dearest Highland Park Fellow: I’ll keep you and your intellectual family in my prayers.


          Blessings, from Manhattan, New York Bitches.



Wednesday, February 13, 2019



Near Mugging


          Self defense teaches both men and women to always kick any perpetrator in the genitals then RUN!






          No matter what fancy type of martial arts training anyone might have, the most effective way to “live to see another day is to kick a perpetrator in the genitals then RUN! Run! Run.


          Please, run!


          As far as I’ve been educated most womyn or men only have about 3 to 4-6 seconds to get a head start and run from any perpetrator otherwise ‘game over.’


          The correct thing to do at any time there’s a near mugging is to run away.


          There’s nothing to do other than to run away. Yep


          Now, at Bradford College, Bradford, MA (enough time has passed since the private Liberal Arts College closed down.) Yep.


          Mandatorily the womyn took two straight years of self defense courses each Wednesday night from 6pm ET to 9pm ET.


          Mandatory all freshmen and sophomore ladies took self defense for towards graduation credits under our private Bradford Portfolios.



Violence Happens Fast


          The whole entire bloody business with violence is violence happens fast then it takes hours to calm down from any verbal affront or physical altercation.


          On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 around 11:15pm adjacent to the parking lot next to The Hard Time’s Café my company happened upon an old acquaintance of his.


          As we neared each other the Caucasian man (my guest) and the ‘cracked out’ African American said their ‘ghetto’ slang Ebonics ‘hellos’ to both of us walking side-by-side then around by the shoulder the 220 pound African American black Somali man physically separated my walking partner and I.


          The 220 pound African American forcibly guided my walking companion up against our parked car.


          The African American ‘cracked out’ man took his entire torso and pelvic area and genitalia area and forced himself against my male guest to either pick pocket or to physically harass my guest who was cornered and up against our car.


          “Get the fuck away from me, motherfucker!” My guest said.


          The six foot and 220 pound African American man made a fast move with his hands into the front right hand side jean pocket of my guest.


          At such a fortunate moment when the African American went to shift his large frame then my guest did twist and free himself from being any further pinned between our car and the 220 pounds of menace.


          As 220 pounds of animosity, anger and desperation launched at my guest then my guest continued to lightly thread and walk backwards with a backpack on his back and straight out of the parking lot towards Riverside Avenue right in front of KFAI radio.


          As I stood and took witness to the violence I spoke to the myn and said, “Keep it mature, Keep it mature, Keep it mature.”


          The men didn’t heed any of my warnings.


          As my guest walked back up the drive of the parking lot then the 220 pound African American man for a menace called in a 130 pound African American to come in and both physically gang up against my male guest.


          My male guest once more did the correct thing by running and separating the two menaces against the very possibility to be ganged up by two African American “tweakers” (drug addict) and be taken out because then it only meant I would then in turn be taken out. Yep. Yep.


          Except, I have New England’s controlled rage. I wouldn’t dare anyone to scare me since the thyroid tumors squeeze my voice box and each painful spoken word makes me want to take up Karate and chop brick with my own two bare hands. Yep. Haha. Lol. (Although, I’m too “girly-girl” -- I live for embroidered clothes and fashions.)


          Now, the two African American Somali black crack addicts signaled to each other with looks and cranium gestures to go after my male guest.


          When my male guest correctly separated the two crack addicts and undertook the 130 pound wiry one then the 220 pound crack addict turned to me and directly faced me and gave me a menacing look. I put him in his place by calmly explaining to him the following:


          “If you so much as inappropriately touch me then we’re all going to have some serious issues to sort out.” I said.


          I continued, “If you so much as inappropriately touch me then ‘game over’ and there’ll be serious consequences because I’m sober and I haven’t had anything to drink tonight.” (Correction on punctuation. Typo.)


          The moment I informed the 220 pound African American myn about the mere fact I was sober then his entire face and demeanor seemed to change to something more serious and relaxed and respectful.


          “Ok, Can I have a cigarette?” He respectfully asked.


          “Ok,” I said. I went through my pockets and brought out a wrinkled packet of American Cigarettes and gave the 220 pound African American man my last cigarette in the packet.


          Brusquely he asked me for a lighter and I obliged him.


          The 220 pound African American man looked me square in the face and asked, “Can I have some money?”


          “No, I don’t have any money.” I answered.


          “Yeah, you do have money.” He said.


          “Nooo, I don’t have any money.” I said.


          “Yeah, you do.” He said.


          “Don’t you dare call me a liar or you and I’ll have some serious issues between us.” I said.


          Then I put up my right pointer finger pointing straight up to the skies and my voice got hardened and serious and detrimental therefore there was nothing for him to do other than to back down.


          “I clean for a living. I work hard for my money therefore; don’t tell me I have money when I don’t have any money. Why don’t you give me money, instead?” I said.


          He looked down past his lit cigarette in between his pointer finger and thumb and looked straight directly towards the ground.


          “I respect that. I respect people who clean for a living,” He said.


          “Ok. Now we’re talking respectfully.” I said. I, too, looked at the ground.


          The 220 pound man walked over to me from about 7 feet away and without any malice or any ill intent the man then ever so tenderly leaned forward and gently hugged me and my whole body was steady, calm and relaxed and I sensed the genuine gratitude coming off the 220 pound man even though only moments before he hugged me, the 220 pound African American man was about to gang up two-against-one, against my male guest on the West Bank. (Correction on grammar. I wrote at a St. Paul, MN medical facility during an infusion therapy session.)


          Personally, I was incredibly embarrassed for the West Bank.



          Being at Palmer’s and/or the Nomad is quite cozy and comfortable and as safe as any regular hang out or public establishment may be.


          The trouble seems to be whenever one leaves the comfort of either the Nomad bar or Palmer’s bar then ‘good luck’ as to what may or may not occur upon the streets of Riverside Avenue where punk hooligan Somali young myn in their twenties either verbally or physically harass tourists, neighbors, shoppers, students or otherwise.


          The 130 pound African American man made of all skin and bone grizzle approached me and also politely as can be and tenderly asked me for a lighter. I also obliged him.


          The weirdest aspect to the entire violence is the two African American myn wouldn’t seize the violence against my Caucasian male guest, however.


          The two physically violent African Americans were “sweet as pie” to me while doing their best to beat up and mug my male guest.


          Truly it was one of the most surreal experiences of my lifetime dealing with two crack addicts and watch them go at my invited guest to Palmer’s yet the two crack addicts were incredibly sweet to me and at the very same time wouldn’t let go of their violent notions against my male guest. Sigh.














          Yours Truly;




Thursday, February 14, 2019


Upload: 2:50pm, 3:50pm, 6:47pm


Word Count: 111 + 185 = 296 + 1,678 = 1,974

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,500


---  ---  ---


          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Thursday!


          Happy Valentine’s Day!


          Valentine’s Day is about love in general.


          Valentine’s Day is about all types of respectful agape love in showing gratitude towards the very people we love and hate to love. Haha. lol.


---  ---  ---


          Couple’s Notes:


          No matter what anyone says: what happens between any two individual parties is up to them to decide what’s best in communications or worse in miscommunications.


          Verbal abuse is words.

          Anyone can get over verbal and physical abuse.

          Psychological abuse is ten times more difficult to get over.


          Thirty-one years ago, we’re adopted to a wonderful as well as emotionally and verbally and psychologically abusive family and ordinary upper middle income household with a public school social-worker mom and a psychologist dad for which there were no negotiations of nay type about anything since negotiations were off the table and admitting wrongs was disciplinary action for which parties were humbled in front of others to specifically admit wrong doings or short comings and accept to be better through actions and not words.


          Now, no matter what may or may not transpire between any two individual parties, one must sit by and do nothing and say nothing unless one’s in the relationship.


          When a couple has a difficult time together then other must not say anything unless the words are kind, uplifting and compassionate and respectful towards the Ut-most difficult aspect to life which is to positively connect and bond with another individual party without malice, malcontent, or mal-intent. Yep.


          In the words of one of my best friends, new relationships are “terrifying.”

          The only way to know the other individual party is held self accountable and self responsible and cognitive about themselves as intellectual humanitarian humane humans is to be able to admit when one is wrong therefore one wins the day!


          Now, culture added with armchair psychology teaches us whenever people spew any type of vitriol under a drunken mind frame then such any temporary mentally-ill state of mind is considered “the truth serum.”


          Now, whenever anyone says anything under duress or in anger then such usage of words aren’t true and one must no matter what forgive what was said in haste.


---  ---  ---




Palmer’s Bar


          Palmer’s Bar is seriously righteously awesome simply because the locals are real, intelligent, kind and smart.


          Primarily, I’m allowed to blog/write about Palmer’s Bar since Palmer’s Bar is a public establishment.


          Personally, I’ve non-sexually fallen in love with the locals at Palmer’s since most locals are from the West Bank neighborhood and are quite urban savvy as well as highly well read, technically advanced and quite mathematically inclined.


          In my humble opinion not once and not ever have I come across as many literary folk as I have at Palmer’s Bar.


          Plus, Palmer’s folk tend to correctly spell any words.


          Now, personally not once or not ever have I had any problems at Palmer’s Bar.


          Nonetheless, I drink either tea or coffee or cranberry juice. I had to give up on the handcrafted root beer simply due to the sugar content on my teeth.


          No matter what anyone may say about Palmer’s Bar I’m quite vehemently in support of many of the highly educated clientele and locals of Palmer’s Bar.


          Palmer’s Bar is where culture and music and art and science meet.


          Now, am I a regular of Palmer’s Bar?


          Yes, I most certainly have become a regular at Palmer’s Bar since October 2018. I’m proud to admit to be able to get along with most kind hearted folks at Palmer’s.


          Personally, I don’t ever have any issues at Palmer’s except for this past Friday when I indulged in one beer and one alcoholic drink and I did end up weeping a few tears of shame therefore immediately I made my exodus and left the bar. I’m only grateful the locals understand I’m not into alcohol, however. I needed and wanted to teach someone a lesson on the absurdities of drinking alcohol.


          Point made.


          Point taken.


          Personally, I’m grateful to be sober, strict and serious minded.


          If I do laugh then I mean it.


          Being English as a Second Language is difficult therefore jokes used to go way past my head, however, as I become more inundated into an all American existence then jokes have become more of a second nature rather than awkward and restricted.


          As far as I’m concerned the closest people to me are people with a wry wit or a dark sense of humor as well as incredibly intelligent people because it takes a great deal of intelligence to pull off a good sense of humor without making a good sense of humor seem contrived or forced or egotistic.


          The coolest aspect about Palmer’s Bar is most of the Caucasian populations are fluent Spanish speakers and are kind, intelligent and smart enough to share with me in the celebration to speak unrestricted and friendly Spanish language.


          Now, most Americans don’t believe anyone’s a part of any community much less responsible for one another.


          Personally, I’m here to tell anyone the world is quite small especially with the invention of the internet and now with the popularity of the smart phone.


          Personally, I love to hang out comfortably and safely relax at Palmer’s Bar simply due to the fact I’m allowed to be sober and no one makes fun of me.


          At Palmer’s no one ever makes me feel a fool for going sober.


          At Palmer’s Bar I’ve been treated with as much respect as one can encounter from urban intellectuals.


          Personally, I don’t know what other people’s time is like at Palmer’s Bar, however. I find Palmer’s Bar quite sound of mind and spirit and relatively clean for an urban bar.


          The art at Palmer’s truly stretches my limits of imagination and challenges my classical ideals about art vs. modern art.



Our Fault.

We take Responsibility.

I take responsibility.


Club Jager

Boycott Continues.




          The first time I ever entered Palmer’s bar was in the year 1995 and I was 16 years of age while attending the Rudy Perpich Center for the Arts in Golden Valley, MN


          The second time I ever attended Palmer’s Bar was in March of 2011 around 12:00pm in the afternoon to sign contracts for a modeling photography session and finish up the touch ups to a grant I was writing at the time.


          The third time I ever entered Palmer’s Bar was in October of 2018 to witness “Ike’s Almost Open Mic” primarily to see where the open mic community of writers, poets and musicians were at and what’s being produced from raw art and raw talent.


          The main reason as to why I hang out and relax at Palmer’s Bar is because no man or womyn ever presume to sexuality touch me.


          At Palmer’s Bar I’m not treated as some drunken piece of meat.


          As Palmer’s Bar the locals allow me to be my literary self. Thank you.


          At Palmer’s Bar we’re a community of sound-minded folks.


          At Palmer’s Bar we may not be best friends, however.


          We respect each other otherwise the alternative is ‘the wall of names’ for which many are eighty-sixth or permanently kicked out.



Club Jager

KKK Mistake


          As a non-paid volunteer music producer of the arts, I went ahead and made the incorrect decision to follow the lead of our African American hip-hop artists for whom wished and desired for our none-existent music label of hundreds of us to take over Wednesday nights at Club Jager on Washington Avenue, Minneapolis, MN except as the challenging issue stands the owner of Club Jager is a straight up KKK clan member.


          Yes, in November of 2018, face-to-face, I, directly met with the manager of Club Jager and we directly and truthfully dealt with the racist issue at hand.


          The bartenders and female staff and assistant managers of Club Jager all stated their truths and the women wept and cried with me.


          We all hugged and understood the most important aspect is to keep the neighborhood bar open even if the owner of Club Jager is a member of the KKK.


          Personally, I’ve always felt safe and comfortable at Club Jager and didn’t ever know anything about the KKK ties.


          Anyway, in November of 2018, I went ahead and shook hands with the manager of Club Jager, except the amount of phone calls, texts and emails have forced me to reconsider and override the decision of our talented African American hip-hop artists as well as override the decision of my West Bank business partner and music co-producer.


          Now, Minnesota, the only place I’ve been able to hold respectful and intelligent intellectual conversations with racist punks who in advance forewarn me they were racist yet wished to hold a respectful and direct conversation about race and racism. Fair enough.


          In major metropolises people from different backgrounds for which seem to be radically different tend to be able to be open-minded and work together and make money together no matter how much one may disagree with the pigmentation of another’s skin or difference in religious values or political stance.


          Personally, I made the mistake to strike a deal with the staff of Club Jager, however.


          The mistake isn’t mine.


          The mistake is only a mistake because others foresee this business deal as a mistake therefore I must also consider my faux pas as a mistake even though I solely stand for the wishes and regards of our African American hip-hop artists.


          Not ever have I wished for the gorgeous ceilings and walls of Club Jager to close down since Club Jager reminds me of a Boston Irish pub.


           Alright, I personally have backed out of the Club Jager deal even though our African American hip-hop musicians continue to undertake their project Club Jager Wednesday nights.



          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Upload: 9:41pm


Word Count: 111 + 185 = 296

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


---  ---  ---


          Palmer’s: Sorry We’re Open


          Well, being at Palmer’s is like being at Tortilla Flats in Dominical, Costa Rica.


          The folks around here are relaxed and tranquillo.


          One of the main reasons as to why I hang out and relax at Palmer’s is because Palmer’s is “Tony’s Bar” as the locals tend to call this amazing and beautiful spot here on the West Bank of the Twin Cities.


          Personally, one of the greatest secrets I’ve discovered about Palmer’s Bar is most people are highly literate and incredibly cultured, kind, smart and intelligent as well as capable, self sufficient and the type of folk who know their craft, industry and accounting.


          Palmer’s Bar is a place for which I feel safe, comfortable and calm.


          As a matter of fact I’ve been rolling around two tennis balls to heal my heel and be able to go ahead and do health and wellness as I sip on Yogi tea.


          To be continued….



          Yours Truly;




Monday, February 11, 2019


Upload: 5:43pm


Word Count: 111

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


          In Minneapolis, MN: we’ve learned not to ever trust anything “Ilhan Omar” Somali Muslim MN female legislative representative has to say since she’s not only anti-Semitic also known for skewing the truth or directly telling lies.


          It has been the Minneapolis Muslim Somali women who’ve asked me not to ever trust in the overly smiling and sickly sweet disposition of Ms. Omar since she’s known for having deadly ideology and being extremely untrustworthy.


          Around these parts we don’t ever trust Ilhan Omar.


          Be careful,

          Congress. Be quite careful.


          Yours Truly;




Saturday, February 9, 2019


Upload: 2:22pm


Word Count: 307 + 2,381 = 2,688 + 1,235 = 3,923 + 956 = 4,879 + 679 = 5,558

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


---  ---  ---



Normandin Publications, Inc.


          As of this moment, I shook hands with the President of Normandin Publications, Inc. and I’ve been granted the permission to write anything I positively please about the company, its employees or members or otherwise.


          Yes, I’m honored to be entrusted with such an awesome responsibility as to be trusted to write about Normandin Publications, Inc.


          Personally, I’m honored to be asked to head the division of the children’s publishing department for Normandin Publications, Inc.


          In every regard and aspect this opportunity has been a long lost dream of mine.


          We’re in serious talks to sign an agreement of ten million dollars for the next ten years. I need another week to get my ‘ducks in a row.’


          Not once or not ever did I consider it a viable option for me to get into publishing much less have the President of a publications company ask me to co-write and come up with ideas for children’s books.


          Now, I shan’t be illustrating anything since I’m not able to draw a stick figure even though I took 4 years of sketching, 4 years of oil on canvas and 4 years of acrylic of still life studies.


          When I was offered the position as General Manager (correction on work title) to a successful sixty-year publications company I didn’t ‘bat an eyelash’ twice since children’s literature and children books are at the forefront of my heart and mind.


          Now, the only prerequisite to being a General Manager to a publications company is to please ensure all children’s books are light-hearted and airy and children-fluffy and kind and fun and to specifically uplift the souls and spirits of American children and children elsewhere alike throughout foreign regions.


          Personally, I don’t like children’s books drenched in terrifying tales or moral lectures as though life’s some type of foreboding and dark pictures and one must be frightened of life itself. No. No. No. No.


          Personally, I would like to write children’s books for which uplift the very soul and outlook and perspective of children since life, reading and learning is mainly based upon the firing of synopsis and great brain function and brain chemistry and neurological change.


          Personally, I don’t believe children are as loved, respected or well treated in American as they are in Costa Rica or other parts of the world.


          Children are sacred. I don’t see children as commodities or consumers because children are psychological tyrants yet pure and innocent and dumb about adult life.


          Personally, I was brought up to believe to shelter, guard and protect children from the cruelty of the world as much as possible.


          As I progress into my 41st year of life I truly am excited to be dogged about the fact I believe children ought to be protected from any adult cruelty or violence or abuse of any type.


          For twenty-five years I’ve been a child advocate specifically I’ve advocated for the children of the Minnesotans and Costa Ricans.


          Personally, I wasn’t blessed with babies, however, the greatest secret of my life is the mere fact I wanted children more than I ever wanted anything.


          Now, I look forward to being in publishing and giving of my literary love and respect and care I carr4y around in my heart for the little babies and children I wasn’t able to birth because my body was ridden by uterine fibroid tumors.


          Minnesota, I’m proud and ready to take on children’s publishing for a well establishing publications company.


          This tremendous and awesome responsibility has me dreaming about the storylines to children’s books.


          Minnesota, can’t you feel my love for you.


          Minnesota, can’t you tell I’m on your side.


          Minnesota, I fell in love with you.


          Minnesota, I’m not running away from you.


          Minnesota, I’ll continue to make you proud of me.


          Minnesota, I’m one of your daughters.


          Yours Truly,




---  ---  ---


Friday, February 8, 2019


Upload: 6:31am, 7:29am, and 7:44am


Word Count: 307 + 2,381 = 2,688 + 1,235 = 3,923 + 956 = 4,879

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


---  ---  ---


          Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


          Let’s get ‘Misappropriation,’ correct:


          “Misappropriation” is a term often utilized for the literal embezzlement of funds. Period.


          “Misappropriation” means the thieving of literal money.


          Now there’s no such made-up thing as “cultural misappropriation” since culture is like liquid, constant, ever-flowing and ever moving and ever changing and no one has ownership of liquid or wind or fire or ice.


          One doesn’t place a random “copyright” on any name because there’s no such thing as a falsehood to ownership of anything for which is general or universal otherwise it’s a made-up illusion and falsehood to self importance and egomaniacal indifference to the world of words, rules and regulations around intellectual property.


          One doesn’t make up or lie about terms such as “cultural misappropriation” when no such falsehood or lie exists.


          Get it together, Americans.


          Why are Americans such suckers to fall for anything?


          Why are Americans such frightened animals?


          Why are Americans such poor judge of character when it comes to disillusionment?


          Why aren’t Americans able to better decipher real rules vs. cow dung ideologies?


          Why aren’t Americans better at assessing for themselves?


          Why aren’t Americans analytical critical thinkers?


---  ---  ---



Artificial Intelligence



          Personally, I’m neither intimidated nor impressed by most modern vacuums much less artificial intelligence.


          Now, present modern artificial intelligence isn’t intelligent enough for human company much less innovation.


          The year 2005, I visited the Walkers Arts Museum on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, MN whence a beautiful and clever video interactive installation of a dolphin graphic would interact, however.


          Nevertheless and nonetheless, the interactive dolphin graphic only had so much cognitive awareness, much less, smooth back-and-forth cohesiveness of conversation.


          Personally, I do find artificial intelligence quite clunky and mechanical and without the finesse of human articulation therefore I stay away from big dreams of having a positive human-friendly program to be a kind-hearted reasonably affordable artificial intelligence companion to humans alike and to specifically please help me out with caring groceries, opening doors, locking doors and windows, unlocking doors and windows, helping me put on my sock (literally, I’m not flexible) helping me make one awesome latte before noon, help with shoveling and electric snow-blowing or take the garbage out, or take the pooch out in the middle of cold, dark snowy evenings before bed, or help me with proper Yoga alignment and stretches or help with ballet exercises (which ballet is excruciatingly difficult and painful on the body therefore excellent form must be obtained at all times otherwise possibility for serious injuries) or help with finding car keys, hats, mittens and gloves or help to get up on a ladder and change LED bulbs or tell the weather temperature or auditory recipes or an excellent and patient domestic problem solver or another set of hands to help make the bed military style or prune trees and especially a program for which won’t ever swear at me or raise its voice or misbehave as humans do.


          Sigh. I require a domestic human-friendly artificial intelligence program companion to humans for which knows how to work with geriatric populations specifically with autoimmune diseases and other physical disabilities.


          Personally, I’m “Generation X” for which is a generation which invested in “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” “1,2,3,4 Contact Square,” “Sesame Street,” “Where in the World’s Waldo?,” “Family Ties,” “MTV,” “Magnum P.I.,” “The Jetsons,” “Beevis and Butthead,” “South Park,” “Eon Flux,” “The Simpson’s,” 1990’s “X-Files,” “Wayne’s World,” 1990’s “SNL,” anime, baseball and basketball and skateboarding videos.


          In 1996 when we graduated from the awesome institution of the Rudy Perpich Center for the Arts in Golden Valley, MN with a terribly cocaine ridden misbehaved student body we were into the discussion and conversation about the strong possibility for human-friendly artificial intelligence to be great and awesome and wonderful as programmed companions to humans.


          Personally, I ‘don’t hold my breath’ waiting around for clunky, awkward and unintelligent artificial intelligence to be affordable to laypersons such as myself who’s been working with Feng Shui and light interior decorating duties, organization and straightening and cleaning since 2000 on the set of Session 9 when the Art Director sent me to level and straightened out frames as props to be perfectly placed on a stage for camera taping and recording to be immortalized forever.


          No, I’m not any type of interior decorator.


          Simply, I received my visual chops from attending film school.


          Furthermore, I received my visual finesse and special relation from owning and operating a documentary film company for 15 years, September 1999-December 31, 2014.


          Well, personally I’m not frightened of the future of reasonably affordable well behaved and positive human-friendly run artificial intelligence program, however.


          Smart, kind and humane artificial intelligence is a long ways off simply because cleaning, organizing and moving, maneuvering and leveraging 1972 heavy wooden furniture takes finite mechanical articulation and screwing-in a light bulb is gentle tenderness.


          The LIII Super bowl 2019’s commercials were creepy, mean-spirited and downright frightening to watch the immature interpretation of what artificial intelligence might be like in iterative settings with fragile organic humans when presently artificial intelligence can “barely get out of a brown paper bag” much less know how to correctly or naturally state it’s name in initial and basic conversation. Please.


          The Japanese get it right about artificial intelligence and an overall culture of inclusiveness of computerization rather than exclusiveness of what’s coming ahead “down the pipeline.”


          No, I don’t desire artificial intelligence to masturbate along to. No, thank you.


          Artificial intelligence shan’t ever replace reciprocal human touch.           



          Yours Truly;




Wednesday, February 6, 2019


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Word Count: 307 + 2,381 = 2,688 + 1,235 = 3,923

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


---  ---  ---


          Correction: from “heal” to “heel.” Ha. Thanks.


---  ---  ---


          One Mr. Elon Musk is right on target:


          Most mavericks are mavericks and are to be left alone to take the world on an environmentally friendly trajectory.


          Thank you, Mr. Elon Musk.


          Seriously considering purchasing a Tesla.


---  ---  ---


          Future Children:


          Truly, finally at the age of 41, I’m debt free and don’t owe the Department of Education anything at this very moment therefore a sound investment in a vehicle would be a Tesla.


          Recently I found out I can still have children through partial surrogacy.


          My eggs are astute and able and capable to have offspring until about the age of 53.


          Womyn don’t go through menopause until about the age of 50.


          Personally, I think autism is on the rise therefore what’s the big deal of being a geriatric parent?


          There isn’t much fear of being a geriatric parent with the advancement in research and science and testing of fetuses In Utero.


          Yes, the partial surrogacy costs about one hundred thousand dollars and since I’m debt free then I can now seriously consider putting my money towards having a child or two or three.


          Thank you.


          If I were to sign a ten year contract for ten million dollars then I’ll be able to afford to have partial surrogacy. There’s still yet hope. My eggs are good and fertile and ready to go.


          Yes, I have two ovaries and two fallopian tubes and there’s always a chance for pregnancy without a uterus, however. Fallopian tube pregnancies are excruciatingly painful and surgery must be administered.


          Someplace down the road I could have my eggs extracted, per se. You never know?


          Ladies, freezing one’s eggs is a mythology.


          One wants those baby eggs fresh and removed from the body at body temperature rather than murder the eggs inside cryogenic containers.


---  ---  ---


          A one Mr. Liam Neeson is Awesome:


          Not once and not ever have I thought of a one Mr. Liam Neeson as a racist and I’m not about to begin now.


          Hypothetically, any racism is demons privately addressed between a person and their Gods.


---  ---  ---


          “Daily Blast LIve” is my new favorite T.V Talk Show:


          Yesterday, the African American woman Erica Cobb took off her weave/wig and I was overjoyed to see Ms. Cobb’s gorgeous natural curly hair. She’s gorgeous. (I have to learn her name for her brave courage.) I was floored. I was shocked. I was overjoyed. Finally. ‘Freedom at last.’


---  ---  ---


          WCCO is in my Heart:


          Although, I’m not able to find my favorite talk radio show on my smart phone through my radio app. Bummer. I must continue to manually dial into WCCO.


          No, I’m not sure why WCCO doesn’t dial up over my radio app here in Highland Park, St. Paul, MN where I’ve made my home for the past three months as an athlete working artist in residency.


---  ---  ---


          Highland Park, St. Paul, MN:


          Highland Park, St. Paul, MN has adopted me as their very own family and taken me in and offered shelter and a lifestyle for which I work really hard with light Feng Shui and light interior decorating and lots of cleaning, dusting and more organization.


          Plus, Highland Park, St. Paul, MN has offered me a ten million dollar CEO or Operations Manager contract agreement over the next decade. I haven’t signed anything yet.


---  ---  ---                                               


          Elizabeth Warren is Native American:


          Elizabeth Warren is a highly regarded woman and a woman to be protected by all types of colleagues and other professionals simply due to the fact quite rarely do Native American women graduate from a four year college education much less a four year Ivy League education.


          Elizabeth Warren may racially identify as she pleases no matter how distant a Native American relative she may have or not her blooded Ancient and recent Ancestors are Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestors and nobody’s going to mess with Elizabeth Warren’s blood heritage or anything personal to her person or otherwise.


          Now, no man may ever call any womyn “Pocahontas” since it’s culturally and racially insensitive do to so. Period. The End.


---  ---  ---


          State of the Union Address 2019 was a Dud, Indeed:


          USA is overall 17th in the world for mathematics, reading and science.


          The New Yorker’s correct to give the State of the Union Address an F.

          Thank you.

          A “Dud” of a clichéd speech was written and delivered.


          Who on Earth writes the 4th grade speeches for D. Trump?


          Oh, goodness.


          The State of the Union was a debacle.



Rules to Audience Appreciation:


          Now, there’re different types and aspects to audience appreciation with hardly any participation.


          Well, when any president of the United States of America is properly announced or introduced and enters Congressional Chambers then Congress members (who can or decide to choose to) stand up to their feet and silently applaud the president because the “pomp and circumstance” lays in the ability to be calm, astute in posture and composure as well as subtly reasonably be subdued in posture and hand gestures and cool while under media pressure since High Def cameras add another ten pounds and pores are detailed and wrinkled shirts extremely visible and crooked ties annoyingly disturbing to look at for the duration of any speech.


          When any speaker enters any room then one properly and reasonably applauds until the speaker has comfortably reached the podium then the applause goes on for another fifteen seconds and all take their seats.


          One doesn’t go on and on and applaud any public speaker because the speaker hasn’t delivered their speech.


          One doesn’t go on and on and applaud any public speaker because the speaker hasn’t said anything of any major consequence therefore one holds all applause unless something prolific is stated rather than applaud at nothing full of clichés. Goodness.


                    When indoors and surrounded by the walls of the Congressional floor one doesn’t ever hoot or howler or chant “USA!” “USA!” “USA!”


          Chanting or hooting or howls are kept to National sporting events.


          Chambers is a somber and sober place for which must be treated and conducted as a true place which represents the hopes, dreams and freedoms of the American people rather than baseless junior high banter.


          The walls and hallways and floors or Congressional chambers are upheld by many if not then all Americans as sacred ground simply because our American immigrant Ancestors built the very hallways, walls and floors of Congress.


          Please, have some respect.


          The whole world’s watching.


          Thank you.


          Is Congress Zombies or human?


          When members of Congress or the president of the United States look sloppily dressed or amateur on the Congressional floor then no one in the United States or abroad takes anybody seriously much less sit through an entire rudimentary speech about clichés and more clichés. As if. Whatever.


          Has D. Trump ever read a book in his life?


          Has D. Trump ever taken Native American history?


          We did.


          At the University of Iowa we studied Native American studies.


          Has D. Trump’s cliché speech writers ever taken any Native American studies?


---  ---  --- 




Planter Fasciitis

(12 weeks)

(Bad Boots)




          Yours Truly;




Monday, February 4th, 2019


Upload: 4:59pm


Word Count: 307 + 2,381 = 2,688

Word Count Goal for the week: 5,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


---  ---  ---


          The ice is treacherous at best.


          P.S. At the moment, I don’t have my book of Yiddish proverbs and quotations. It was one of the few books saved from the fire for which burned down my father and step-mother’s home fall of 2016 (correction on date) on Park Point, Duluth, MN.


---  ---  ---


          Government Shutdown 2018-2019:


          The government shutdown:

          What a waste of taxpayers’ money, time, space and energy.


          Both Trump and Mike Pence ought to be impeached for crimes against humanity as traitors to one’s own nation and state.


          Yes, for the next decade, I shall kneel down at the sound of the National Anthem for which brings a single tear to my eye each and every time the National Anthem is correctly sung mainly due to the principle reason I’m proud to call myself an American immigrant.


          The sheet music for which was specifically written for the American National Anthem is supposedly one of the most complex and difficult pieces of music to sing therefore to choose to correctly sing the National Anthem at all then one must prove to sing the National Anthem straight forward to show one can deliver the complexity of the musical notes otherwise any independent tonal voice or vocal incantations does indeed make the National Anthem sound cheap.


          The National Anthem’s for all past, present and yet to be Americans therefore the history/her-story of the sheet music specifically written for the National Anthem’s an Utmost difficult piece of sheet music to get right much less to improvise upon.


          One doesn’t ever improvise upon perfection otherwise one ruins beauty.


          Plus, the National Anthem is the National Anthem and not a rock ‘n’ roll show. Nope.


          The National Anthem is.


---  ---  ---


          The Ancient Maya have been around since 800bc:


          Maya writing was developed in 700bc (B.C. // “Before Christ”)


          Yes, the prehistoric/pre-her-story Ancient Maya Civilization built pyramids 1,200 years long before the Greeks were born.


          Yes, “Zeus” is son of the sun and a literary Mythological (fantasy) Ancient Greek God.


          Yes, “Hades” is the literary mythological (fantasy) God of the dead and the God of the underworld of the Ancient Greeks.


          “Athena” and “Medusa” are also literary mythological (fantasy) Ancient Greek Gods or Ancient Greek Demigods or Ancient Greek moral tales such as the case of Medusa who was constructed inside another larger mythological story (if memory serves me correct) in the factual printed books of Homer (the factual Ancient Greek writer) “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” which I read both pieces of epic proportion in literature while in 7th and 8th grade literature in both years, 1990 and 1991.


          The prehistoric Ancient Maya developed and perfected not only one or two calendars, furthermore, three calendars in total still yet today affectively in perfect working order, thank you very much.


          The Conquistadores also murdered our prehistoric Maya through chicken pox.


          The modern Maya forgive the brute nature of the Conquistadores, the Spaniards and French who conquered Central America.


          Yes, we’re the modern 21st century Maya who are very much physically shaped or formed such as the prehistoric Maya’s feet and rotund overall full figured midsection and bust with a little bit of chin fat and round faces, straight teeth and for most part modern Maya who eat the daily nutritional intake of the prehistoric Maya then their enzymes are coherent therefore modern Maya have gorgeous skin and not such as my skin which was given processed American food at the age of ten as an adoptee American to Park Point, Duluth, MN and Rockport, MA.




          Please, “don’t nobody front with nobody.” (Practicing my slang.)


          Okay. Slang’s the most difficult dialect or variation of English simply because slang makes usage of double negatives.


          English as a Second Language therefore formal and respectful otherwise if ever lost in translation then faux pas occur and people get their feelings hurt and debates ensue whenever literally “lost in translation.”


          Yes, the Ancient Greeks refined marble sculpture and Ancient Greek architecture as an overall genre. Absolutely. For sure. No doubt about it.


          As “crudely” as the prehistoric Ancient Maya built sculpture, well, our prehistoric Ancient Maya still built and didn’t allow for unrefined tools or stone as heavy as a ton or more get in the way of jungle development, plazas, aqueducts and shopping centers.


          However, the prehistoric Ancient Maya built high class and refined working irrigation systems, worked with alkaline batteries like the Ancient Egyptians and carved into stone linguistic pictures for which tell the recorded history/her-story of Kings and their dynastic families and reign as well as religious factions and daily lifestyle routines and discipline, work, play, love, life and prayer practices.


          The Ancient Maya painted cave glyphs all before the Greeks were born. Yep.


          Yes, to this day I’m the “spitting image” of my prehistoric Ancient Mayan Ancestors.


          This face and this nose says: “Hi, I’m 100% Salvadorian Maya.”


          Yes, by Minnesotan standards I’m considered extremely “ugly.”


          Last week, twice I was called “ugly” by MN’s Caucasian male.


          Yes, this face and body are Olmec which the Olmec are pre-prehistoric Ancient peoples of the Polynesian Islands and as far as I translate the prehistoric Ancient Maya spoken records, the Olmec canoed over to Central America from the Polynesian Islands therefore the Modern Maya look a bit Mongolian or Asian in the face which factually checks out.


          Yes, this ‘crude’ (modern Greeks’ word) representation of a body is all prehistoric Ancient.


          Yes, there’s nowhere for me to hide a body built for the prehistoric Ancient times.


          Yes, I walk heavy on my feet.


          Yes, I have the refined hands of modern times.


          However, the feet of a prehistoric Ancient era female.


          Yes, I have a well developed jaw line which factually proves and means I had impeccable nutrition as an infant and as a child. Thank you Costa Rica.


          Yes, I was legally and factually born in a hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica. Yep.


          No, I haven’t ever seen my birth records.


          Although, a birth record does exist.


          Finally, I’ve been informed such a precious document does indeed and in fact exist. Yes! Thank you.


          Yes, my prehistoric Ancient body’s a well refined machine.



Modern “Venuses of Willendorf”


          Yes, my midsection’s plump like any other modern Maya womyn’s midsection since our bodies are the closest representation to “Venus of Willendorf.” ( I don’t care what archaeologists call her. To the laypeople she’s our “Venus of Willendorf.”)


          “Venus of Willendorf” is the first quintessential beauty of the commercial world for which was heavily endorsed and exchanged or bartered.


          “Venus of Willendorf” is the first “Cover Girl” and she didn’t even have a face.


          “Venus of Willendorf” is an exaggerated representation of a crude model of the ultimate epitome of the quintessential representation of beauty in the prehistoric Ancient idealism.


          “Venus of Willendorf” was made by artisans as a “good luck charm” or as a “good luck token” to be rubbed like a Ginny lamp or to be rubbed and loved and admired. Yep.


          “Venus of Willendorf” is the ultimate "hottie" of the prehistoric Ancient world.


          “Venus of Willendorf” is.


          Personally, I’d love to do one series of self portraits of my nude midsection and bare breasts because in many ways my midsection closely represents “Venus of Willendorf.”


          As of today, I’m 141 pounds and my midsection still looks like “Venus of Willendorf.”


          My body’s a baby making machine.


          By the look of my midsection, it’s obvious my body’s made to have babies and lots of them and to have had them all between the ages of 13 through 18.


---  ---  ---


          Costa Rican Children are authentically allowed to be Children:


          Now, Costa Rican children are taught not to ever seek out the “limelight.” Period.


          The limelight is sought after any well-trained professional stage crew or second riggers or stagehand personnel climbs the main house’s tower and gets harnessed into the scaffold while directing the spotlight on the musical act or talent.


          Costa Rican children aren’t objectified and considered “cute.”


          No. No. No. No. (The Ojibwa in non negotiations.)


          Costa Rican children are too precious to be objectified by their parents or mindless elders or attention seeking perverts.


          Now, one may get much awesome praise or otherwise attention when one’s brave and skilled enough at a craft or art to be able to place oneself upon any public stage or legitimate platform to be gawked and stared at and have others mostly audience appreciators support, however, for the more twisted minded audiences then they might possibly feel entitled to develop a sense of ownership of the performers rather than to appreciate the work, nothing more and nothing less.


          To publically choose to share one’s talent or craft or skill set with the public is more of a tremendous responsibility rather than a fleeting moment of reckless abandonment and destructiveness in negative attention seeking methods.


          Costa Rican children are taught attention seeking to be considered literal insanity since we all live in small villages and our village more or less knows each other’s business therefore no one may act out of turn.


          Costa Rican children are taught to be relaxed and evenly breathe and genuinely smile since Costa Rica’s geography is simply gorgeous to look about and smile from afar at the deadly jungle beauty of tropical plants.


          Costa Rican children do eat three square meals per day and the government provides school uniforms and school materials since there’s no national army to feed therefore Costa Rican taxpayers’ monies goes directly towards public education rather than towards deadly global domination.


          Gosh, I only wish I was at home in Costa Rica right now.


          At the age of 23 in 2000, I ought to have returned home to Costa Rica and stayed there, however.


          My Ivy League Harvard elders and Indigenous elders send me back specifically to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul. Minnesota. Ok. I’m not to move from here. Okay.


          There must be some awesome moral lesson to all of this Minnesotan racism. Right?


          Tell me there’s a point to enduring racism on all types of levels while living and residing in Minnesota.


          Look: The statistics are out: The two most racist places in the United States are Duluth, MN and San Antonio, Texas.


          Is that right?


          Did I get that information right?


          My dad, a now retired psychologist told me the latest research.


          Although, smarter people than me have asked how such research is quantified and my answer is: ‘I don’t know. I have to research the research.’


          Costa Rican children aren’t showoffs mainly because the average Costa Ricans’ annual middle income earnings of three thousand dollars per families of four then places the Costa Rican children into a wide spectrum of averages rather than the very rich or the very poor.


          Well, let’s not be afraid of the dark much less our very own shadow.


---  ---  ---


          The Artists and Accountants have got this:


          Okay, babies.


          Where are we at?


          Well, writers, musicians, intellectuals, thinkers, artisans, creative types, open minded conversationalists, bohemians, ‘fashionistas,’ social activists and politico activists, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, arts’ philanthropists, actors / thespians, journalists and modern dancers, ballerinas, media artists and visual artists and linguists and mathematicians and factual modern scientists are the height of sophistication in art, culture and society.


          To ever develop something from nothing is to deliver the goods which opens up doors to the entire universe of good and evil.


          Look: Most often in decision making it’s best not to say “yes” to ‘everything’ or ‘everyone’ for which comes along the way because well, it’s simply not wise to say “yes” to experiences or opportunities for the sake of having experiences or opportunities.


          Opportunities come and go like the oceans’ tide.


          One must believe opportunities will always come along the way such as the wind’s breeze since it’s only a matter of time before something gives or takes.


          Now, let’s not get any type of ‘winter blues’ or seasonal depressive mood disorder because each Monday the bed sheets still require to be changed and laundered.


          Mondays are laundry day around these parts, except I’m going to have to get out of this habit and change my laundry schedule plus the 1982 large basin tub doesn’t take any more than literally one sock and one shirt otherwise the washing machine becomes finiche and temperamental and stops all operations to a complete halt and shutdown. Sigh.


          In life there’s only so much innate amount of time, energy and space.


          Okay, science teaches us space stretches and infinitely goes on.


          Energy is the same way as space for which energy is never ending and continually regenerating and real.


          As for time, well, time’s the most difficult element of all since “time stands still for no man.”


---  ---  ---


          Iambic Pentameter:


          Yes, Iambic pentameter is factually an actual measuring system in writing poetry.


          Yes, in poetry each word represents a number for which creates rhythm and rhyme.


          If one doesn’t already know: then, well, poetry is the oldest and earliest forms of music there is.


          Oh, I love to hear a good oral story by a professional storyteller.


          Yes, I’m forty-one years of age and “over the hill” and I now hold the right to be cantankerous and bitter and publically rude and obnoxious, however.


          Yes, I’m too much of a Costa Rican beauty to get stressed out about anything for which will age me far, too, quickly before my time’s up.


          Look: doesn’t one get it?


          Life’s extremely short.


          We’re here for a fleeting moment and then we’re gone.


          Why doesn’t the American public acknowledge these truths to be self evident?


          Science teaches us after we die we become start dust and regenerate ourselves all over again into literal star matter.


          Since we’re going to go from the human organic intelligent form into star dust then we better make the best of things during our short stay here on Earth and really get along with a near eight billion global wide population as well as get on with the Earth as our bestie.


          One love.



          Yours Truly,




Sunday, February 3rd, 2019


Upload: 10:27pm


Word Count: 307


          Dearest America;




          Hi, babies.


          Okay, “nice and easy does it.”


          Let’s commence forward and finish our independent tenure of freestyle English as a Second Language speaker’s literary record keeping of modern times well into the second decade of the 21st century.


          Look: I’ve been taught ‘the pen’s mightier than the sword.’


          Furthermore, I’ve been taught television, art and entertainment aren’t real therefore let’s not get all 'stressed out' about any subject matter for which isn't real or true to life's many responsibilities and mature adult lifestyles.


          To be any smart audience appreciator one must make some serious distinctions between real vs. imaginary or reality vs. entertainment.


          Next up, we have on the docket scheduled a ten year long podcast for audience appreciators to make massive distinctions between ‘a’ writer’s voice vs. ‘a’ speaking voice.


          Now, we’re not going to be lame Americans who are “literal” (“”) and can’t take a joke otherwise we’ll end up ‘English as a Second Language’ which means sober, strict and serious about the English Language and not much fun to be any type of savant-like.


          Okay, now, the main reason why I did get “back up on the horse” per se is for us to jointly close out the next nine months mainly due to the fact womyn are in dire need to “level out the playing field.”


          Furthermore, I did get “back up on the horse” because my hero is Ms. Serena Williams for whom I don’t go out of my way to ever meet no matter what happens.


          Seriously, I did get “back up on the horse” due to the UCLA and American Olympian gymnasts’ trial hearings. 


          Finally, we’re “back up on the horse” due to New England Patriots' number 11, Edelman.




          See you this week.


          Yours Truly,




Monday, January 28, 2019


Upload: 7:47am


Word Count: 445


Minnesota, Minnesota


Happy January!

January 2019


Please, keep warm.


check in with each other.

Minnesotans, please continue

to donate adult winter coats.


Please, please, please,

Donate Winter Coats.

(We can all donate together.)



“There’s no peeing in marathon running.”



The Sabbath’s an American Right.

Finally, I’ve decided to convert to Judaism.


The Jews are The Chosen People.


Highland Park,

I think we’re going to be great neighbors.


Highland Park,

thanks for the sanctuary.


Highland Park,

Your athlete working artist in residency has checked in.


Highland Park,

For 12 weeks,

I’ve been dealing with a right heel nerve pain injury.

Fashion Injury.


Highland Park, I take solace in you.


Highland Park, I fell in love with Coffee Bene.


Highland Park, I’m having a love affair

with Coffee Bene’s expensive peppermint Lattes.

Thank you.


The lattes taste exactly like Manhattan, NYC’s Lattes.


No, I’m not a Television character.


Yes, I’m a 41 mature Wo-Man.




Highland Park,

Your athlete working artist in residency

is right here next to you.

Highland Park, St. Paul, MN,

I’m Yours.


This injured female athlete of color is checking in.


“Power to the People”


Let’s go!



Athletes of Color,

We have 26.2 miles to train for Grandma’s Marathon 2020


Please, boycott Grandma’s Marathon 2019.

Thank you.

(For racist reasons)


This Week, I’m off my foot

(except for shoveling half a block,

scrubbing the bathroom floor,

 cleaning the “vent-A-Hood”)



          Hi, Minnesota.


          Of course, I’m still here.


          Where else would I be?

          There’s nowhere else for me to be other than Minnesota.


          Well, there’s definitely a pull or gravitational force field inclined to lean towards Minnesota.


          Minnesota and I have a love/hate relationship.


          Minnesota, for eleven straight weeks I’ve been limping about because I made a purchase of inexpensive $20.00 pair of boots and game over.


          The nerve endings on the bottom of my right heel are in chronic inflamed pain.


          One week ago, in friendship I was gifted Dr. Scholl’s gel heel inserts which are a god send, except the moment I go barefoot to the bathroom or as much as stand up to put on a pair of pants then also game over.


          Any type of leaning on my right heel and my heel throbs.


          No, I don’t have a runner’s injury.


          Yes, I have an inexpensive unfashionable injury. Yikes.


          Well, the moral of this tale is: always purchase quality shoes over inexpensive shoes. I’m paying with a foot injury for being cheap.


          As of this eleventh week I have a newfound respect for the elderly, geriatrics, disabled and the physically impaired, Yep.


          To Be Continued…


          Truly Yours,




Wednesday, October 17th, 2018


Upload: 11:42pm


No mature man “in his right mind”

Ever follows any womyn to their car.


No, Minnesota. No.

Stay back Minnesota filth.


To follow any womyn to her car is considered

“Sexual Harassment.” Yep.

To corner any womyn’s downright dirty fighting.


Ok, Minneapolis, the attorneys are on my side.


Ok, allow me to go slang Ebonics on yo’ asses





The Big hotshot Boston and Minneapolis attorneys

Have equally granted me the “green light”

To train while I “form run”

carrying two literal

wrench tools for self protection

From random violent Caucasian Minnesota men

Upon the streets of Minneapolis, MN

(Specifically and literally the Caucasian drivers.)



Yes, growing up I played beach volleyball.

Literally I grew up on the sand and beach.

Of course, I know how to play volleyball.


Back away now while there’s still a chance

For your Minnesota’s survival


Don’t ever fucking touch me.

Don’t ever lay a hand upon my person.

Next Stop, Karate.


For the past 20 years,

N.Y.C. pedestrian assholes and

Portland, Oregon hardcore political activists,

the West Hollywood, Los Angeles Skateboarders,

the South Boston urban pedestrians

and the West Bank Minneapolis bikers

Have all told me

to carry a heavy duty water bottle

then at anytime any asshole manic MN driver

as much as nearly runs over any

pedestrians, bikers, runners, scooters, skateboarders

then to take the water bottle container

and slam it as hard as possible

upon the hood of any car.

Really? Ok. Cool.


What’s a judge going to say:


‘Wait, let me get this right?’


Moron, you almost ran over three pedestrians

and you’re worried about property damage

to your outdated hick truck. What a loser.


Now, because for years I played volleyball

The tips of my fingers are steel with a vice grip


Now, if I wanted to literally crush any volleyball with

my bare hands then I recollect I probably would.


Now, if I wanted to leave a huge fucking fist size crater

On the hood of any car then I recollect I probably would.


However, I know how to get

the most sound out of the palms of my hands

with loud taps.



If I wanted to punch threw cheap

Automotive plastic then I recollect I probably would.

I haven’t yet. Ha lol lol lol




“Minnesota Assholes”

Is the new slogan for

“Minnesota Nice”


Twin Cities, MN

Please, become acquainted with

A film by the tile of:

“Skateboard Kitchen”


This is the Oscar 2019 Winner

Otherwise, the Academy requires new talent


Ok, Minneapolis, if you brought it, then bring it, bitch


Ok, allow for me to go Ivy League modern chic bitch


All I know is the East Coast to be true and real


All I know is Minnesota to be full of violent posers


          As for the “City of Minneapolis” specifically the dark navy blue trucks are filled with incredible and amazing city employees. I see you out there “busting your humps” each day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m grateful. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


          As for the Caucasian maintenance city contractor asshole in his white truck driving around like a dickless wonder this morning while arrogantly distracted on his cell phone: Well, this asshole almost and nearly ran over two Somali brothers crossing on the sidewalk directly in front of the driveway adjacent to The Hard Time’s Café.


          For nearly killing the two pedestrian Somali men I hate this fucker asshole moron.


          This motherfucker was on the phone when he ever so arrogantly took over the whole fucking sidewalk and in his lost dream world of a wet dream for cell phone ejaculation, he nonchalantly looked over at us pedestrians like we were a fucking trite inconvenience to him. What an ass wipe.


          An arrogant ass wipe with no real skill or talent except to assert his power and dominance over people of color because he probably can’t even cut his lawn in a straight line.


          Now this because I wouldn’t agree with this asshole’s point of view then he called me a “retard” to my face. OMG. What a fucking creep.


          Not only did the asshole follow me to my car to yell at me after he nearly got us killed then he purposely called me a ‘retard’ to my face. I don’t think anyone has ever called me a “retard” to my face. I ought to have jumped through the open fucking window and grabbed him by the fucking throat and beat his sorry ass into a bloody pulp, Boston gutter punk style.


          Then the asshole told me to take my medication because I still wouldn’t agree with the motherfucking cunt ho of a Caucasian dickless wonder.


          OMG. I ought to have fucking crushed his Adam’s apple or at least ripped out an eyeball. You know I want fucking restitution for the justice of women of color.


          Now, look fucking Minnesota violent posers, I already put in my one year of volunteer psychiatric evaluations and passed them all with “flying colors” plus I was immediately taken off any anti-psychotic drugs on May 14th, 2018.


          Minnesota, you’re looking at a natural Wo-Myn. Yep.


          After the asshole drove away, I wept hard and loudly for the entire West Bank to hear my cries from sheer terror and fear of random violence against womyn of color.


          Now, I’m not any type of physical fighter, however. I’ve got a “sailor’s mouth” on me because I grew up sanding wooden boats in marinas and I know how to utilize linguistics quite well. Yep.


          Minnesota, you make me tired of your stupid bullshit.


          Minnesota, I need a one way plane ticket out of here, however. Unfortunately, I’ve got legitimate art broker business to conduct until August 2020.


          Minnesota, I’ll always be on your side, however.


          Minnesota, you’re just a bunch of fucking cattle rather than human. Move. Now.


          Otherwise, a human is only sheep or a herd of goats or cattle. Whatever.


          Minnesota, why aren’t you chic modern in attitude and tone?


          Minnesota, I’ve got you beat stupid cunt ho motherfuckers.


          Minnesota, I’m Duluth, MN and Cambridge, MA’s skateboarding daughter.


          Minnesota, I represent Harvard, yo’.


          My peeps are the Ivy League and Wall Street.


          We know how to throw down like the athlete artists we are. Yep.


          Minnesota, you ‘ain’t’ got shit on me. Nope. I live with thyroid tumors since October 2013.


          Minnesota, I’m living with thyroid tumors. I don’t give a shit what you think of my form running in my skinny jeans.


          Minnesota, I refuse to wear spandex or sport’s tights because I refuse to live with yeast infection.


          Minnesota, don’t you recognize a champion when she stands before you.


          Minnesota, do you need your ass whooped?


          Minnesota Caucasian violent male posers, you will respect wo-myn athlete working artists in residency. You will, motherfuckers. Yep.


          Minnesota, you’re so fucking violent lame asses.


          Minnesota, we’ve got you beat.


          Global domination, yo’.



          Always peace.


          Sending all of my love;




Sunday, October 7th, 2018


Upload: 1:07am Cheers.


          7th Street Entry’s First Avenue’s “Danceteria.”




          Okay, I’m a Costa Rican lady and we’re taught to soberly leave the house at 12:00am to go dancing, however. I’m running behind schedule as always. What’s new? For the most part mostly people, who know me well, know me to figuratively be a little turtle.


          No drugs or alcohol, thank you. I’m in training for the next two years. Plus, I don’t do drugs or alcohol, anyway. I’m too cool for that shit.


          Okay, tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to cheer Twin Cities’ Marathoners.


          Church in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood at 10:00am sharp.




          Harvard, MA flies in at 3:00pm. No showing off. Matter of fact.


          Dinner Gong.


          Open Mic night starts at 10:00pm on the West Bank. Where's the comedian Mike Lester? Is he in LA? Minneapolis requires his presence. Minneapolis needs this man on the ground. Thnx, LA.




Friday, October 5th, 2018


Upload: 9:41pm CT


Boycott Grandma’s Marathon 2019

Thank you.


          Prologue Note: The Sheraton in downtown Duluth, MN owes me some serious restitution exactly like the Geneva Convention.


          The Sheraton downtown Duluth, MN will house Bob Monahan and his offspring a thespian minor in a play, to one of the swankest Sheraton suites for the duration of the next two years while I train then return to run and win Grandma’s 2020.


          My friends all know I’ll win with the body of an Indigenous womyn because I’m too pissed off not to win Grandma’s 2020.


          I’ll win because I’m there to make a sociological point about culture and racism.


          Duluth, MN must bring down their LA food and drink prices because as of this Tuesday Duluth was a complete little shanty town with over priced food and drink which weren’t even vegan organic.


          Don’t 10-5 me. I’m working on overdrive.


          No, I don’t work on empty.


          No, I don’t grind all cylinders. I’m organic and regenerate.


          Duluth, you spooked your thorough bread horse (me.)




The Boycott of Grandma’s Marathon 2019


Please, I personally as one of Duluth’s daughters

Invite all of the

Foreign athletes of color


Boycott Grandma’s 2019


Subtly and slowly withdraw applications

Otherwise our athletes of color may be at peril.


Trust to boycott with me because Duluth, MN

Is a dangerous place for people of color


I’ll be running Grandma’s 2020


Duluth, your athlete artist is checking in.

Duluth, lady runners in the house, yo!


Duluth, lady athlete artists in the house, yo.


Now, I’m not able to afford a coach

therefore I’ll be forced to self train

therefore I’ll be coming in with controlled quiet rage.


At this point, I plan to run Grandma’s 2020 barefoot

Because it’s the only way I know how to run through

Jungle floors to collect mangoes or avocadoes or bananas. Ha.


Grandma’s 2020, I’ll be in the field.

My purpose in running is to get out

All of the hatred

I have for MN for being such racist bastards.


I intent to dominate the field.

Actually, I intent to decimate the field.

I’ve been taught how to dominate the field

Therefore I’ll throw down.

Watch me, yo.

I’m no longer embarrassed about large breast cup size.


Simply, I spent 12 days in Duluth, Minnesota,

Nearly died on more than one occasion

Because the racism is physically violent and rampant and brutal.


Duluth, no.



The greatest secret is I’m in love with Duluth, MN

even though I’m too good for Duluth, MN.

Yep. Yup.


Tuesday afternoon, I safely landed in Minneapolis, MN.

The Hard Time's Cafe is and always will be

my first point of entry into the Twin Cities

then I know I'm totally and completely safe.



The stats are out:


The two most racist cities in the United States of America are

San Antonio, Texas and Duluth, MN

Which my family happens to own properties in both places.

Bummer for people of color.


I’m telling you,

Life’s different and difficult when one’s a womyn of color

Living in Minnesota mostly anyone

wishes for people of color to lick the shit off MN’s boots.


No, Minnesota, No.

Back, back, back, Minnesota.


Now, Duluth,

Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourselves.


You won’t have much time to prepare for Grandma’s 2020.


Personally, I’m inviting the world to throw down with me in the field.


Duluth, we’ve got you beat.


Duluth, Athletes of color don’t like to be hated upon.


Okay, last thing.


At the age of 14 I begun to volunteer run

Sled dogs on the Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, MN.


If one isn’t able to run 100 straight miles

Then one isn’t qualified to become a musher.


Now, on three different and separate occasions

I’ve run three one-hundred mile races.


I’m sorry to inform you, however.


Grandma’s is the least of my concerns.


I’ve developed serious deep muscle tissue stored in muscle memory.


When sled dogs run, the dogs have one pace and one pace only:



I’ll be running Grandma’s 2020 the way we run sled dogs.


After 17 years of skateboarding:

Running Grandma’s will be a cake walk.

Sorry, Minnesota.


Don’t hate for too long,

We’ve got tons of work to get through

Before the world comes to my dad’s doorstep in Canal Park.


Umm, well.

It’s pretty simple.

Athletes of color, I’m told the men

Hold an hour long record for the twenty six miles. Ok.


Now, the Ethiopians, Somalis and Kenyans are tinny little runners, however. Duluth men hold the best form in the world.

Duluth male runners are some of the sexiest and hottest men in the world.


Hands down,

I stay as far away from male runners

as much as possible

Since I’m an athlete artist rather than an athlete-athlete.


Now, being an athlete is: Well,

A lot of bodily fluid.


Being an athlete is gross.


Most definitely

I won’t hurt myself running

Because I’m a skateboarder.


Speedskating for six years,

Five hours per day was excruciatingly painful

Therefore I can’t imagine

Running being as terrible as speedskating.


I’ve got to find seamless running gear and running wear.


Thank you, Patagonia.


          Truly Yours,




Word Count: 866


Sunday, September 30, 2018


Bob Monahan

Friday, September 21, 2018 - Monday, October 3rd, 2018


          “Stop the Press.” (As far as the English expression is concerned.)






          Whatever there’s to be said about Bob Monahan… Well,


          Well, I step forward to set the record straight. Truly.


          American People are usually taught to think they don’t have any type of power in the world because our American culture teaches us to be small without a voice or power and I’m here to tell you this corrupt idealism is nothing except superstition.


          Well, I would know better than most of the populous in the world about Bob Monahan because I do.


                    Look: Duluth, MN I have nothing except respect and love for Duluth therefore let’s all “take a step back” and breathe. 


          The cool aspect about Bob Monahan is he has people who love him and care for him and look out for him and this is the gift of a lifetime.


          There’s nothing more comforting then stepping into a space and having the reassurance no one will physically attack another person.


          Well, tonight after the sun set I was sent to “break bread” with Bob Monahan’s peeps and it was a complete pleasure to share a peaceful common space with so many other wonderful people who know Bob Monahan quite well and are people who now know I love one of my dearest and oldest of friends.


          Now, Bob and I have been fighting since we were fifteen years of age.


          No, Bob Monahan’s not in love with me. No, absolutely not.


          No, Bob Monahan has absolutely no plans of any type to fall in love with me therefore there’s nothing more to be said on such a front.


          No, there’re no plans for me to fall in love with Bob Monahan.


          Now, let’s address some issues for which require to be addressed.


1.     Bob Monahan’s not any type of cocaine addict or cocaine dealer and I would personally know since I’ve on and off spent the week with Bob Monahan’s people. Bob Monahan and I hardly spent any time together this week for whatever reasons. It has been Bob Monahan’s village and city of folk who have supported Bob Monahan as the true and tried man Bob Monahan is.


2.     Ok, as for the Duluth, MN “rumor mill” about how Bob Monahan has been passing around STD’s to the entire of Duluth, MN female populations well, this isn’t true. I’m here to reassure the globe about how Bob Monahan has many rights to his privacy between Bob Monahan and the females Bob Monahan ever so privately chooses to have consensual sexual intercourse with.


3.     If anyone takes out Bob Monahan’s businesses then I reassure anyone as the Maya Gods are my witness I’ll take out whoever is responsible and I don’t do well with power struggles and bullshit because I’m too intelligent to know better.


          Yes, I intent to come back to Duluth, MN and set the service industry straight. Customer service is “everything.”


          Yes, I also intent to come back to Duluth, MN in 2029.


          Duluth, I must go to Los Angeles because Duluth, MN is one of the most dangerous places for me to frequent or visit.


            Duluth, MN I’ve always wanted to make a home here, however. It wasn’t possible.


          Tonight a group of peaceful black men broke bread with me and I understood the very reason why I love Bob Monahan.


          Allow me to reiterate: People not only look out for Bob Monahan.


          People also love Bob Monahan and his offspring and his parents and his siblings and his cousins.


          Aside from Bob Monahan there are two other members of Bob Monahan’s family for which I greatly love and respect.


          Of course, I love the entire Monahan clan, however. I’ve been lucky in life to have been sent three Monahan’s to be friends with and to love and to be loved in return.


          Believe it or not, I first met one of Bob Monahan’s cousins, a neighbor of ours on Park Point, Duluth, MN from 1987 through today. Ha.


          Believe it or not, Bob Monahan’s older brother is also one of “my” best friends as so is Bob Monahan and there’s nothing anyone can do about it because the Maya Gods and Bob Monahan’s Ancient Ancestors brought us together.


          Look: Bob Monahan’s family literally saved my life and to this day I think nearly the entire clan still supports me as someone who is trust worthy of their respect and love.


          Simply, I don’t know how else to say this: I love the entire Monahan clan and if anyone speaks badly of them then I’m going to want to do some serious mergers and acquisitions. Yep.


          Literally, it has been Bob Monahan’s family who has saved my life countless of times. I stopped keeping count because what’s the point?


          Well, I mean Bob Monahan’s family are some of the best and most kind and direct and smart and intelligent and brilliant people I’ve ever come across, hands down.


          What, people wish for me to pretend as though I don’t know people or human nature?


          Well, I’m here to tell you there’s no such thing as having to pretend because I know well enough to know better.


          Bob Monahan isn’t alone in the world.


          For whatever reasons, I’m not alone in the world either.


          Look: my solo vacation wasn’t a vacation about loneliness and sadness and other aspects of life.


          My September 2018 vacation to Duluth, MN was about poise and grace and athletic power. I’m a wo-myn. Does anyone understand what the spelling and enunciation of wo-man means? Yep.


          No, I don’t hate anyone or anything. Nope.


          No, I’m not a hater. No, I’m not. If you haven’t ever met me or Bob Monahan then people wouldn’t know we are Costa Rican pacifists. Correct.


          Absolutely not.


          Why on Earth would anyone think I would write or do anything from a place of hate? Has anyone seen me lately? Nope. Well, then one doesn’t have anything to say.


          Well, what is there to be said? Absolutely, nothing.


          In some ways I could almost stop here and be quiet, however. I really don’t know what to say other than to go forth and spell it all out because there isn’t anything much else to be done or to be said.


          Duluth, MN before we go on.


          Duluth, MN we grew up as friends and friends we shall remain because thus is life.


          Ok, Goodbye.


          Yours Truly,





Word Count: 1,091


Monday, September 23rd, 2018




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Terrestrial (of the land, earthly)


The teacher brought a terrestrial globe into the geography class.



---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Too Rich Dressing.


Chapter 26.

Page 321


If we were allowed to say anything to the ladies concerning dress in a dictatorial way, and were sure of being obeyed, we should order them generally to dress less. How often do we see a female attired in the height of sophistication along the dusty street, perspiring under the weight of her finery --- dressed, in fact, in a manner fit only for a carriage. This is very mistaken and absurd fashion, and such people would be astonished to see the simplicity of real aristocracy as regards to dress.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---




Upload: 4:45am CT


Happy Sunday!


---  ---  ---



Good Morning, Duluth, MN


A Love Letter to Duluth, Minnesota

September 23rd, 2018


Official Duluth, MN Vacation, 2018

(Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 30th, 2018)



Bad Duluth, MN Friendships

July 2017-September 2018


For twenty-five years,

My dad’s been telling me

To get new friends


I like the friends I’ve got,

Even though they’re nearly righteously

Insolent, disrespectful and impertinent


          Okay, Duluth, MN vacation 2018 officially begun at 5:00a.m. On Friday, September 21st and I didn’t actually get on the road until the early morning hours at 3:00am.


          The pooch had stomach issues and throughout summer 2018 limped around. Oh.


           Well, last year I dropped $3,000 on my West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California vacation 2017.


          This year I’m dropping $3,000 on my Duluth, MN vacation 2018.


          The most expensive aspect to Los Angeles is the mere fact for which going out to eat at nearly any restaurant is extremely expensive yet people do it and openly and wholeheartedly Californians speak about how expensive food is to reassure themselves, the high cost of food is truly expensive.



“A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”


          No, I don’t require to be a friend in need.


          No, I’m not a friend in need and hardly ever have in any dire need of assistance or help through the been especially within the last










Monday, September 3rd, 2018


Upload: 2:59pm


Ok. Within the half an hour about to head out to the MN State Fair.


No worries. My aunt and uncle live within about a mile away from the fair grounds. All’s well. I’ll be looking for my neighbors and friends. Minnesota, I’m confidently flying-in solo. Let’s have fun.


---  ---  ---


The Minnesota State Fair



          Hello, Minnesota. Hi, dearest ones.


          As of right now I have petty cash on me, $100.00.


          “Ok, let’s play.”


          “Let’s rock ‘n’ roll.”


          “Nice and easy.”


          Personally, I’m going to attend the MN State Fair to possibly find my neighbors and friends from Minnesota and N.Y.C. and one lovely Georgia peach, the sweetest woman alive.


          Yes, I picked up all of the materials and didn’t read a single one.


          For all I know the MN State Fair has ended as I write this at 2:29pm.


          Minnesota, I’m not here to get rich or famous. I’m here.


          Minnesota, I’ve got a broken right hand side pinky toe and it shall always be broken therefore I must compensate for balance thus and alas I look a bit “awkwardly shy.”


          Minnesota, Yes, I’m sober (correction on language usage) and haven’t had a drop of alcohol today.


          Minnesota, I must head out and uphold to our none-romantic date with you.


          Minnesota, since May 14th, 2018 I’ve passed all of my gruesome psych evaluations and am now off the “hooch” (therapy) and have regained my freedom and most of my life back.


          Since June 2017 all assets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars are frozen to me.





          From the Northwest suburbs I’m going to drive to the Walker Art’s nearest parking lot and park and take a free bus to the MN State Fair grounds.


          Otherwise, once I get to the MN State Fair all I know is Ms. Georgia and Ms. N.Y.C. are at the “birthing center” and I’ve been told or commanded or demanded to find “cheese curds” and “Martha’s cookies.” Ok.


          Now, the only thing I’m interested in at the MN State Fair is a “clean water (H2O) (ha, correction) station which I’ll do my very best to find. Although, the Minnesotans have warned me I might get lost.


          Ok. If I were to get lost then I’ll be in search of snack food. I have $100.00 cash for this afternoon and if my money’s not good enough or doesn’t reach far then well, whatever.


          Are there fashionable tents or booths to purchase organic clothing already made for purchase?


          Are there couture organic farmers’ clothing fashion lines?


          Well, I don’t have any expectations.


          Let’s have fun. I’m contending with thyroid tumors and my health’s robust and ready to go.


          Now, Minnesota, I’ve got seriously badly injured and swollen feet therefore I’m going slowly as I walk and make my way through the world.


          Now, I’ve had a bout of stress therefore I’ve contended with cystic acne within the last two weeks. Please, don’t stare. It’s rude to stare.



Minnesota State


          Minnesota, I’m told I smell bad, however. I only smell bad whenever gone camping in the woods.


          As of now I smell like Neutrogena and none perfumed lotion and Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and Tom’s of Maine deodorant.


          Minnesota, simply because I only have $3.39 cents to my name in the bank this doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself because I’ve been taking care of myself my entire life.


          Minnesota, I work as a private butler and organic vegan cook and organically domestically clean for MN families in exchange for ridiculously expensive local organic vegan foods.


          Minnesota, I’m strictly heterosexual even though I dress like a Tom-boy, I’m extremely girly-girl to the maximum.


          Minnesota, let’s not have any “delusions of grandeur” since I’m not any celebrity or anyone “special” simply a paying patron and customer and not anyone who ever desires for any conflict of any type. For thirty years I’ve been known to run away from conflict.


          Minnesota, please, for the love of anything good and worthy in any of us, please, don’t kick me, or hit me or spit on me or forcibly grab me or shove me or throw glass beer bottles at me or throw food at me or touch my face or yank on my hair or scream or yell or berate me or lecture me or pin me down to the ground or inject me with 400MG of horse tranquilizer or don’t ever threaten to kill me by throwing hot oil in my face. No, Minnesota, please, no,


          Minnesota, whether you realize it or not I’m one of your very own responsible mature daughters who looks forward to eating at the table with the Minnesotans as we all peacefully get on together and with each other.


          Minnesota, I’m on your side.


          Minnesota, I love you even if you were to hate my guts for the rest of your life.


          Minnesota, first civility.


           Minnesota, I couldn’t find any work in film/television/writing production work therefore I’ve now begun to apply for jobs as far away as Hong Kong and India.


          Minnesota, I come in peace. I am at peace. I leave in peace.


          Minnesota, supposedly I’m told I’m extremely “awkwardly shy” and the least none threatening person alive.


          Minnesota, the East Coast informs me, supposedly I’m considered “Hemmingway” and it’s funny to see Hemmingway walk around and blend in and not ever be recognized or known while alive.


          Minnesota, I don’t ever consider myself Hemmingway. No way! Earnest Hemmingway was a partial literary demy-god. I’m human.



Minnesota State Fair


          Ok. For an entire nearly two weeks I’ve procrastinated and stalled long enough therefore I got off the text and am fully showered and dressed and nearly ready to attend this year’s Minnesota’s State Fair 2018.


          At the time for which I make this specific “Captain’s Log,” or this upload or this diary entry or record or this journal entry or send this hyperbole of a literary example such as this “message in a digital bottle.” Ha. lol lol lol


          Please, understand I don’t hate anyone.


          Indeed, I’m one of many of Minnesota’s daughters whether Minnesota likes it or not.


          Indeed, since Monday, August 27, 2018 I’m now a self proclaimed not dating anyone as a “single” mature adult woman of 41 at the “prime of our lives” as Generation X.


          No, I’m not “asexual.” I believe in fun, love, unity, happiness, awesome communications and peace. Always peace.


          No matter what anyone says about my status on paper I’m “single” and not in love or dating a single human on Earth.


          Since Tuesday of week last I shan’t ever be owned by another human for as long as I live.


          Three years without married sexual intercourse is a brand or form of torture.


          No, I’m definitely not a monk and neither do I wish to be celibate forever nor do I wish to die as an “asexual.” No, please, no.


          Sex isn’t on my mind. Nope.


          “All’s well, ends well.”


          What’s on my mind is “conservation and environmentalism.”


          This summer 2018 I’ve been part time mature adulthood fasting amongst Muslim American families.


          No, I don’t ever starve myself.


          For twenty years the scientific research shows once people turn 40 then people more or less are told to “semi-starve” and drink more beer (no intoxication) in the second latter part of one’s life primarily to keep the organs well preserved and the body in great shape and condition at all times.


          Food is now considered a poison and one must be quite cautious of foods in general.


          Are there any organic vegan booths at the MN State Fair?


          Are there any “biodegradable” or “refurbishing” or “recycling” and “compost” booths at the MN State Fair?



          Yours Truly,





Word Count: 1,225


Friday, August 24, 2018


“I find humility a greater help to me than all of my fellow men.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Transcend (to pass over, to surpass, to outstrip, to rise above)


He was urged by his adviser to transcend the recent unpleasantness.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Too Rich Dressing.


Chapter 26.

Page 321


If we were allowed to say anything to the ladies concerning dress in a dictatorial way, and were sure of being obeyed, we should order them generally to dress less. How often do we see a female attired in the height of sophistication along the dusty street, perspiring under the weight of her finery --- dressed, in fact, in a manner fit only for a carriage. This is very mistaken and absurd fashion, and such people would be astonished to see the simplicity of real aristocracy as regards to dress.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---




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Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


          See you over the week of October 3rd, 2018.

          We’ll commence then.


          This blog tenure is almost over.


          Yes, my texts are considered memorandums.


---  ---  ---


          Public Etiquette:


          “Gabriel, be cruel in public.” He said.


          Matt’s Bar is cool.


          The Chatterbox Café is as cool.


          Why do Minnesotans stand around like cattle?


          Yes, I only become a real New York City twat whenever dealing with fire hazards or the pressure to publically assimilate in the wrong manner.


          Yes, I’ve been advised to honk at Minnesotans who jump out into traffic or to literally hit the Minnesotans like dear then it’s their problem whenever pedestrians break the law and jump out into moving traffic like they have a death wish.


          Yes, I’ve been told to be cruel and mean in public otherwise the Minnesotans take advantage of me and cross my boundaries.


          Yes, I continually keep getting informed Bostonians are cruel and mean and I ought to also be cruel and mean whenever in public otherwise the Minnesotans won’t ever learn to be urban posh since the Mini-apple is here.


          Yes, I’m informed I’m neither an old woman nor old.


          No, I’m not an old hag.


          My friends like to point out I’m an old woman to make me feel bad about myself, however. I’ve been informed usually I’m the coolest person in the room. Thanks. I’m blushing.


          Although, this isn’t a real city. This is a town.


---  ---  ---


          Minnesota Driving: August 2018:


          Okay, driving in Minnesota is the scariest thing in the entire world.


          Okay, getting in and out of crowds in Minnesota is exasperating.


          One of the main reasons I’m going home to Boston is to rent a car and drive in Boston. Yep.


          Ok. Watch out for bikers!


          Wow, cool scooters about town.


          Yes, I frequent downtown, Minneapolis, Uptown, Minneapolis, North, Minneapolis and Midtown and Lake Street.


          In 2020 I’ll return and make my personal come back to the theatre as a viewer and appreciator of theatre even though theatre is one of my least favorite art forms to observe since it’s live and in one’s face.


          Yes, my favorite creative medium to observe is to walk around museums and look and take in the sights and artifacts and paintings.


---  ---  ---


          Pajamas in Public: (Is a no, no.)


          If at all possible then please don’t wear pajamas in public.


          Please, avoid the hassle.


          Ok. We’ve been helping nurse friends back to health.


          Yes, I meant to climb over the middle counsel of the car and take the driver’s seat still yet rather I made the mistake to get out of the car and walk around on the outside of the car and get into the driver’s seat.


          All I could do was own it and sport it.


          Yes, I was stared at and I deserve all of the stares. I would’ve stared also.                                           


          Yes, today I wore my gray long john bottoms to downtown, Minneapolis, MN with a proper Armani T-shirt and a proper black beaded cardigan sweater and navy blue socks and wore 2018 modern black plastic Birkenstocks.


          Yes, with modern fashion anything goes.


          Yes, people can wear braziers on the outside of their clothes.


          Actually, people can now wear braziers with clear see-though chiffon blouses showing off all the goods such as was the case in the 1980’s, 1990’s.


          No longer is there such a thing as a “matching outfit.”


          Please, for the love of all which is good, don’t match anything in one’s outfit.


          At no time is it proper to wear pajamas or a robe in public except when one’s Brit or as it appears or seems to be the case with modern Americans, 2012-2018.


          In the suburbs of the Twin Cities Metro Area people wear their pajamas to restaurants and to run errands.


          For six years, I’ve held off wearing pajamas in public, however.


          As the situation stands, we’ve been staying up with three friends who all have hair-line teeth fractures and require dental health assistance which are scheduled for this Monday at 7:45am in Minneapolis, MN.


          Personally, I’ve been advised to just once in my life wear my pajamas anywhere in public in the United States of America therefore and thus this morning I did wear my pajama long john bottoms to downtown, Minneapolis, MN and people stared hard when momentarily I stepped out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat and made the mistake to get out of the car.


          For some reason long john bottoms are way more comfortable than jeans.


          If it were up to me I’d come up with a clothing line made only to feel as though one’s in one’s own pajamas all day long yet professional looking or proper attired without looking as though one’s in one’s own pajamas since it’s embarrassing to go out of the house in pajamas. I did it! I witnessed. I wore my long john bottoms in public and I wouldn’t ever again do it. Ha. LOL.


          Now, about the none sexual assault movement to wear one’s own underwear or underclothing on mass transit: well, it’ll take me another six years to get up the courage to wear only my underwear.


          Oh, my. I’ll be completely embarrassed. I will. I’ll only do this with others as part of this social movement to stop sexual assault.


          Ok. Moving on. Our friends’ teeth are in severe pain.






          No, I haven’t lost all sense of fashion or style.


          For thirty years friends tell me I’m the most fashionable person they’ve ever met.


          No, I haven’t lost my wits.


          No, I’m not dysfunctional.


          Yes, I’m hyper responsible.


          Yes, I’m held to a higher standard than most, however. I’m a regular citizen. I like to push social boundaries without breaking any laws.


          Yesterday, friends told me I’m definitely the most “awkward shy” person they’ve ever met.


          Yes, there’re houseguests about.


          Yes, three friends are dealing with hairline teeth fractures and cracked teeth without any dental healthcare insurance and it’s been a long three weeks and late nights with gravely infirmed friends. “We’re holding down the fort” while our friends manage severe teeth pain and continue to heal.



Life’s Simple.

Money doesn’t mean anything.

Good health is everything.

Fun and laughter are important.


          A makeshift bucket list.


          Ok, my bucket list is simple.


          No, I’m not any type of simpleton, however.


          Yes, I’m simple in style, taste and fashion.


          Ok. Finally, after six years to get up the courage to wear pajamas in public I wouldn’t ever again do it.


          Ok, Now, I’ve also been advised to at least once in my lifetime litter the streets of America. I’m having difficulty with this one.


          Ok, on my bucket list I’m working up the courage to at least litter once within the next year (September 2018-Septemeber 2019) since this is considered an American “rites-of-passage” and obviously I’m far behind on my bucket list.


          Ok, next on my bucket list is to learn how to spit without any mess or getting the viral or fungal substance on me. Ha. Lol.


          Americans advise me there’s no reason to dress up and look nice because if I were to get pulled over by police then most likely any woman of color is likely to get raped or murdered therefore all odds are against me and there’s no reason for me to dress up since rape and sexual assault is about power and wearing pajamas is the greatest way to give any corrupt American system the middle finger for hurting, raping and murdering our American citizens.


          Next on my bucket list August 2018: The Minnesota State Fair.


          For six years I’ve been putting off Minnesotan and Georgian friends who patiently await my required presence to join them at the Minnesota “Great Get Together.” I told my friends and neighbors to please give me one decade to get up the courage to attend a massive public event with so many Minnesotans all gathered in one place.


          Either as a woman of color I could get gravely injured or assaulted or it could be the best time of our lives.


          No, I don’t yell. It won’t ever be me yelling unless something literally catches fire.


          Mostly anyone who knows me extremely well -- they know I get incredibly quiet and sit still without breathing for long periods of time since when one lives anywhere near jungles then in dire wildlife situations one must hold quite still and silent until a black panther or snakes which can eat people as large as five feet in tall pass by and all’s safe once more.


          A snake bite in the jungles guarantees immediate death.


          Yes, I’m telling you all: I’m not scheduled to be here. I’m not supposed to be here. I’m lucky I’ve made it thus far.


          Yes, whenever the situation calls for or lends itself to then I get frozen with fear. I do. No, I don’t panic per se. Simply, I go frozen. My friends laugh and make fun of me. Good.


---  ---  ---



Semi Starved in Minnesota

August 2018


          For some reason August always seems to be the most impoverished month of the year in Minnesota.


          Yes, I’m considered “obese” for my height.


          However, mainly I’ve been living on the tastiest Target’s organic bread. Thank you.


          Mostly, I refuse to eat fried or trans fats in my foods therefore I’d rather pull over into any organic Co-Op and purchase bulk foods or snacks and go sit on a park bench or plaza or public gathering space (if there’s such a thing in America) rather than pay $20.00 for fast food or at a sit down restaurant.


          Whenever restaurants or fast food places switch over to fair trade, organics, local vegan, none fried, non-GMO, cage free, grass fed, no hormones and no antibiotics then I’ll enthusiastically become a champion consumer of goods and services and restaurants until then Semi Starved in Minnesota.


          Since many of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s children, youth and minors don’t have any bread to eat this summer then I’ve decided to go semi-starved in an effort to peacefully demonstrate for the rights of our minors.


          On and off summer of 2018 fasting hasn’t helped me lose any weight. If anything I’ve gained weight eating organic bread. I’ve cut out the butter although I’m in search of raw organic butter.


          As of right now I don’t have a single penny to my name.


          Yes, we were laid off.


          Yes, we lost health and dental and optical insurance.






          Of course.                                   


          We’re not complaining on our empty stomachs.


          We’re fasting in prayer to Allah to bring relief to the Minnesotans.


          Yes, my passport’s still lost.


          Yes, all of my business has not been transferred to Minneapolis, MN.


          Yes, I must make it to New England, Massachusetts by the end of August when anyone goes home to the beach no matter what incest or rape or violence or misappropriation then people go home.


          If I don’t make it home then I’ll wait for next summer.


          Yes, I’ve been asked to become the silent partner to a trucking company. Thanks. I’ll think about it.


          Yes, since summer 2004 I’ve been under none disclosure agreement to edit Hollywood film scripts. No healthcare benefits.


          Yes, I’ve been invited to move and live in Germany. No, thank you.


          Yes, I’ve been invited to move and live in Barcelona. No, thank you.


          Yes, I’ve been invited to move and live in Los Angeles. Yes, thank you.


          Ok. Well, I’ve been invited to Los Angeles, Cali for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018 and First Night 2019. Thanks. Looking into air flight fair. I’ll ship my luggage ahead of schedule and take shuttles since I refuse to drive anywhere in Los Angeles.


          As of August 2017 I’ve been asked to move in and become a platonic and none sexual roommate to a fashion designer in Los Angeles. Thank you. Considering the offer.


          Well, I won’t be able to afford to possibly ever move to Los Angeles, however. I’ve decided to keep an apartment in Los Angeles and probably will only be able to get away twice per year.


          Although, I’m looking at LA as a possible place for me to write.


          LA is a place where I can breathe and write.


          My residence is in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.


          However, my artist residency will begin in LA in August 2019.


          Nonetheless, I’ve considered to go in with a roommate while they live alone in the apartment then I’ll pay simply for the luxury to be able to go to LA on a moment’s notice and write for a long weekend or Holidays since I spend last Thanksgiving 2017 and Christmas 2017 alone then I’ve decided to take my friends up on the invitation and offer to spend time in LA as a long distance roommate. Ok. Thanks, I will.


          Of course, I keep up with LA news, current and cultural events.


          Well, hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets are frozen and economically I have nothing to my name. Ok. Personally, I hate money, yet necessary evil.


          My most unexpected millennial best friend for the past two years is moving back to Portland, Maine and I’ll miss his absence. We had a good three year run.





          Yours Truly,




          P.S. Yes, this summer I’ve had two serious marriage proposals by two serious individuals and naturally I said, ‘no.’


          Unfortunately, I turned down a marriage proposal from one of Hollywood’s as well as another proposal from a male friend.


          Yes, I’m heterosexual. I am.



Word Count: 2,255


Tuesday, July 31, 2018


“My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Poignant (piercing, keen, distressing to feelings)


He experienced a poignant feeling of homesickness shortly after he left home.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Appropriate and Becoming Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 322-323


The most appropriate and becoming dress is that which so harmonizes with the figure as to make the apparel unobserved. When any particular portion of it excites the attention, there is a defect, for the details should not present themselves first but the result of perfect dressing should be an elegant woman, the dress commanding no special regard. Men are but indifferent judges of the material of a lady’s dress; in fact, they care nothing about the matter. A modest countenance and pleasing figure, habited in an inexpensive attire, would win more attention from men, then awkwardness and effrontery, clad in the richest satins and the costliest gems.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---




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Happy Tuesday!


---  ---  ---


          Life Notes: Let’s Spell It Out:


          No, I’m not a “creep.” Truly.


          No, I’m not a “f****** b****.” Truly.


          No, I’m not a “f****** c***.” Truly.


          No, usually I’m not an “a******.” Truly.


          Yes, I can be a complete and total “a******.” Truly.


          No, I’m not “sneaky.” Truly.


          No, I’m not “manipulative.” Truly.


          No, I’m not a “stalker.” Truly.


          Yes, I lean more towards the disposition to run away from any conflict.


          Yes, I’m remarkably direct. Truly.


          For twenty years my male friends have explained to me more or less the same things:




          ‘Mainly, as intellectual men we call you terrible names to make you feel incredibly insecure about yourself. We love to watch you squirm. We purposely go out of our way to make you feel just as hurt as we feel when you do something we don’t agree with. We mean to hurt you and make you feel small and place you beneath us and make you apologize for things no one else ever has to apologize for except you’re such a kind and nice and good person then we want to make you feel hurt. We want you to hurt and we mean to hurt you. We’ll ensure you hurt whenever you don’t agree with us or don’t fulfill our basic emotional needs or stroke our egos or look after us. The main reason we’ll make you suffer is anytime you don’t agree with us. Don’t you get it. Most of us aren’t even worthy of your friendship much less worthy of your love. We don’t care about your acne or scarred face. We don’t care about your weight. We don’t care about your breast size. We don’t care about your dark skin color. We don’t care about your tumors. We’re in love with you. It’s your quirks and imperfections which are the height of your sophistication and beauty. Most of us are in love with you and you won’t ever know it or at least none of us will come out and say it. We know you won’t ever feel the same way about us so you’ll suffer for how we feel about you. Goddamn you.’ Is all for which is ever said in a nutshell. Sigh.’


          What a waste of time.


          No, I don’t go around falling in love with people.


          No, I don’t have any business falling in love with anyone much less my male friends.


          My male friends know they don’t stand a single chance to ever as much as be romantic with me in any way, shape or form.


          Personally, I see my male friends as fixtures more than sexual.


          Personally, my male friends are more like statues than human.


          Yes, I must place distance between my male friends and myself therefore I make sure I smoke cigarettes around them then I don’t ever smell their natural smells which most of my male friends smell awesome.


          Yes, I forgive.


          However, the damage’s already been done.


          Whenever my male friends look at me then I can’t help to think ‘this man thinks I’m a “creep” because I won’t obey his orders.’


          Mainly, I make myself seem or come across as “intense” or “serious” or “defensive” as a self-defense mechanism otherwise men very well know I can burst into laughter and mock men down to the very marrow of their existence.


          Most men are taught not to make women cry. Good.


          Most women are taught not to laugh at men. Good.


          2012: “I love to make you uncomfortable right up to the point where tears well up on your bottom eye lashes while you refuse to actually cry. When you look utterly miserable or unable to continue any type of conversation then I ease up knowing I conquered you. I’ve always conquered you. It’s easy to make you uncomfortable therefore I do it. Just once I’d actually like to see you cry.” He said.


          I got up and left forever.


          What a savage. (The word “savage” is used as an adjective.)



Pointing out Social Blunders

Is Ten Times more rude

Than the actual

Social blunder itself


          English is a complex language no matter what any women may lecture about social etiquette.


          To point out anyone’s social blunders is ten times more offensive than the actual social blunder or awkward word choice.


          Let’s take a break from proper written since modern American speech and writing aren’t proper by any stretch of the imagination or by any means.


          Simply, because I make the personal choice and commitment to be incredibly proper in person and form then this very exercise in discipline in journal writing is purposely written without swear words therefore quite vivid in imagery to make up for the lack of swear words and crude modern speech which modern English is as crude and vulgar as Shakespearean times because modern language is filled with humour mainly due to the fact 80% of ‘This American Life’ doesn’t provide decent work opportunities or fair and equal wages or basic inexpensive healthy and holistic and medicinal foods or inexpensive resources or lifelong advancement or upward mobility or not enough to eat thus and therefore Americans live in an open society of credit card “debtor’s prison.”


          Ok, let’s be modern Americans who make use of derogatory vocabulary.


          Okay, let’s get real.


          Allow me to get incredibly uncomfortable as I write the following:


          Simply because other people name call: this doesn’t mean I feel the same way people “name call” me. Nope.


          Personally, ever since I came out of the womb I’ve been relaxed and at ease and I don’t get paranoid unless dealing with the police otherwise I’m laidback and the less I have to say then the better.


          Americans are rude. I’m an American immigrant and I guess I’m extremely rude in my English word choice.


          Americans are uneducated with nothing much really important to say other than to correct other adults.


          Americans are the least fun people to hang out with and relax.


          Americans are easily offended.  


          Americans are the most uptight people in the world.


          Americans tend to correct people which to correct people is more offensive than the actual offense. Does one get it? Please, tell me one gets it.


          At anything many types of Americans get easily offended.


          Americans are quite entitled to their own opinions and Americans tend to give unnecessary lectures about petty social offenses.


          Americans aren’t stupid simply uneducated.


          Simply, I navigate waters in which I don’t ever mean to insult or offend anyone, however, this is rare since my English speech patterns seem to insult black Americans and Caucasian Americans while the rest of the world laughs at the Americans for being uptight and mean and cruel bullies towards me and others.


          No, I don’t read any of the comments section.


          Well, I don’t make the time to read the comments section of the blog. I don’t.


          Early on, I decided to write rather than to take away time from writing to read the commentary section.


          Either I was going to spend my time reading comments or I was going to write. I choose to write.


---  ---  ---                                               


          Literary Art Genres:


          First, I’m kind and smart and intelligent to know when and how I’m within literary legalities. I’ve got this.


          My liberal arts education in the humanities took a good decade (ten years) of my life to study the law and the discipline and the art of writing, photography and film and global communications in general.


          Journalism: journalists ask for permission to print anonymous quotes.


          Personal creative diaries or journals: writers don’t require permission to print anonymous quotes.


          No one tells writers what to write unless…


          No one tells artists what to create unless…


          Yes, I went to school to study to become a digital mass media executive producer.



1999 Established Documentary Film Company

2002 Small Business Loan

December 31, 2014 Company Dissolved


          Yes, in 2003 my newsroom co-workers questioned my business cards which stated my name and title as “digital mass media executive producer.”


          My co-workers would become easily rattled and offended and asked: “What does this mean? Does it mean you’re good at many different types of communications?”


          “Yep.” I’d answer.


          As frustrated as one can get in public without yelling or screaming at another person or “name calling” 2002-2003 newsroom crew co-workers would ask: “what does this title mean?” Then co-workers would demand I truthfully answer.


          “This title means I qualify to run any systems.” I said.


          “Like what?”


          “Well, I can do graphic design, write, film, video art and mass media and either wet or digital photography or build a computer from recyclable parts and run the accounts and payroll and taxes without any broken rules or no broken laws and stay away from liabilities.” I said.


          “Really?” Co-workers questioned.


          “Yep.” I said.


          Co-workers would give me looks as though I was the biggest “a******” for which ever lived.


          Warmly I smiled at them without any malice.


          Since 1999 I’d been running an independent documentary film company, in 2002 I acquired a small business loan which to this day business loans granted to women of color are unheard of throughout the nearly eight billion planet population.


          When one studies any type of legalities for writing, film or mass media or global communications then one primarily learns Intellectual Property Law such as copyrights and patents and one learns about how and when one can write what as well as one learns the minutia of the law of intellectual property and commits to memory the outdated and recent laws.


          As a matter of fact when it comes to personal diaries and journals no one has anything to say about what any writers write since diaries are established to be entries and data and record keeping and nonfiction.


          Nonfiction is from real life.


          Fiction is from the imagination or fantasy or imaginary.


---  ---  ---




Lunch Time






























          Yours Truly;




Word Count: 1,680

Weekly Word Count Goal: 1,500

Weekly Word Count: 1,680


Friday, July 27, 2018


“Let onions grow in his navel.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Venial (Excusable, capable of being forgiven)


His action was a venial fault so he was readily pardoned.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




An Amiable Exterior.


Chapter 26.

Page 324


The desire of exhibiting an amiable exterior is essentially requisite in a young lady, for it indicates cleanliness, sweetness, a love of order and propriety, and all those virtues which are attractive to their associates, and particularly to those of the other sex.


Chesterfield asserts that a sympathy goes through every action of our lives, and that he could not help conceiving some idea of people’s sense and character from the dress in which they appeared when introduced to him.


Another writer has remarked that he never yet met with a woman whose general style of dress was chaste, elegant and appropriate, that he did not find her on further acquaintance to be, in disposition and mind, an object to admire and love.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---




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Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


          From this moment forth I shan’t ever write about my male friends or Muslim friends. This afternoon I received the lecture of a lifetime. I feel small. I’ll get over it. Thank you. I’m humbled.


---  ---  ---


          Fiction Characters:


          No, I’m not fiction character “Rebecca Sharp.”


          No, I’m not fiction character “Mrs. Langtry.”


          No, I’m not Mrs. Robinson.


          No, I’m not a cougar.


          Yes, I can be charming, however. What’s the point?


          Yes, I’m flesh and blood human female.


          Yes, since I’m human therefore I can get awkward whenever the situation lends itself, however. Awkward isn’t my natural state.


          Yes, I have one healthy pumping heart.


          No, my heart isn’t made from lead or gold or metal.


          Yes, I’m any warm blooded mammal therefore I’m not ice cold.


          Yes, I’m flesh and bone human person.


          No, I’m not anybody’s wet dream.


          No, I’m not in love with any single one human.


          No, I don’t have a crush on any one single human.


          Is none sexual dating romantic in nature?


          Yes, I fly solo.


          No, I’m not any type of coyote.


          No, I’m not a “lone wolf.”


          Yes, I’m any modern woman as any other 2018 modern women are modern.


          Yes, I’m well. Ha.


          Yes, I’m good.


          All’s well.

          Ends well.


          “Am I okay?” I’m perfectly well. Thank you.


          “Are you okay?” Yes? No? Si? Maybe. Ok.


          Let’s not waste each other’s valuable time.


          Thrice I’ve failed male friends within the last two months.


          Yes, I’ve been ashamed to be such any disappointing friend.


          Due to my English as a Second Language I have the weakness and inability to speak well: I speak as a “blunt instrument” and I do anything in my power to…


          Yes, for thirty years my friends tell me when it gets awkward with me then it’s truly awkward and then I tend to literally escape or run away and literally friends track me down and ask me to my face if I’m avoiding any one of them who’ve known me better than my family. My friends get angry with me. My friends have always gotten angry with me and most likely they always will. Sigh.


---  ---  ---


          Terminological Corrections:


          Corrections from “capital” to “capitol.”


          “Capital” is economics.


          “Capitol” is the Republic democratic state buildings.


          Correction from “weirdo” to “freak.”


          No, I don’t know what the English word “creep” means.


          Since most directly spoken personal insults don’t mean much in English then I don’t much care what people call me since I don’t know the definitions of the above English terminology.



Freak Definition


          No, I don’t know the difference between a “weirdo” and a “freak.”


          As a metaphor: “let’s take a stab in the dark.”


          Well, I can only guess the definition of “freak” is someone who is absolutely out of the ordinary as such individuals don’t fit anywhere in society yet such individuals are fit for modern culture. Ha.


          No, I’m not “the bearded lady.” Truly, I’m one of the most Western cultural “regular” modern individuals.


          No, I don’t grow any literal beard.


          No, I don’t grow stubble.


          Yes, I do grow the occasional long chin hair and pluck it out.



Weirdo Definition


          What’s a “weirdo?” I’m not able to begin to define the word “weirdo.”


          One who is “weird?” Ok. Fair enough.


          In a modern age the last thing I’m afraid of is “freaks” “weirdoes” or “scum” or “greedy” or “creeps.”


          Ultimately, modern America is any physically violent frontier and all of my enemies and acquaintances or none friends or best friends or haters tell me I’m the most “boring” oral storyteller and a “f****** b**** c***” simply because I “write about what I know”.


          For the first time in my life my male friends of only one year have informed me I’m a “creep” for anonymously quoting my male friends without any single description of their physical form.


          Yes, yesterday I meant to tell my male friends. I meant to gather up the courage to tell my male friends I meant to make use of their anonymous quotes and no words surfaced. I was an utter and complete coward.


          Now, as far as I’ve been informed: writing about someone at full length and full description is one thing.


          Anonymously quoting someone without description is another.


          Yes, as of today I’ve once more have been informed I’m a “loser” since I have no friends.


          Please, no. I’m already aware. I know.


          Yes, it’s obvious since 2010 I’ve had no friends about me.


          Please, don’t throw it in my face. I greatly feel my friends’ absence each day and to have the obvious thrown in my face is almost, too, much.


          Some things are kept unspoken even though not hidden.


          No, I’m not “scrooge.”


          No, I’m not a miser.


          No, I’m not anyone of consequence.


          Supposedly, it’s been explained to me I’m a “nobody.”


          Yes, I’m friendless.


          There’s no one here with me today. Ok. I can deal.


          Yes, no one much has been here with me through most of thirteen years.


          One gets to the acceptance portion of the psychological steps.


          Acceptance is healing.


          No, I’m not complaining. Not at all.


          My secret best friends of thirty years tell me I’m not a “creep.”


          The highest compliment above all other honors is to directly anonymously quote anyone funny or smart or intelligent or kind or capable or compassionate enough to inspire any anonymous quote.


          Now, to write about someone in full description is another aspect all together rather than a simple anonymous quote.


          Why am I only an ideal and not a human female?


          “Gabriel, you make an excellent ideal of a woman.” What.


          Not ever do I want to break bad news, however. How come I’m considered an ideal and not ever a friend or a woman?


---  ---  ---



In the Year of the Faux Pas



          Please, don’t throw it in my face. I already know. I’m quite aware. Thank you. Please, no.


          If I don’t anonymously quote people then people who aren’t anonymously quoted will give me a lecture and tell me how much they hate me and how they’re disgusted by me and don’t ever want to see me ever again. Fair enough. Ok.


          If I do anonymously quote people then people who are anonymously quoted will give me a lecture and tell me how much they hate me and how they’re disgusted by me and don’t ever want to see me ever again. Fair enough. Ok.


          2018 is one of the worst social years of my life.


          Yes, people are angry as the dickens about my private diaries or journals or blog entries and the anonymous quotes I’ve quoted are considered “creepy” even though I meant no malice or I meant no ill intent.


          People are irritating.


          People want me to understand them, however. No one wants to take the time to understand me.


          “As long as you’re our trophy and our wet dream then we’ll own you without ever touching you.” He said. I stared off into the distance.



1995 Miscommunications


          “Goddamn you Gaby for ever avoiding me in conflict.” He said. I stared off into the distance. I was present and alert.


          Each time people either take liberties with me or personally insult me directly and tell me I’m either “obese” or “ugly” or an “a******” or a “creep” (only once in my lifetime have I ever been called a “creep”) for making use of other peoples’ anonymous quotes then people expect me to bounce right back with a smile and accept apologies all around which I immediately do and go on as if nothing much ever happened which nothing much ever does happen and I love it.


          “You’re a real a****** for quoting me.” He said in 1995. (Correction.)


          My face got red hot and subtle tears welted on the contour lines of my under eyelashes. It was obvious I held back tears and each time he demanded me to answer his questions as to why I was as inconsiderate as to anonymously quote him without permission before print.


          Each time my voice quivered and the angrier he became then he demanded I speak up. I did continue to speak, however, not once did I ever raise my voice. I was mortified. I was mortified of what I’d done in having directly anonymously quoted my friend in my published writings.


          “You f****** c***!” He exclaimed. “You quoted me.”


          “You have no right. You hear me! No right.” He continued to scream. We stood in the middle of nowhere in a forest filled with swamp and mosquitoes.


          His face turned bright red then white then cool as the afternoon air spilled about us.



I hate you


          At another time a friend came to me: and directly met with me and told me to please take a seat and be calm and not get upset or angry about what he had done.


          My friend had anonymously quoted me in his published works of arts and I was furious. I was hurt. I was disappointed. I was let down. I was more hurt than I thought I would ever be. I was ready to scream my head off, however.


          Rather I quietly sat and looked straight ahead with a blank stare even though it was obvious my eyes said: “What bulls*** is this?”


          No, I’m not a spider.


          No, I’m not melodramatic.


          Yes, I’m biodegradable therefore I can easily get awkward.


          “What the f***, Gabriel” He said.


          “What the f*** is right. You quoted me?” I said.


          “Yes, I quoted you. It’s not like anybody knows it’s you.” He said. “It’s anonymous. No one will ever know.”


          “Why didn’t you tell me before you published?” I asked.


          “Because I knew you’d say ‘no.’” He said.




          To this day I still run away and avoid my friend.


          Only once we’ve met in the same room since our argument and I was the first to spot him therefore I quietly and silently made my exit. He was never the wiser.


          “If you avoid me then I’ll make this miserable for you.” He said.


          I looked away.


          “Look at me when I talk to you.” He said.


          Forcibly, I looked up and without any fear I looked directly into my friends eyes. He then was the first to look away.


          “Goddamn you.” He said. “I anonymously quoted you and now you’ll go down in published history.”


          “Get over yourself.” I said.


          “Are you okay?” He asked.


          “Of course, why wouldn’t I be okay?” I said.


          “I hate talking to you.” He said.


          “Are you okay?” I asked.


          He blushed and again looked away.


          “I hate you.” He said.



          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 1,818

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count:


Wednesday, July 25, 2018


“May he have to crawl on all fours.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Potpourri (mixture, medley, miscellany)


Sections of a magazine that contain scattered information are headed potpourri.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Elegant Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 322


Some ladies perhaps imagining that they are deficient in personal charms --- and we are willing to believe that there are such, although the Chesterfieldian school of philosophers would ridicule the idea --- endeavor to make their clothes the spell of their attraction. With this end in view, they labor by lavish expenditure to supply in expensive adornment what they lack in beauty of form or feature. Unfortunately for their success, elegant dressing does not depend upon expense. A lady might wear the costliest silks that Italy could produce, adorn herself with laces from Brussels which years of patient toil are required to fabricate; she might carry the Jewels of an Eastern princes around her neck and upon her wrists and fingers, yet still, in appearance, be essentially vulgar. These were as nothing without grace, without adaptation, without a harmonious blending of colors, without the exercise of discrimination and good taste.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 6:07pm CT


Happy Wednesday!


---  ---  ----


          Double Negatives:


          “Double negatives” are for either English as a Second Language mature adults or people who speak or write with a passive voice or people who hardly ever read or people who haven’t ever learned how to properly construct English sentences beyond the fourth grade.


---  ---  ---


          The National Anthem, July 2018:


          The National Anthem was written as homage to a group of regular colony citizens and civilians (before the slave trade to the Americans) and such colonists who stood their ground against the entire British Navy.


          The American flag pole withstood due to the fact dead bodies of the colonists died to prop up the American flag post while the British Navy slaughtered women and children and the elderly and infirmed. I don’t fully imagine what the scene must have partaken on such days. How brutal.


          There’s no need to ever rise or stand up for the National Anthem since the colonists died in heaps of piles of stacked up dead bodies on top of each other simply to protect the pole and uphold the star spangled banner as the bodies stacked up mound high day after day without any colonist military defense therefore the adult women and infirmed male colonists died to sacrifice their lives for one symbol of freedom which is the American flag’s right to fly high.


---  ---  ---


          None Sexual Friendships are Wonderful:


          “Gabriel, are you avoiding me?” He demanded.


          “No, not at all.” I said.


          “Are you hiding from me?” He asked.


          “Not on purpose.” I said.


          “I like to quietly go about my way and if I happen to silently get overlooked or I can escape getting lost in translation then I tend to like to become part of the backdrop as any other fixture or furnishings about the place then the less I have to hold discussions or entertain or say something intelligent.” I said.


          “Are you avoiding me?” Again he asked.


          “No, truly. I’m not avoiding you. I left messages and voicemails.” I said.


          “I told you my phone’s not working right now I dropped it.” He said.


          “Didn’t you see us? We were all partying and we’re right here.” He said.


          “I know. I saw. I heard. I got the invite. Thanks.” I said.


          “Well, then what the hell?” He said.


          “Come over and honor us with your presence and have a good time and laugh with us.” He said.


          “Ok. I will.” I said.


          “No, you won’t. But okay.” He said.


          “Why won’t you talk to me?” He asked.


          “I’m talking to you right now.” I said.


          “I see how it’s going to be.” He said.


---  ---  ---


          April 2018’s Clean Bill of Health:


          Yes, I’m healthy and doing well in mind, body, soul and spirit.


          Yes, I’ve learned, no matter how traumatic an event or circumstance or mishap one can get over anything especially with Sanskrit Lotus Position Yoga visualization meditation to heal thyroid tumors.


          No, there’s nothing wrong with my mind.


          Yes, for two decades continually I’ve been told by either insistent/impertinent parents or legal spouse to attend “talk therapy” to specifically ask psychologists to write up anything about me therefore I might go on “disability” and I don’t ever qualify for disability.


          Ultimately most psychologists have politely asked me to “terminate” our talk-therapy sessions.


          The reoccurring pattern continued for years in which I was strongly encouraged to attend yet another set of new psychologists and would be pressured to directly ask my new set of “bilateral” talk therapists to please write whatever psychologists wanted about me as long as I qualified for “disability” and continually for about two decades politely I’ve been informed talk sessions would be terminated affective immediately since I was in no need of talk therapy and I most definitely didn’t qualify for “disability” however possibly my family members were required to strongly consider to attend psychological talk therapy sessions themselves. Ok. Thanks.


          Psychological therapy is expensive.


          Yes, since 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2017, 2018 I’ve had three specific relatives tell me to my face to directly go to my psychologists or talk therapists and have the psychologists declare me “insane” then someone other than me can collect “disability” and dispense or disperse the hypothetical disability money as my living expenses then no one has to ever financially take care of me. Um, no.


          Although, since the year 2000 I haven’t received any type or form of financial help of any type from either of my parents or extended family members therefore it’s not as though I’m indebted to my parents since as of two weeks ago I’ve paid off all of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for a four year Liberal Arts private college and university student loans.


          Two years ago, I paid off all of my business loans (documentary filmmaking company dissolved, 2014) and I now have an outstanding credit rating and don’t own any credit cards.


          As of right now I owe absolutely no one a single red cent.


          For the first time in my mature adult life I’m completely debt free other than a mortgage of $690.00 (August 2018) per monthly payments and garbage and sewage and electricity and gas and car insurance and lifestyle costs (gas, organic groceries, inexpensive entertainment (organic coffee and vegan baked goods) about $1,500 to live per monthly expenses since it’s the lifestyle I set up for an entire household to be run like “a tight ship” at the fraction (correction) of the cost.


          In August 2012, my perfect credit score landed a thirty year mortgage at 2.5% fixed interest rate on sixty-seven thousand dollars ($67,500) which the property is now worth at a real estate market value of one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($154,000) in 2018.


          No, I don’t own a car or any collection or not even a bicycle.


          No, I don’t have a life insurance policy.


          No, I don’t have my Costa Rican organic bamboo two-acre farm which was gifted to me then taken back and sold.


          No, I don’t own a blender.


          No, I don’t own a surf board.


          No, I’m not a surfer.


          Yes, I’ve surfed with some of the best surfers in the world.


          Yes, I’m a decent medium-distance skateboarder to the organic Co-Ops and back to the abode again.


---  ---  ---



There’s no such thing as a Broken Spirit


          There’s no way anyone breaks anyone else’s spirit since one doesn’t allow such absurdities since humans aren’t wild beasts.


          No matter what anyone may think they can do to me, ultimately I live inside a prison of reoccurring tumors therefore I contend to take well care of my robust health otherwise whatever this disease is, might hinder me for up to three days straight therefore I don’t allow for the disease to take my energy or stamina.


          For the most part humans are private citizens and civilians who are calm and reasonable and regular and average and sometimes animated and wonderful and decent and funny and want to play alongside excellent friends and have clean fun.


          Nevertheless, either I deal with some type of nerve ending damage or bone ache of some type of what, nerve damage? I don’t know.


          No, I don’t have gout.

          Not yet, anyway.


          My swollen feet are healing from five straight years (February 2013-April 2018) of daily standing at a standup desk for about five hours of computer work per daily average and now my feet are terribly swollen and healing from such a ridiculous experience.


          No, I don’t take daytime naps. I only wish I took daytime naps. I work. I research. I read. I work. I write. I study cinema and graphic novels and television and musicology and I cook organic meals and do email correspondence with ‘half the world.’ I research medicinal holistic foods as a pure science and basic medicine since my auto-immune system tends to be strong yet weak when it comes to the eradication of continual tumor growth and laparoscopic surgeries. I research any type of tumor medicine or health science and the latest technological advancements.


          As of one month ago I now work as any private organic vegan cook to one private family in exchange for organic meals and organic snacks and non-plastic water filtering system for clean water.


--- --- ---



An Open Book

Makes for a Closed Case


          What, do Americans not understand about the Great American novel?


          What, do Americans not understand about the Great American writer?


          What, do Americans not understand about literature and creative writing?


          Modern America is founded upon two major important principals: Baseball and the Great American Novel.


          What, do Minnesotans not understand about literature and creative writing?


          Why do Americans take all writing to be flat and literal rather than creative writing is ‘creative in nature’ and even as far as experimental.


          What is it Minnesotans don’t seem to understand about the arts?


          America is the Literary Arts Mecca of the world.


          Artists hold greater influence and power and social change than anyone sitting in office or misers or riches or wealth since the artists are civilization embodiment.























          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 1,547

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count:


Tuesday, July 24, 2018


“He should swell up like ten mountains.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Respectively (as relating to each other, each in order)


The objects on display were numbered respectively 1, 2, 3.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.






Chapter 26.

Page ?


Lavender has urged that persons habitually attentive to their attire;


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 11:28am CT


Happy Tuesday!


---  ---  ---


          The Vagina Monologues II:


          “Why do you write about your vagina so much?” He asked.


          “I write about my vagina so much because I’m a feminist and I believe in being open about the subject matter of health and ensuring the safety of little girls and young women, specifically.” I responded.


---  ---  ---


          Cardi B:


          Yes, I know of a one Ms. Cardi B.


          However, no I haven’t seen or heard much of Cardi B’s music or music videos or anything.


          Yes, I’ve been told Cardi B’s material is like my material.


          No, my work isn’t like Cardi B’s work since I first published in 1994.


          As of March 2018 I’ve been informed Cardi B’s work is like my work. Thank you.


          If I sound anything like Ms. Cardi B then please know my intension isn’t to sound like Cardi B and I look forward to making time within the next decade to look up Cardi B’s musicology. Thank you. Peace.


          If I sound anything like Ms. Cardi B then I can only hope to honor her work with immense gratitude for women in the arts pushing the ‘envelope forward’ on the subject matter of misappropriated power and greed and bilateral spread of wealth and free and safe public education for all children and youth of color and white poor children who are marginalized as much as children of color.


          If I sound anything like Ms. Cardi B then my goal is not to ever dishonor her work. Please, excuse my ignorance.


---  ---  ---




Expect the Unexpected


          Yes, women are feminists by default.


          Yes, I’m a feminist simply because I was born female.


          No, I haven’t ever marched in rallies.


          No, I haven’t ever peacefully demonstrated.


          No, I’m not a rebel.


          No, I’m not a revolutionary.


          Yes, I’m a domestic worker.


          No, I’m not a man-hater.


          Yes, for one decade Finn-Minnesotan-American women taught me it is okay to “speak your mind” after the age of forty and to be as bitter as possible since it’s hilarious. Ok.


          Americans don’t seem to find anything funny.


          Americans think their silence transcends their piety.


          Yes, I grew up with New England, Massachusetts French Italians whose only octave is to scream and/or to yell and nothing much else. Sure. It’s hilarious. I love it! I love the Italians and their screaming and yelling voices.


          The screaming and yelling Italians don’t intimidate me.


          The more the Italian Americans yell and scream and complain about their food and drink then the more at home Italians seem to feel to speak their screaming and yelling minds. Ha. Wonderful.


          “Generation X” Caucasian Minnesotans teach me to be as bitter as gutter punk skateboarders who come from well to do families and a history of Calhoun Square, Uptown, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


          The greatest secret about Calhoun Square, Uptown, Minneapolis, MN is the 1980’s and 1990’s gutter punk skateboarders are the grandchildren and children of the Uptown wealthy and elite.


          To be cruel to any panhandling gutter punk skateboarders of Calhoun Square, Uptown, Minneapolis, MN is to spit into the face of Minnesota’s history of the wealthiest families who established the entire of Uptown since history is more valuable than money.


          Blood ties history unto a foundation of wisdom.


          The panhandling gutter punk skateboarders of Calhoun Square, Uptown, Minneapolis, MN are wealthier than anyone else yet cash poor and we always offer our posh leftovers or “doggie bags” to any gutter punks/skateboarders anywhere in Minnesota and the world over.



Overall Health


          Yes, I live with thyroid tumors which grow inward and squeeze my voice box therefore lectures and disagreements and arguments and debate and general discussions will be placed on the backburner for the next year.


          Yes, I’m incredibly tired and my bones ache or maybe it’s my nerve endings ache. Who knows?


          Yes, from the abdominal internal “scar tissue” due to three laparoscopic surgeries of the uterine walls and the full and complete removal of the uterus itself which after an entire and complete full year of recovery I now live with intense stomach aches behind the belly button which I refuse to talk to any more Western Medical doctors about this subject matter of “scar tissue” since Western doctors tell me there’s nothing to be done about “scar tissue” except “scar tissue” in the general stomach area is as painful as living with tumors which tend to squeeze internal organs yet the “scar tissue” turns into some type of ‘sharp shards’ as a lose example or into a hardened ball of wax so hardened and tightened as another mass of hardened tissue can be compared to anything as hard as any internal object inside the stomach/abdominal area.


          During recovery of surgical procedures no one ever tells patients “scar tissue” will continue to harden throughout the first year after surgery and to place castor oil on the area for the stomach to ensure safe healing.


          Yes, I know all about “scar tissue” and how “scar tissue” develops into a hardened mass as hardened as an object therefore at first the tissue is broken and healed yet not ever the same as when a massive surface area was unaffected by scar tissue.


          Internal “scar tissue” is serious business yet treated as lightly as a common cold.


          For one continuous year the “scar tissue” pain is at a #2 or #3 and all one can do is “hang on tight” to castor oil and don’t take anymore than necessary.


          Yes, “scar tissue” is a sharper pain than tumors which tumors is a numb pain.


          Yes, it’s easier to live with tumors than with “scar tissue.”


          Tumors are softer than “scar tissue” for which is sharp and hardened.


          Not once did I ever consider internal “scar tissue” to be such a pain more than tumors.


          Is dusty Western Medicine Ok?


          Post surgical procedure “scar tissue” is basic fundamentals for which to inform patients about since this type of surgical medical information directly deals with patients for which go through one, too, many surgical procedures and are bound to “scar tissue” for life.



What is there to say about cancer?

Nothing, really

Well, plenty, actually.


          Personally, I don’t know what to tell other people about reoccurring surgical procedures except “scar tissue” can be problematic.


          If at all possible then one stays away from the surgeon’s knife unless it’s absolutely necessary to save the life of any individual.


          Yes, I’ve already made it through literal malignant melanoma starting the fall of November 1997 as a sophomore in college in New England, Massachusetts when I spent the fall of 1997, winter and spring months of 1998 on average asleep for about 16 hours per day since I was exhausted to the bone.


          Hardly ever did I make it to meals at the common hall and I didn’t show up to one single class in probably two entire semesters.


          Yes, I did all of the homework and wrote all of the papers and left the paperwork in mailboxes or emailed my homework and papers into professors’ email inboxes without ever telling one single soul or professors or parents or friends I knew my body had immediately and drastically changed into emergency mode and into malignant melanoma which I already knew what I had and how serious my self-made diagnosis was therefore I didn’t tell a single soul except for one close and personal old time friend of our family who asked me: “Come out with it. What is it? What’s on your face and what do you make of it?”


          “Well, I already know it’s quite serious therefore I call this formation ‘Freddy Krueger’ even though I haven’t ever seen any of the films.” Ha.


          We laughed and made fun of the malignant tumor nicknamed “Freddy Krueger.” Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny.



          Yes, we made it through laughter.

          We were only 23 years of age.


          One year later in December of 1998 I was “officially” diagnosed with malignant melanoma and within 24 hours I was under the wonderful and incredible surgeon’s knife for which saved my life and most likely I’ll be indebted for life as a metaphorical example.


          January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December of 1998 I continued to sleep for about six hours per day still made it to most day classes.


          At night I worked catering and in the daytime I worked at the Art Library and late at night we held cigarette smoking homework sessions and studied thousands of medical vocabulary words and wrote twenty page papers per night and learned history lessons and read entire novels and wrote analyses plus for homework we watched cinema or animation and continued to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee which didn’t keep us up any longer than 2:00am in the morning then clean up before bed and retire for the evening.


          Monday through Friday we got up at 5:00am to make it to classes done by 9:00am then worked at the library from 9:00am to 12:00pm, lunch, sleep for three hours in mid afternoons then more classes from 3:00pm to 5:00pm then dinner/cat nap then from 6:00pm to 10:00pm catering then from 10:30pm to 2:00am study group at gas light village with history and English and pre-med majors where we lived and ate our meals and communed together and kept the doors locked as a group of heterosexual creative women who peacefully lived together while I rented a single room on campus and hardly ever slept or went there other than to shower, change clothes and go to classes or shower and change clothes and go to work or shower, change clothes and go to study group which was the most important part of my day to get our homework done well and get excellent marks on the homework even though anyone knew I could barely drag myself out of bed and I was tired to the marrow of my bones. People were there.


          People witnessed my physical struggles and ailments and dealing post cancer.


          People knew about how by December 1997 I had self-diagnosed myself with malignant melanoma and was only going to be given one year to live since I had already looked and studied the hardened mass the shape and size of a pencil eraser the color of light to dark green booger color.


          Within a year the mass changed colors as drastically as watching the seasons change. I knew I was in trouble.


          No doctors or surgeons had to tell me I was given a year to live. I already knew therefore I held off going to any doctors for nearly one year since I knew my face was going to be cut open and the game of beauty would be lost forever therefore I was to live my life and be as present as possible since I was given a second chance at life, however.


          A second chance at life doesn’t guarantee good or even excellent health.


          No, I don’t ever take naps in the daytime unless I’m terribly ill with a nose or ears or throat infection or irritation or pain with a head cold otherwise I don’t ever get headaches unless there’s extreme biometric pressure in the atmosphere and a stormy front is near then I get a singular headache above my eyebrows where the pressure collects since the human body is made of liquid and electricity and tissue and bone. Wow.


          No, I don’t spend my days in bed.


          Although I would love to be able to take hammock Costa Rican naps rather than a schedule of domestic cleaning and more domestic cleaning and writing and reading and research.


---  ---  ---




Lunch Break.




























          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 1,972

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count: 1,972


Friday, July 20, 2018


“May his name return without his body.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Resilience (elasticity, rebound)


The resilience of war-time rubber bands was very poor.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.






Chapter 26.

Page ?


Lavender has urged that persons habitually attentive to their attire;


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Hello. Hi.


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Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


          Happy Sundown…


---  ---  ---


          General Sexual Notes and Reminders and Statements:


          *) Public Masturbation is Illegal. No Public Masturbation.


          *) In general, private masterbation is good for overall health.


          *) Private masturbation is a private act done by oneself. (I don’t know how much more I’m able to spell this out.)


          *) One privately masturbates at home in private either in one’s own private bedroom or private bathroom. Thank you.


          *) In general I’ve been informed private masturbation is a private act in which people partake in about once per day or weekly.


          *) Personal Thought: One can only assume and imagine private masturbation must get as old as smoking cigarettes.


          *) Yes, as any mature adult if I were to privately masturbate then indeed I were to privately masturbate once per month or even every three months. Ha. Yep.


          Yes, this summer directly face-to-face I’ve been asked if I’m “horny.” Not from conversation, thank you. Words are only words.


          Seriously, one can keep the mind preoccupied rather than in a constant state of “horny.”


          *) Sexual Fantasies: There’s a scene in the film “When Harry Met Sally” and as both Harry and Sally get to know each other and walk about the outside of a museum Harry asks Sally what’s her greatest sexual fantasy and Sally answers she imagines a man with an amazing body and in Sally’s fantasy her mystery man takes a hold of her and fantasy man and Sally have wonderful orgasmic sex and Harry asks Sally, what does the man in the sex fantasy look like? and Sally answers something about how her sexual fantasy doesn’t have a face and her fantasy’s face is more or less a shadow or something like it. Ha.


          *) Sexual Fantasies: For the most part on average mature adults hold private sexual fantasies which are quite simple rather than morbid or skewed or alternative or pornographic.


          *) Consented sexual intercourse is private business and one ought not to discuss one’s sexual acts with other humans much less friends or family or acquaintances or enemies or strangers.


          *) Consented sexual intercourse isn’t ever done or practiced in public or at work or churches or schools or general gathering public spaces.


          *) On average any healthy consented sexual intercourse in relationships occurs about once per week for “regular” humans.


          *) Television’s incorrect portrayals of humans are fake and incorrect portrayals. Nothing on Television is real. Nothing.


          *) No, I’m not “asexual.” Absolutely not. No, thank you. I shan’t like to be characterized as an “asexual” mature adult woman.


          Even if hypothetically I weren’t to ever participate again then I would still like to consider myself a free and intelligent and smart and kind sensual mature adult woman and I do keep my hands to myself. Thank you.


          *) Yes, I’m all aware about “brain damage.”


          *) Yes, in 1995 one of our family friends was in a crash accident and was proclaimed “brain damage” and none of us held anything against our friend or their family and still don’t, however.


          As young women, we learned our family friend with “brain damage” would literally throw their entire body against women’s bodies and begin to roughly kiss women and most women fended off our friend from sexual advances and there was the end of the ordeal.


          Neither of us as young women made any complaints or made a big deal about it or raised any concerns.


          We simply shared the experiences with each other then we moved on as we moved on in our late teens and early twenties as a group of female friends.


          Women are aware about “brain damage” in men.

          Women know.

          We know.


          *) No, I’m not “brain damaged.” I’m simply Indigenous peasant and English as a Second Language and incredibly direct and cheeky and living with thyroid tumors which tend to squeeze the voice box.


          *) My oxygen levels are awesome. 98, thank you.


          My oxygen levels are considered the oxygen levels of an athlete in their twenties. How this happened? Who knows. I don’t worry about cigarette smoking. I don’t. My mind was made up long before I ever smoked any American Spirit cigarette.


          At Ojibwa/Episcopal camp in Bemidji, MN we were taught by the Ojibwa to say prayers at graves with the spread of sacred tobacco and smoking cigarettes is also sacred prayerful act even though we personally as campers didn’t smoke cigarettes during the prayers plus we were only fourteen years of age.


          *) No, alternative doesn’t mean independent.


          *) Yes, women can go without consented sexual intercourse and not fall apart.


          *) Whether people have sex or not usually humans are considered sexual organisms.


---  ---  ---



White Privilege

Double Standards


          Feudalism: Yes, we live in feudalistic times therefore let’s not pretend with one another.


          Yes, it’s been explained to me modern women are still considered “property.”


          Yes, it’s been explained to me by many different parties I’m considered a “trophy.”


          Yes, my life’s dream has been to “get off the grid” with geothermal and live off the land on organic local vegan foods and goat products.


          However, such a dream is nearly impossible. I wanted to live “off the grid” right in “town” or in any major city.


          Yes, I’ve been sent back here to say I represent massive amounts of respectable ancestors and peoples and a large and complicated family, friends, neighbors, villages and enemies and acquaintances.


          No, I’m not here to murder or harm anyone.


          Yes, I’m here to get healthy through organic vegan local foods.


          Yes, after eight years of being prodded and tested and more blood work and more tests I’ve given up on Western Medicine to cure my thyroid tumors and now turn my full attention to holistic food medicines.


          Tumor medicine is organic vegan local foods.


          Yes, I’ve lived with thyroid tumors since October 2013 (correction on dates) and now the thyroid tumors have finally begun to take a toll on my voice box.


          No, I’m not dying from tumors rather I live with tumors.


          Yes, my Maya Indigenous peasant life expectancy is 68; however, I hope to make it to 80 or 102 years of life.


          Yes, one entire decade (10 years) spent with Finn-Minnesotans and I’m here to tell anyone wise enough to listen, old people don’t usually lose their wits and old people are independent yet old people get extremely wrinkly and old peoples’ teeth get naturally yellowed no matter how good one is about daily dental hygiene.


          Yes, no matter how beautiful or handsome men are in their youth any human gets old and extremely wrinkly and it’s the way of life and nature.


          The decade of my thirties I spent such a ten year period socializing with 80 and 90 year olds and no one can pay me enough money to do such absurdity ever again.


          When one is in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and 60’s and 70’s then one ought not to only see or socialize with 80 and 90 year olds otherwise this makes one old before one’s time and one begins to acquire the mannerisms and opinions of 80 and 90 year olds which are usually racially discriminatory and wrong about modern opinions.


          Yes, I’m glad to have spent ten years socializing and exhaustively entertaining 80 and 90 year olds then one gets a sense of how intelligent and smart elderly people are and how truly independent people are in their 80’s and 90’s.


          There’s nothing to fear about getting old because most people’s wits stay intact.


          The only true and real realization about being old is how the skin sags and the teeth yellow and the skin further wrinkles and the hair thins out and the gums get blackened.


          Yes, I was raised in the late 1980’s and 1990’s and 2000’s therefore I’m direct and upfront and don’t steal, cheat or borrow or beg.


          As a woman brought up in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I was taught to speak for entertainment therefore I would “entertain” company, however, as of this week I’ve explained to my peeps I may have to go near silent for the next year since my voice box is taken a hit.


          Yes, I’m working on breaking an “idealistic” streak.



Why do you have to go through ‘everything’ alone?


          No, I don’t go through life alone. I don’t.


          An independent strong support system is always important, however, I’ve been taught by the Minnesotans I’m not to ever be friends with their friends, however, Minnesotans tell me to my face how easy it is to “steal” my friends and leave me all pathetic and pitiful and alone to do life by myself. What a bunch of weirdoes.


          Therefore I don’t ever mention to anyone in Minnesota how some of our closest friends of Duluth, MN who married our New England, MA (Simmons College, Smith College, Harvard) families moved to the suburbs of Minnesota within five miles of where I live. I’m grateful to have such families here with us by our side raising their beautiful children and changing racially discriminatory rural suburban, Twin Cities’ area.



A Conversation with

A Black African American Male Friend


          Yes, I have a heart made out of muscle which pumps pure blood throughout my bloodstream.


          No, my heart’s not made of stone.


          No, my heart’s not made of steel.


          No, I’m not weird.


          No, I’m not any type of “f****** weirdo.”


          Yes, when need be then I most certainly can turn into an “f****** b****.”


          No, I don’t like to be cruel or mean.


          No, I don’t hold any ‘delusions of grandeur.’


          No, not anywhere do I practice any speeches.


          No, I don’t go around telling people I’m going to be ‘rich and famous.’


          “Why won’t you say what’s going on with you?” He asked.


          “There’s nothing to say.” I answered.


          “Why do you have to go through anything alone?” He asked.


          “I’m not and I don’t go through life alone.” I said.


          “Then why won’t you say?” He asked.


          Silence from me. I thought for a moment.


          “I’m not talking to you about this specific aspect of my life because I don’t want to talk to you about it.” I said.


          “Fine. Be that way.” He said. Ok.



Another Conversation

With a Black African American Female Friend


          “Does your family and others know how you are with us year after year?” She asked.


          “Do people know how kind and relaxed you are year after year?” She asked.


          “No.” I answered.


          For a moment I gave it a thought:


          “My family and Minnesota friends all think I’m an “f****** freak.” I answered.


          “Someday your family and friends ought to meet us and we have testimonial for them as to how great of a friend and neighbor you’ve been to us over the years.” She said.


          “You’re so strong and hardly ever talk about what you’re feeling.” She said.


          “You do us the great favor to tell us what you’re physically feeling and going through and in detail you are able to describe physical discomfort with great visual words, however, hardly ever do you tell us what you deeply feel or what you’re thinking while your thyroid tumors squeeze your voice box.” She said.


          “We can tell you’re strong. I can only imagine how strong you must be. You’re always cheerful and sweet and kind and able to respectfully interact with others even though you’re going through your own real hell.” She said.


          “You’re considered what people call, ‘The Bomb.’” They said.


          “You’re truly cool and awesome and ready with a smile even though you don’t have to smile at anyone.” She said.


          “It’s obvious the tumors are growing inward and crushing your voice box. It’s obvious. We all noticed as of this week. Your voice is going. Your voice has become thin over the years.”


          “Yep. I’m aware.” I said.


          “Of course, you are. Tell us, we’ve always wanted to know. How do you feel about your thyroid tumors? How are you truly doing?” They asked.




          “Gabriel, all of life is a test.” They said. Ok. I already know.



Yet another Conversation

With Caucasian Peoples


          When it comes to Minnesota Caucasian peoples telling me about their “delusions of grandeur” about how they’ll someday be ‘rich and famous’ and until then to please give them my earnings and wages and do domestic volunteer work and volunteer cook or volunteer nanny for them then in the back of my mind I think about how awful of a trade it is to be imposed upon by anyone.


          “When we’re ‘rich and famous’ then you can either be our chauffer or cook or nanny.” They said.


          “What.” I said.


          “You can help us raise our family and volunteer to do all of our domestic work for us in exchange for your organic vegan meals and room. You can start now and if you can then please give us grocery money.” They said.


          “Well, my future career goals are to continue to write more so than to volunteer to take care of other peoples’ children or cook their meals or do their laundry or nanny or chauffer.” I said.


          “Plus, if you’ll be ‘rich and famous’ and I help you get there then why do I have to do all of the domestic house work and be an indentured servant without salary paid forever and ever?” I asked.


          “Because you’ll be our dearest friend who takes care of me and our whole family.” They said.


          “No, thank you.” I said.


          The number one rule to mature adulthood is to not to ever imposition another adult or human for anything unless it’s equal value of exchange in return.



          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 2,319

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count:


Wednesday, July 18, 2018


“May cramps parade through his bowels.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Sagacious (wise, knowing, of sound judgment, respected)


Because he is known as a sagacious person his opinions are respected.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.






Chapter 26.

Page ?


Lavender has urged that persons habitually attentive to their attire;


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 11:39am CT


Happy Wednesday!


---  ---  ---


          Mr. Cuddles:


          Mr. Cuddles is now my new favorite character.


          Mr. Cuddles is a true friend with warts and all.


          Oh, Mr. Cuddles.


          Yes, we raise a glass to fiction character Mr. Cuddles.


          Mr. Cuddles is like the early Mr. Roggers.


---  ---  ---


          General Notes:


          Wow, it’s Wednesday already.


          Well, for the second time this summer 2018 as of this week I’ve been asked to be a silent business partner. I’m to conduct business while others supposedly get famous. I’ll think about it. I like to conduct none sexual business “behind the scenes” since looking “camera ready” is work.


          Plus, as of June 2018 it’s been once more explained to me by Caucasian Minnesotan higher education psychology low income earners, I’m “obese,” too, much facial acne and swollen feet. Thank you. I’m absolutely aware.


          Only my generous and wonderful enemies tell me I ought to put my face on Television. I don’t seriously ever consider such absurdity.


          Can anyone imagine my face on television? I would be nervous as the dickens. No, thank you. This round Indigenous peasant face wasn’t made for Television plus there are no roles for a face like mine.


          Plus, what on Earth would I say or do over the broadcast airwaves?


          Yes, I’ve been informed I’m a ten times better actress than a one Ms. Meryl Streep. I don’t think so.


          My “party trick” is to act however I don’t act on stages or on film where it most counts. I took years of “acting for the camera” to be a better cinematographer as well as stage acting to be a better camera director as well as ballet and modern dance to be a better writer of choreography although I’m not much good on stage or on film or dance unless I’m playing around with friends or acquaintances or strangers as any “party trick” or whenever in possible physical danger.


          Oh, my singing voice is atrocious.


          No, I’m not tone deaf. On my way to master the four count.


          The only reason I require to learn how to sing is to get into “heaven” or “nirvana” which supposedly neither exists.


          My life isn’t a game. I don’t act in life. Acting’s for the stage or the camera with a fully committed audience. I truly live through my life as most people “live their lives.”


          Yes, the reason why it’s obvious I’m healthily confident is because I don’t stumble through most of life or awkwardly speak or get shy although it can happen at any time.


---  ---  ---




          Yes, the last time I checked I have a healthy and beautiful vagina in full working order.


          Yes, I’m a modern woman as most modern women are modern.


          For whatever reasons most people throughout the course of three decades have taken the liberty to tell me to my face I’m either “pristine” or “boring” or “an old woman” or a “regular” person or a social “babysitter” or a “nobody” and no one ought to ever be romantically attracted to me since I’m short and “ugly” and obese and acne scarred and large cup sized breasts and scarred and it’s been brought to my attention I give lectures like 1990’s moms.


          Well, yes for the most part I’ve spent my life learning and reading and researching as a “stay at home body” because it’s my place to learn and to stay out of trouble as a woman of color and as for being considered “an old woman” well, what more is there to be said? Nothing.


          As for being considered a “regular” person. I most certainly am a “regular” person. I haven’t ever made myself out to be anything other than “regular” except most people who know me well enough knows perfectly well I’m working on “getting my hands on...”


          As for being considered a “nobody.”


          Well, I have a large complicated family and respectful friends and none sexual neighbors. Thank you very much.


          As for being considered “ugly.”


          Most people don’t have any trouble finding consented sexual intercourse.


          Not once do I really ever care what derogatory words I’m called since psychology points out usually what people call others is considered their deepest fears. Ok.


          People give themselves away in speech and pattern and form.


          The secret to longevity is to stay healthy and youthful-feeling no matter how much or little others are willing to acknowledge or see beauty in others throughout the world.


          No, I’m not pristine.


          No, I’m not the elite.


          The elites live in Boston.


          Simply, I’m aging as any other bioorganic substance in matter.


---  ---  ---


          Double Standards:
















---  ---  ---


          Held Up to High Expectations:















---  ---  ---





Lunch Time.





























          Yours Truly;




Word Count: 807

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count:


Tuesday, July 17, 2018


“May delirium guide even his words.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Histrionic (of or pertaining to stage and acting)


The Histrionic Mr. Poe is the title of the book.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.






Chapter 26.

Page ?


Lavender has urged that persons habitually attentive to their attire;


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 1:35pm CT


Happy Tuesday!


---  ---  ---


          Muslim American Sexual Gossip:


          No, the rumors aren’t true.


          Not once and not ever have I so much as taken off my clothes or French kissed or held hands or groped or felt up the private sexual genital parts of any of my Muslim American male friends even though my male friends’ other male friends have told me the friends have been informed I’ve held consented sexual intercourse with my Muslim American male friends when I don’t know what anyone’s penises or vaginas or genitalia looks like.


          No, my Muslim American male friends and I haven’t ever French kissed.


          Yes, I eat garlic and smoke American Spirit cigarettes and have bad breath and love it. No, I don’t have rotten breath.


          Simply, stinky breath from a particular lifestyle to kill bad gut bacteria with cooked garlic and I like to smoke cigarettes.


          No, not once have I ever been romantic or held any consented sexual intercourse with any of my Muslim American male friends.


          No, none of my Muslim American male or Muslim American female friends knows what my breasts or buttocks or ribs or vagina or legs or belly button or cleavage looks like.


          Yes, I made the mistake to use the word “c***” in intellectual debate. Yes, I took liberties with my language usage therefore it’s been explained to me I acted like a “c***” for utilizing the word “c***.”


          No, I’m not a “savage.”


          Yes, once in my lifetime I’ve made usage of “savage” tactics in debate form to teach a lesson no one will soon forget.


          Yes, I’m an Indigenous peasant and peasants usually tend to the land as farmers and are monogamous and none sexually hold peaceful relations with family, friends and neighbors and don’t sexually harass anyone.


          No, nobody’s romantically in love with anyone. Nope.


---  ---  ---



Blunt Instrument

English as a Second Language Adult


We Got Lost In Translation.

We Did.

We most certainly did.


For Thirty Years,

Best friends complain that I’m “intense.”



Over here we do domestic work

Or take care of properties  

Or write or read or research

Or watch cinema or run errands

Or daylight or daytime text

Or care or train domesticated dogs

Or prepare and cook organic meals

Or gift petty cash

Or barter or fair trade

For legitimate organic domestic work

In exchange for organic vegan local foods.


No, I’m not a “pirate.”

No, I’m not a “scavenger.”

No, I’m not a “savage.”


Yes, I’m a modern woman.

Yes, once in thirty years I’m apt to make

A one of a type mistake in debate form


No, I’m not a victim.

No, I’m not a martyr.

No, I’m not vulnerable.


No, I’m not confused.

Yes, I know exactly how I feel.

Thank you.


My simple goal is not to ever develop crushes.

My simple goal is not to fall in love.

People are liabilities.


No, I’m not a hermit.

No, I’m not a recluse.

Yes, I’m a “home body.”


No, I’m not a pervert.

Yes, I do swear.

Yes, people hate how I utilize English.


No, I don’t have consented sex with male or female friends.

No, I don’t ever go around kissing male or female friends.

No, I’m not asexual.

However, friends and neighbors and family members are off limits

No, I don’t ever sexually take liberties with anyone


No, I don’t take my clothes off at all.

Yes, I love debate and banter.

At the end of the day,

I don’t like to be an intellectual.


Yes, I’m terrible at “thinking on my feet”

Even though I’m supposedly brilliant


Life’s Good

Words are only Words

Words aren’t actions


Yes, whenever anyone offers

Anyone else an apology

Then please graciously accept the apology

And don’t begin by raising one’s voice

And rudely point out

What a terrible person the other person is

When simply a one of a kind mistake occurred


Apologies hardly ever come around.

Hardly ever.


No, I don’t get easily offended.

Simply, I mirror other peoples at their levels.


Peoples tell me I don’t know how to control my temper.

Peoples don’t control their tempers with me.



None Sexual Friendships


          Not anytime recently has anyone seen my vagina. Thank you.


          Hardly any men in the world could or would describe my vagina. Thanks.


          In general mature adult men don’t describe women’s vaginas.


          Truly, I’m eloquent in speech and form, however.


          No, I’m not any type of professional speech speaker.


          No, I don’t write public speeches for politicians.


          No, I don’t do professional debate.


          No, I don’t do professional chess.


          No, I’m not any type of professional referee.


          No, I’m not any type of professional judge.


          Yes, I drive like a “grandma.” Ok. Thanks.


          Whenever peoples get incredibly offended and defensive in conversation or discussion or debate form and raise their voices particularly and specifically at me then I take such peoples seriously and match and mirror peoples’ octave levels and facial expressions and hand gestures because aggressive or offended peoples’ loudness and gestures do speak for themselves as “body language” usually does speak volumes more than words.


          Now, in modern times the English expression: “How dare you” doesn’t hold any weight or power in modern English language since such any expression was last heard in the late 1880’s and now is supposed to be literally a hilarious and funny phrase and it’s an “ice breaker” in conversation whenever anyone says “How dare you” because no one wears tops hats or bonnets anymore. It’s 2018. Let’s go. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll.


          Now, in modern times the English expression: “Get out of my way” doesn’t hold any weight or power in modern English language since such any expression was last heard in the late 1880’s and now is supposed to be literally a hilarious and funny phrase and it’s an “ice breaker” in conversation whenever anyone says “Get out of my way” because no one wears tops hats or bonnets anymore. It’s 2018. Let’s go. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll.


          We’re no longer in Kansas, baby. Let’s go.


          By the time anyone’s gotten so offended at anything basic or simple as science and medicine, then ‘I don’t know what we’re talking aboutbecause in general one doesn’t ever speak about anyone’s specific health issues or do if comfortable otherwise it’s  best to be general about overall health or not discuss health at all.



Mistakes Happen…


          For as long as I live I shan’t make use of any “savage” tactics in debate form especially not in speech or communications.


          For as long as I live I shan’t ever make use of the word “c***” in debate form therefore I won’t be looked upon as a “c***” for teaching lessons outside the constructive evident format of debate and form.


          Nevertheless, heated conversations about personal mistakes can be some of the most awkward and difficult conversations to have and I don’t like awkward. I like fluidity.


          Although, I can get or become or make myself extremely properly awkward especially when I’m on Pointe as for how awkward the conversations can get about mistakes then I’m correct to act awkwardly especially when other peoples’ main and only desire is to want to “drive points home” and give lectures and requires to do all of the talking with basic assumptions without any room for rebuttals one must listen and take the scrutiny and criticism except what’s the point when the other person believes one’s a scoundrel rather than a completely embarrassed and awkward friend who’s deeply apologetic about mistakes in miscommunications.

          My male friends of ten, twenty, thirty years for whom I haven’t ever French kissed much less held hands with me, all tell me mistakes are made in friendships and its okay and not to beat myself up since I hardly ever make social mistakes.


          2018 has been the year of faux pas. I take full responsibility. Bad intelligence.



One-Sided Conversations


          In general people talk about greetings and salutations.


          American television and American literature holds a skewed portrayal of modern peoples’ such as with ethics and values in communications, however.


          In my entire thirty years of experience living in America most of 90% of my social experiences are either with Americans who tend to get condescending or competitive or get dismissive or yell and scream or raise their voice at me if I don’t agree with them which usually I probably won’t ever agree when people make incredible assumptions about how real life is or how real life can get in awkward and gracious and difficult moments in conversations or debates or speech or communications.


          To convey any real constructive thought outside of one’s brain is brilliant.


          People get easily offended by me for two reasons:


          People tell me, the first time they were ever inappropriate with me and I respond with kindness then I nearly embarrass people.


          Two, whenever people have placed me in direct line of danger; or sexually harassed me or inappropriately took liberties with my body then I don’t ever consider or think of myself as a “victim” and/or think or say: “This happened to me.” I was sitting here minding my own business interacting with others then suddenly someone French kissed me or pinched my buttocks or pinched my nipple or groped or grabbed me.


          No. I don’t ever say: “This happened to me.”


          What’s the point?


          Most of women’s lives are about sexual harassment or sexual molestation or sexual assault or rape.


          No woman ever says: “This happened to me.” Nope.


          As women we take the abuse since we know better than to say: “This happened to me.”


          Women expect to have liberties taken with our bodies and we flee such advances. We know.


          Women know what it’s like to be inappropriately fondled and touched or forcibly kissed with tongue and mouth and saliva.


          Women know.

          We know.


          Therefore women keep our hands to ourselves. Always.



General Topics of Conversation or Not


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about the weather and specifically wind patterns or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how in general cancer cells reproduce or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to live an organic vegan lifestyle or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about long distance running barefoot or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how acne hormonally develops differently in men than in women or not discuss it at all. (Acne above the chin is stress. Acne below the chin is hormonal.)


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to best organic compost or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about organic farming or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to hunt black bear with bow and arrow or not discuss it at all. One must utilize the entire parts of the animal.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about world religion, however. It’s best not to ever speak or talk about politics or religion in the United States of America or not discuss at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about animation or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about the theories of “Game of Thrones” or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can write a dissertation about graphic novels or not discuss at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to best and generally wash or clean the vagina with nothing other than water or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to best not wear “thong” underwear then women don’t get reoccurring “yeast infections” which yeast infections can and does get passed unto the male or female consenting sexual spouses back and forth continuously over the years and decades or not discuss it at all. How exhaustive.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to best not wear high heels since high heels ruins the alignment of the spine, muscles and bones in the legs and feet or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to best not wear makeup since the charcoal minerals seep into the skin and bloodstream which stay there forever as charcoal collects in the eyelids well after death or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about oxygen in the bloodstream and the higher levels of oxygen then the longevity and the healthier the individuals live or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to keep the lungs from ever hurting when one’s a cigarette smoker. No, my lungs don’t ever hurt unless I get a terrible chest cold otherwise kosher or Halal or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about how to not wear any jewelry or how not to carry wallets in one’s back pockets to keep the spine perfectly aligned since the spine connects to the brain or not discuss it at all. Correct. Yep. Right.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about the cosmos or not discuss it at all.


          Personally, I can hold an hour long conversation about quantum physics or not discuss it at all.



          Yours Truly;




Word Count: 2,286

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count: 2,286


Friday, July 13, 2018


“On the tips of tongues the fate of the world rests.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Respite (delay or postponement, intermission of labor)


The condemned man was granted respite.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Habitual Attention To Attire.


Chapter 26.

Page 323


Lavender has urged that persons habitually attentive to their attire; display the same regularity in their domestic affairs. He also says: “Young women who neglect their toilet and manifest little concern about dress, indicate a general disregard of order---a mind but ill adaptive to the details of housekeeping---a deficiency of taste and of the qualities that inspire love.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 3:01pm CT, 4:48pm CT


Happy Friday!


---  ---  ---


          Happy Friday the 13th which is one of the luckiest days of any of the three Mayan calendars.


---  ---  ---


          Not utilizing swear words in a modern era is almost like near complete silence which silence isn’t anything anyone’s ever after in conversations unless one hangs out amongst family or friends or strangers then one can go completely silent and not mind it.


---  ---  ---



North Van Ness, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California


          Well, what about Hollywood, Los Angeles, California?


          August 2017 I spent one week recuperating in North Van Ness, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California I noticed half of Los Angeles smokes cigarettes and immediately I fell in love with the lack of judgment from anyone around other than airport tourists.


          If the smog doesn’t kill one in Los Angeles than nothing much else will other than fast traffic or gun violence or cancerously polluted water.


          Nearly anyone in Los Angeles smokes cigarettes and no one cares.


          No one cares what people do in Los Angeles. I love L.A.


          Los Angeles is one huge highway stretching for miles and miles and miles of pavement.


          Mainly the parts of Los Angeles which are flat are made for skateboarding nirvana except for one major aspect of Los Angeles which no one ever tells tourists: the Earthquake cracks can be semi deadly to either walk on or skateboard on the sidewalks.


          One of the main reasons I left Boston, MA in 2005 was due to cobble stone streets.


          Forget brick.

          Brick’s a dream come true compared to cobble stone streets.


          One of the main reasons I left Duluth, MN in May of 2004 was due to huge cracks on the sidewalks from brutal winters of the ground shifting from extreme cold to extreme heat.


          One of the main reasons I left Costa Rica in September of 2007 was due to the lack of roads and zero skateboarding outside of San Jose, Costa Rica.


          Even though I was recuperating from a surgical procedure I took it upon myself to take the time to skateboard Hollywood, Los Angeles, California and not once and not ever did I come across one single organic Co-Op health food store.


          We (other tourists and me) spent time in Hollywood, Los Angeles and went and saw the La Brea Tar Pits, the subway and the garment district and downtown business district and television city and an hour drive to Venice Beach and Korea town and not once did I ever come across anything organic vegan. I searched far and wide.


          The first day in the Van Ness neighborhood I walked for about 1.5 miles in search of organic vegan foods and found a bagel shop or bakery shop and stopped there and bought a sandwich for $10.00 to eat none organic vegan.


          A ten dollar sandwich is extremely expensive especially when the bread isn’t organic non-GMO gluten free, free trade or the vegetables aren’t organic or the meats free range and cage free and no hormones or no antibiotics.


          On my first mid afternoon on my way back from the bakery I stopped into a local “mom ‘n’ pop” shop in search of organic avocados and organic mangos and organic bananas and other basic kitchen items such as pots and pans and cooking spoons and none were to be found.


          No cookware was to be found in all of Los Angeles.

          How is this possible?


          My personal weekly goal became one in search of pots and pans and cookware and organic vegan foods since I was told California was the capitol (correction) of organic vegan culinary, except I found Mexico City culinary, circa 1994, the fourth time I visited Mexico.


          In the parts of Van Ness, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California I mainly found retired Russian American populations of incredibly kind and brusque Russian Americans in the same form as one finds retired kind and brusque communities of Russian Americans living in Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN.


          In the part of Van Ness, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California I mainly found working Mexican American family populations of incredibly kind and brusque Mexican Americans in the same form as one finds kind and brusque communities of Mexican Americans living off of Bloomington Avenue and Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN.


          In the Van Ness, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California neighborhood we (other tourists and myself) noticed Mexican children are given “Coca Cola” soda for breakfast or for early morning drinks.


          The other tourists and I almost lost our heads together.

          We talked about it.


          Hardly any single Mexican or Mexican American spoke English much less properly much less hardly any English.


          The Mexican American food was much, too, expensive for how dirty and dusty the food was.


          Absolutely no organic produce were to be found anywhere.


          The commercial produce I’d bought was rotted. Immediately I threw it out. There was absolutely nothing more to be said or done for spending a small fortune on rotted vegetables and fruits.


          Anywhere we went (other tourists and me) we either had to pay a fortune to park, or another fortune for water or another fortune for commercial snacks such as basic sugar sodas or spend another small fortune to eat basic Vietnamese cuisine which in Minnesota two meals cost about $20.00.



What about it?


          Yes, I fell in love with the basic and shallow sweetness of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California’s Mexicans who smiled at the drop of a hat, however, it was Mexicans or Latino men in their fifties and sixties who continually exuded 1970’s sexual vibes and openly discussed my sexuality or my looks without my permission.


          Yes, I had to put the locals in their place and I conscientiously raised my voice at one local Latino while in front of the walls of Paramount Studios while Paramount held their cemetery party which I kept being invited to and no I didn’t go even though I was given a proper invitation.


          Yes, I most absolutely did raise my voice whenever Latino men took it upon themselves to think they could openly speak about my vagina or sexuality. Au contraire.


          No, no one has any permission to speak about my vagina or sexuality. Absolutely, not.


          Anywhere I went in Los Angeles then half of the population of men asked me to marry them within ten minutes of meeting. Ha. Funny. Most men detest the very idea of marriage.


          Most women also detest the idea of marriage.


          Men didn’t want to non-sexually date and go out for a drink or a meal. No.


          Men wanted me to go to the downtown, Los Angeles’s court house and get married. No, thank you.


          For the most part Mexican women didn’t like me and somehow I made such women insecure about their place in the world.


          The only thing which truly and continually gave me away in Los Angeles was the fact my clothes were of great and incredible Patagonia materials.


          Most of Los Angeles is dressed in extremely cheap materials and clothes made for warm weather.


          The Mexican women seemed threatened by my Latino American expressions and ability to get around L.A. even though it was nearly impossible to find shoe stores or pillow stores or jacket stores or kitchen ware or organics or vegan produce.


          The only reason I’d live in Los Angeles is for the great weather except the streets smells of rotted food since it’s warm and Los Angeles’s municipal engineering department hasn’t figured out how to come up with garbage cans for warm weather in ways in which one can eliminate terrible rotted street garbage odors.


          Most of Los Angeles smells like rotten food.


          Not once did I come across a recycling can in Los Angeles. I looked for them anywhere.


          Some places I skateboarded, I skateboarded ankle deep in garbage.


          Not once was I able to find any type of public clean water fountains or public restrooms or anything public and municipal friendly.


          There were no plazas or public places to convene.


          Los Angeles was pavement and more pavement and hardly any places to stop and shop or eat because the parking is absurd and the taxis are more expensive than the birth of a first born.


          Look: I fell in love with Los Angeles, Cali.


          More specifically I fell in love with Van Ness, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.


          In one week’s stay I hardly ever heard any English or saw any Caucasians or black people. I only saw and heard and listened to Mexican Spanish.


          Although I was informed there’re higher homeless populations around Hollywood since there’s tourism and tourists are the only suckers who give away their money to the vagrants.


          No matter how much I want to get away from cold deadly frozen winters I don’t want to deal with anything deadly or snakes or bugs or whatever wild life.


          No matter how much I love the flat pavements I still require to be able to skateboard to organic vegan Co-Ops.


          No matter how much I love the smiling people I still require to recycle and compost foods.


          No matter how much I love the weather most middle income earners can barely afford their housing and food in Los Angeles.


          No matter how much I love the vibe of Los Angeles most middle income earners can barely afford clean water to drink.


          The reality of Los Angeles is such a place in which is based on dreams and not founded or based upon reality and I’m as real as people get. I’m also hilarious and funny and can be vulgar. However, what’s the point to vulgar other than for shock value.


          Most of Los Angeles wants…


          Yes, I belong in vegan organic country which is Minneapolis, MN.


          Yes, I belong in skateboard country which is Minneapolis, MN.


          Yes, I belong in none rotted vegetable country which is Minneapolis, MN.


          Yes, I belong where progress belongs which is any peaceful vegan organic gardening local movement.



          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 1,679

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5,000

Weekly Word Count:


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


“Your friend has a friend, don’t tell.”


(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Pensive (thoughtful, serious)


Mother was in a pensive mood after I told her what had happened.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




First Impressions.


Chapter 26.

Page 320


First impressions are apt to be permanent; it is therefore of importance that they should be favorable. The dress of an individual is that circumstance from which you first form your opinion of him. It is even more prominent than manner. It is indeed the only thing which is remarked in a casual encounter, or during the first interview.


What style is to our thoughts, dress is to our persons. It may supply the place of more solid qualities, and without it the most solid are of little avail. Numbers have owed their elevation to their attention to the toilet. Place, fortune, marriage have all been lost by neglecting it.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 1:29pm CT


Happy Wednesday!


---  ---  ---


          Lyrics. Lyrics. Lyrics.


          Oh, Comely!


          Neutral Milk Hotel


[Verse 1]

Oh comely, I will be with you when you lose your breath

Chasing the only meaningful memory you thought you had left

With some pretty, bright and bubbly terrible scene

That was doing her thing on your chest

But oh comely, it isn't as pretty as you'd like to guess

In your memory, you're drunk on your awe to me

It doesn't mean anything at all


[Verse 2]

Oh comely, all of your friends are all letting you blow

Bristling and ugly, bursting with fruits falling out from the holes

Of some pretty, bright, and bubbly friend

You could need to say comforting things in your ear

But oh comely, there isn't such one friend that you could find here

Standing next to me, he's only my enemy

I'll crush him with everything I own



Say what you want to say

Hang for your hollow ways

Moving your mouth to pull out

All your miracles aimed for me


[Verse 3]

Your father made fetuses with flesh licking ladies

While you and your mother were asleep in the trailer park

Thunderous sparks from the dark of the stadiums

The music and medicine you needed for comforting

So make all your fat fleshy fingers to moving

And pluck all your silly strings, bend all your notes for me

Soft silly music is meaningful magical

The movements were beautiful, all in your ovaries

All of them milking with green fleshy flowers

While powerful pistons were sugary sweet machines

Smelling of semen all under the garden

Was all you were needing when you still believed in me


---  ---  ---


          Intellectual Think Tanks:


          No, I’m not any type of concubine.


          No, I’m not any type of intellectual concubine.


          No, I’m not in any open relationship.


          No, I don’t practice poly-amorous.


          No, I’m not a nudist.


          No, no one gets to see my underwear. Thank you very much.


          Well, the only time when anyone has ever publically seen my underwear is when my underwear fell out of my dirty laundry bag at the LAX airport security, however by then I’d already been X-rayed and barefoot without socks and without a belt and all of my change out of my pockets and my wallet separated from my body and my personals scanned.


          No, I don’t believe in attending “prostitution solons.”


          No, I don’t attend “writers’ solons.”


          Yes, in the fall of 2004 I was asked why I didn’t open up an “intellectual” “think tank” and none sexual “meeting of the minds.”


          The only answer I gave was this: Paraphrase: “‘Thanks for asking. The main reason why I won’t ever open up any type of “intellectual think tank” or none sexual intellectual writers’ solon is because ultimately people are a liability. Plus I wouldn’t want to have to host and be an intellectual adversary (challenger/opponent) at the same time. It would take, too, much energy.’ ” Silence from everyone in the room. Ok.


---  ---  ---


          Neutral Milk Hotel’s Website:


          Fiber optic internet issues:


          Well, who knows what I did? I pressed some button and a warning sign came up for pornography. I had to shut down the computer and start the computer back up again.


          Possibly for the first time ever I went to a “Neutral Milk Hotel” website since I went in search of lyrics of “Oh, Comely.”


          No, I neither know anyone in the band Neutral Milk Hotel nor do I go out of my way to meet anyone from the band Neutral Milk Hotel.


          Absolutely I don’t ever go out of my way to meet anyone rich or famous since most are quite eccentrics and we live worlds apart.


          Yes, I’m considered a “regular” human and Citizen and Civilian. I’m supposedly the most relaxed and calm human alive until I’m not with good reason and logic or if violently or physically abused.


          The Neutral Milk Hotel website stated something about how Jeff Magnum (misspelling, please excuse me, I don’t know) was (Blank English Word) after the success of their sophomore album.


---  ---  ---


          The Famous Moon Walk:


          For the first time, three weeks ago my Muslim American friends showed me a music video with a one Mr. Michael Jackson and a live performance of Mr. Michael Jackson’s famous “Moon Walk.” We watched in complete silence. It was incredible. We loved it all. How terrific.


          Yes, yes, I’m aware “everyone and their grandmothers know Michael Jackson.” Ok.


          Personally, I didn’t know a one Mr. Michael Jackson however people grew up with the Jackson family in Gary, Indiana.


          Yes, I’ve been aware of many stories since 2005 when we did an artist residency and documentary feature film about mature adult women of Gary, Indiana and their offspring. Thanks. Cheers.


          No, I haven’t ever made time to go online and watch any live performances of Michael Jackson.




          This Sunday over online television I stumbled upon a band titled “INXS” and as a hyperbole expression I ‘almost fell over’ since I didn’t know the band members were Caucasian males from who knows where? Ha.


          Is “INXS” truly Brit? No. Really. Ok. I’ll have to research where INXS is from. Perhaps, I’ll get around to this research in the next decade. Cheers.


          Oh, for one year I did indeed listen to INXS in either 1989 or 1990? Are these dates, right? Yes.


          Cassette Tapes:


          Ok. Well, continually over the summer months since 2010 I’ve placed a tape cassette into a tape deck to listen to the music on the tape cassette.


          On the tape cassette label and clear as day is one of my Sardinia, Italia sibling’s handwriting from 1987? or 1992? or 1996? which says: “U-2 The Joshua Tree.”


          My Sardinian, Italian, Duluth, MN, New England, MA adopted sister now lives in Frankfurt, Germany and I’ve visited her and her family there.

          Unfortunately, it’s finally arrived to my attention the entire tape cassette is blank.


          While I went about my responsibilities about the place not once and not ever did I hear any sound come out of the cassette tape player then when the tape wound to the end of the spool the tape player button switched itself off. Oh, well.


          Now, I’ll look for any type of cassette tape with “U2’s The Joshua Tree” album.


          Personally, I don’t think tape cassette music exists anymore.


          Well. Ok.


---  ---  ---




Fictional Characters are Made-Up.

Regular People are Regular


No, regular people aren’t fictional characters.


Television isn’t real.

Fiction (imaginary writing) isn’t real.

Rap videos aren’t real.

Lyrics aren’t real.

Poems aren’t real.

Entertainment isn’t real.

Movies aren’t real.

Commercials aren’t real.

Magic isn’t real.

Mass media is manipulated.

All’s well.

All’s calm.

These are basic truths we’ve known since ‘the age of fire.’

Fire is literally hot and real and burns.

Please, don’t anyone play with fire. Thank you.

The World’s a whole larger than Minnesota.


No, I’m not cross eyed.

No, I’m not “retarded.”

The Native Americans

Say not to ever allow for one’s soul

To be stolen by photographs. I agree.


          Fictional (not real) characters in fiction writing or television sitcoms or commercials or otherwise storylines with sci-fi or children’s tales or dragon stories aren’t real people.


          What don’t Americans understand about fictional characters?


          Fictional Characters are the following:


          “Helen of Troy” wasn’t a real person.


          “Helen of Troy” is an imaginary character and not true.


          The imaginary storyline of “Helen of Troy” is about a fourteen or fifteen year old girl from Sparta who was kidnapped by Troy and raped then for a nine year “Trojan War” Helen went to stay hidden and sheltered.


          “Mr. Darcy” isn’t a real person.


          “Mr. Darcy” is an imaginary character and not true.


          “Georgiana Darcy” isn’t a real person.


          “Georgiana Darcy” is an imaginary character and not true.


          The first time I was ever compared to the imaginary character “Helen of Troy” I was fifteen years of age and fully dressed without ever being touched at all I stood in a sunny professional commercial studio above a city while professional Caucasian business men fully dressed in suits held an hour long inquiry and asked me questions about my life, and also such men had asked to meet me when the men were in their forties and fifties and all agreed I was “Helen of Troy” which I had already read Homer’s literary works therefore I said nothing. What was there to say?


          No, I’m no “Helen of Troy.”


          What’s the point of comparing a breathing human to a fictional imaginary character? There isn’t.


          The comparison was, too, great and I’ve always known myself to be a Mayan peasant.


          The first time I was ever compared to the imaginary character “Georgiana Darcy” was in the fall of 2000 when my organic vegan New England, MA blue blood non-sexual Harvard former boyfriends told me I reminded them of kind “Georgiana Darcy” yet I hold the hardened and calloused exterior of imaginary character “Mr. Darcy” since then I’ve been nicknamed “Mr. Darcy.”


          Although for the most part the ‘inside joke’ is I’m supposedly as “sweet” “Georgiana Darcy.”


          People have told me I ought to have been born a man.


          People have told me I ‘think like a man’ yet I’m ‘all woman.’


          No, I’m no “Georgiana Darcy.”


          No, I’m no “Mr. Darcy.”


          What’s the point of comparing a breathing human to any fictional imaginary characters? There isn’t.


          The comparison was, too, great and I’ve always known myself to be a Mayan peasant.


          “ ‘Aside from being compared to a fictional character, you’re the type of woman who men would go to war for. No wonder you’re so calm and relaxed.’” He said.


          Thanks. Silence from me.


          “The other thing you are is a sea turtle.

          You take your sweet time.”         


          “Please, join us in ‘a meeting of the minds.’”


          “What are you doing sitting there?”


          Laughter. On my part.


          “Either talk or sing.”


          “No, thank you.”


          “Ok. I’ll participate as ‘impartial judge.’”



          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 1,397

Weekly Word Count:


Tuesday, July 10, 2018


“In good times it’s good to talk: in bad times, not to.”


 (Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Polemical (involving controversy, disputing)


He loved to argue some polemical subject.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Bathing Costumes.


Chapter 26.

Page 341-342 


The bathing-dress should be made of flannel. A soft gray tint is the neatest, as it does not soon fade or grow ugly from contact with salt water. It may be trimmed with bright worsted braid. The best style is a loose sacque or the yoke waist, both of them to be belted in and falling about midway between the knee and the ankle. Full trowsers gathered into a band at the ankle, an oilskin cap to protect the hair, which becomes harsh in the salt water, and socks of the color of the dress complete the costume.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 4:13pm CT


Happy Tuesday!


---  ---  ---


          Correction from “wine” to “whine.” Thanks.


---  ---  ---




Irritated with “Helen of Troy”


Ok. Eventually I’ll get into the

Verbal Chess

Game, Set, Match.


No, I don’t consider myself “Helen of Troy.”

Absolutely, not.


No, I’m not running for Governor of any State.


Yes, for twenty years,

People ask me to run for Governor

No, thank you.


Yes, for thirty years

People tell me

I’m either “Helen of Troy” or brilliant

Thank you.


Yes, in Minnesota

As of July 9, 2018

People have begun

To call me “Einstein”


No, I don’t ever consider myself to be “Einstein.”

No, I don’t ever consider myself to be “Helen of Troy”


          Weekly, anytime I mow lawns in the daytime then in the early hours of the evening around 9:00pm my body feels as though my thighs ran half a mile through thick mud. Ha. Wonderful.


          The last time I ran through thick mud was in fall of 2003 on the Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, MN.


          Yes, whenever I “relax” in mixed company then I get quiet and peaceful and enjoy intelligent back-and-forth banter amongst peaceful parties.


          Personally, I do stay out of conversations, however.


          Since 1990, I personally stay out of intellectual banter even though it’s my favorite types of communications. I stay out of intellectual banter since I’m English as a Second Language adult.


          Last night, I lost a friend a small fortune in verbal chess.


          Yes, I lost the game by choosing not to play. Ha.


          Not playing verbal chess isn’t an option any longer.


          People have decided to throw me into the intellectual verbal chess game of debate and food bets and watch me swim. Ok.


          Yes, the first organic food bet I ever made was fall of 2006 and I bet one organic mango. I lost the bet and brought in one organic mango to share for everyone to eat and we did.


          People have become stinking angry with me for choosing to platonically and none sexually to literally dance fully dressed on dance floors (once per decade) or quietly sit by while I keep myself from laughing out loud at the intelligent banter amongst peaceful parties.


          On average while we socialize, people or guests or hosts either assume I’m not having a good time or assume I’m uncomfortable or assume I’m not having fun or assume I’m easily offended. Au contraire. I’m a writer.


          Most writers have read or directly been told the horrors of life therefore we think mostly life’s hilarious and fun.


          Yes, if Mozart was truly as “cheeky” as Mozart is depicted in one particular film then without ever being physically cheeky I’ve developed a cheeky sense of humor and attitude about most anything in life.


          It’s obvious I want to laugh out loud at stupid ideals and stupid ideas and incorrect word usage, however.


          Americans take themselves extremely seriously therefore it’s best not to ever laugh out loud since Americans can instantaneously switch the conversation from driving tests to deaths in the family to personal lectures on being a good guest. Ha. I don’t crack a smile. I don’t dare.


          English is nearly impossible to get right.


          Since the second weekend in June 2017 I’ve received majorly extensive nearly hour long lectures from Caucasian-Minnesotans and Mexican-Minnesotan Americans and black-Minnesotan American men about how I ought to converse and interact with people rather than either dance all night long or go quiet and relaxed without much verbal input from me.


          People tell me it’s not fair to have “Einstein” or “Helen of Troy” or mature adult “Georgiana Darcy” in the room as any other guest and hardly ever have “Einstein” say anything more than a few mere words or greetings to other guests then concentrate on my own thing of quietly go about checking out the food and drinks and quietly listening to others’ debates and stories.


          People and hosts want me to get into the game and play “impartial judge.” Oh, I don’t want to.


          What if I make the wrong call in verbal chess? Ha.


          Ok. I’ll play peaceful and non violent and impartial judge.


          As of last night’s one-on-one forty minute lecture (11:00pm-11:40pm) on being a good guest: It’s been implored upon me to be an “impartial judge” and jump right into the conversation at anytime no matter what since the sexless verbal chess game’s on. Ok.


          Usually, on average it takes me about one decade (ten years) to get up the energy and stamina to have awesome and heated debates and back-and-forth intellectual banter to be sassy still yet mainly not to ever have any strangers or acquaintances or guests have their emotions or feelings hurt specifically not by me or get offended by any means since the last aspect in my life is not to ever go out of my way to purposely offend or hurt anyone since I don’t ever go out of my way to hurt anyone for any reason and it’s obvious to anyone unless they’re dead.


          On average it takes me about one decade for people to get comfortable with me since most of the time whenever people first meet me then people assume I’m an undercover police officer.


          Only police officers and Caucasian people shake hands.


          Yes, only Caucasian doctors or prominent higher education Caucasian or black business men want to shake my hand. I have terrible aim. I have terrible eye hand coordination. However, I have great balance therefore I skateboard. No, I don’t shake hands unless in debate form or conversation.


          No, I’m not an undercover police officer. I’m not.


          Yes, I’ve been told to become governor since I’m non judgmental and relaxed and playful and fun and legally mischievous.  


          Yes, I’ve been told the party’s where I’m at. Thanks.



“Finger It, To Figure it out”

A Twenty-Five

Free Form

Stanza Poem


Mr. San Diego and Mr. Boston, MA


          The entire of north, Minneapolis, MN and Uptown, Minneapolis, MN and the West Bank, Minneapolis, MN or the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN or the Midway of Minneapolis, MN or Summit Avenue of St. Paul, MN knows I’m incredibly relaxed yet proper and hold a high tolerance for patience and hardly ever swear unless I’m incredibly comfortable in particular company of friends and their friends who literally understand I won’t ever literally throw any dishware against the walls or I won’t ever flip any tables in anger or I won’t ever get out of control and hurt anyone.


          The world knows I’m an incredibly physically peaceful human therefore the world and I hang out.


          Although, I’ve been told by Caucasian Minnesota higher education males in their forties, fifties and sixties whenever I get pissing raging angry at sexual assault or plain rudeness without any consideration for life or death situations then I mainly have a mouth, however, not the temper to go with it. I calm right down then it’s over and done with and moving on and next.


          In the past I’ve gotten angry and screamed and yelled whenever Caucasian higher educated men have had the audacity and told me I would make a “terrible mother.”


          ‘Put a fork right into my left shoulder’ why don’t you?


          Yes, in the past I’ve allowed myself to become angry as the dickens and yelled into phones or texts still yet there’s the extent of my anger with words and only words since mostly other Minnesota women do have and do get physically violent and cause literal property damage whenever Caucasian women are stinking angry at or specifically with men.


          Caucasian higher educated Minnesota’s men tell me whenever I get angry with them then I have “a sailor’s mouth.” Yep.


          However, usually I disguise my “sailor’s mouth” to the best of my abilities and hardly ever swear for any reason at all.


          Although, who doesn’t love to swear? I love to swear.


          “Generation X” grew up swearing up a storm.


          Not utilizing swear words in a modern era is almost like near complete silence which silence isn’t anything anyone’s ever after in conversations unless one hangs out amongst family or friends or strangers then one can go completely silent and not mind it.


          Mainly, I’ve been told I’m one of the least threatening people anyone has ever met thus hosts will take it upon themselves to guard me and protect me from their friends, families and peoples for as long as they possibly can.


          On my end I’ve agreed to the same terms and conditions.


          Mainly, people know I don’t cheat or borrow or steal or lie.


          Yes, recently on July 3rd, 2018 I partook as an “impartial judge” in peaceful debate and my verbal chess skills were handed to me when one San Diego, CA and Boston, MA Muslim American guest gave the performance of a life time and went ahead and cried fake tears while he twisted truth into lie.


          It was the best ‘party trick’ I’ve ever seen. Bravo. I totally fell for it like a sucker. Truly, it was splendid. What an award winning performance. It was an Oscar award winning performance.


          My host had to tell the guest to come out with it and eventually tell me the truth or they would come to blows.


          The guest told me it wasn’t true and he made himself cry fake tears. I was stunned and stupefied. It was astonishing how far he was willing to take his debate and performance simply to win the argument about…


          The guest informed me he came from Hollywood, however, not once or not ever has he ever been paid to be any type of professional actor. Hooray.


          Yes, the gentleman is a business man with government contracts. Best of wishes.


           “Are you horny?” He asked me before the guest and I parted ways.


          “No, not particularly.” I said. “No, I’m not horny.” Ok.


          Yes, I’m always present since twenty years of Sanskrit visual mediation in the Lotus Position to dissolve tumors is a practice in which one does get reoccurring orgasms without ever touching oneself. The rush is incredible without having to masturbate.


          Why do hosts get easily irritated and annoyed by my lack of communications? I’m peacefully hanging out. I keep my clothes on and tend to eat snacks or drink tea.



Don’t you get it?

You always win.


The way you use English

Automatically makes you the winner.


No one’s as kind as you or as direct as you are


Everyone’s trying to copy your speech patterns.

Everyone wants to be as genuine as you are.

However, coming face-to-face with you,

Reminds people how off the mark they are.


You’re the party.


Please, don’t be offended.


I’m not offended.

Otherwise, I’d tell you to your face.



Then speak up and get into the game.



          Yes, most people know I’m not into fame or fortune.


          Yes, most people know I’m a “regular” Citizen and Civilian.


          Yes, most people consider me the most “regular” person alive until I speak then people want me to continue to speak even when I say, “I’m done speaking and I have nothing more to say.”


          Yes, since 2014 people tell me to find a business muse and get inspired and get going and open up a prosperous company and successful business because I’m the type of person who doesn’t change personalities and is constantly peaceful and relaxed while mostly anyone else loses their brains over tiny little things.


          Yes, people tell me it’s obvious I detest money since I think money’s dirty and gold’s heavy and not able to carry anywhere when one runs errands.


          Yes, people tell me they know I’m a “regular” person however in conversation I’m fun and a burst of “sunshine.”


          People tell me I need a business and quick.


          However, I don’t know what type of business to run.


          The only thing I can think of is to write speeches or to hold safe and peaceful fun and playful debate in mixed company.


          Even some of the wealthiest of men have been denied romantic none sexual dates with me because such men at the end of a long evening of Costa Rican oysters and expensive champagne have lost their courage and confidence to directly and straight forward ask me to join them in their suites for strictly a night cap and beautiful intellectual banter without any sexual intercourse.


          For years, I’ve wondered if I could open up a none sexual intellectual saloon or intellectual laid back ‘think tank’ to have a “meeting of the minds” with all types of respectful and intelligent peoples. Nothing cheesy, though.


          Yes, I’ve wondered if I could host none sexual intellectual relaxed and peaceful and none violent and organic vegan foods and parties as an intellectual host rather than a sexual concubine.


          Yes, people tell me even though by Western modern standards I’m considered “ugly” this is a great compliment since it’s nearly impossible not to notice me at a party or gathering or event or get-together when I go about extremely quietly and think no one notices me. “We all notice you. It’s nearly impossible not to notice you.”


          People tell me if I build an artistic business or intellectual “saloon” or party or gathering then people would attend from all over mainly to meet with me and converse with me and peacefully hang out without sexual intercourse.


          Yes, if I were to become an extremely loud Italian then it’s only when I’m testing the room and my friends have been spiritually tested so often they simply call it a night and go home.


          My weaknesses are my strengths.


          My strengths are debilitating.


          My weakness mostly is anyone thinks I’m retarded.


          Let them believe one’s weaknesses prevail. Ok.





          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 2,306

Weekly Word Count: 2,306


Thursday, July 5, 2018


“If you bring suspicion on yourself, don’t condemn anyone who thinks ill of you.”


 (Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Encroach (to trespass, to intrude, to enter upon another’s property or rights)


We tried not to encroach upon the rights of our neighbors.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Dress for Evening Call.


Chapter 26.

Page 336 


Those who make a casual evening call will dress in a similar style, though somewhat more elaborate. A hood should not be worn unless it is intended to remove it during the call. Otherwise a bonnet should be worn.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 1:54pm CT, 7:00pm CT


Happy Thursday!


---  ---  ---



Last night, I was sexually harassed

East Lake Calhoun, MN

W. 36th St. and S. James Avenue


Corrupt Millennial

Somali Muslim Americans

Relocated to E. Lake Calhoun PKWY, MPLS, MN


Cocaine Addicts and Sexual Predators and Alcoholics


          Nope, I don’t know where to begin…


          Disclaimer: Yes, I’m a “none believer” (non Muslim) friend of only one peaceful Muslim American “Generation X” and “Millennial Generation” suburban Twin Cities, MN offspring of a father engineer to the United Nations.


          Social Disclaimer: Yes, once one turns 18 years of age then one becomes a fully legal adult and fully responsible for their actions and one must be legal abiding Citizens and Civilians as well as good neighbors and excellent family members and always care and respect and love for one’s family before any friendships.


          “Family’s everything.”


          Friendships are a way to keep oneself from being lonely.


          Only cocaine users believe life’s like high school. Wrong.


          Only cocaine users believe life’s like a porn film. Wrong.


          For the past three years (2015-2018) I’ve been well informed about how Portland, Maine holds a serious problem with Millennial Somali Muslim Americans as either sexual predators or severe alcoholics or brute gangster “wanna-be’s” or none gangsters yet with a high crime rate of convictions of criminal acts or physical violence or brutality or hate crimes or property damage.


           No, I don’t know what’s the matter with this specific Millennial Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American demographics in their twenties (21-28 young alcoholic parents) “who aren’t getting any younger” and the women wear their Hijabs and innocently act playful as Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American Millennial women who are considered “sexual freaks” by their male counterparts and the women are willing and prepared to be objectified to being treated as sex workers or worse however the women don’t get paid for the sex work to practically get raped or chocked or some or other form of physical abuse directly attributed to sexual misconduct and corruption.


          Legally without mentioning any names here I’ve been given a list of Millennial Portland, Maine Somali American women who work with children and in their private sector lives allow for the Millennial Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American men to choke and ‘date rape’ the women as though life’s a porn film. What a lame horse. Whatever. Lost Causes.


          Go back home to Portland, Maine because no one’s doing E. Lake Calhoun or Uptown, MPLS, MN any favors.


           Finally, I found out the root of the problem due to gang violence in Uptown, MN which is mainly contributed by the uneducated rich parents’ of the implants or transports or relocated Millennial Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American private ‘date rapist’ populations who introduced E. Lake Calhoun, MPLS, MN to ingrate Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American penniless broke brute “wanna-be” gangster alcoholics and cocaine addicts and sexual predators with criminal records.


          The common factor between the E. Lake Calhoun, MN relocated Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American Millennial populous and relocated 35th and E. Lake Street, Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American criminal populous is their love for severe alcoholism and cocaine use and sexual predators and criminal records which one demographics is supplier and the other demographics is demand.


          What a bunch of ingrates.

          What a bunch of inbreeds.

          What a bunch of perverts.

          What a bunch of creeps.


          Portland, Maine’s Somali Muslim American parents require for their Millennial offspring to return home to Portland, Maine and redeem themselves before such Millennial sexual predators of the uneducated and rich Somali Muslim Americans’ physically violent Millennial ingrates either gets sued or murdered or get innocent bystanders raped.



Rotten Apples or Brain Damage or Plain Rude


          Over the Fourth of July 2018 we made plans to meet at 4:00pm as my platonic and none sexual specific Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American surrogate brothers and I made specific plans to meet up and relax and celebrate at home with no traffic jams or weirdoes or alcoholics who can’t hold their liquor and vomit or otherwise.


          No show from one of our family members. We waited until 7:00pm to call and make sure our family member wasn’t dead or raped or jumped or robbed.


          Three weeks ago one of our Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American platonic brothers was robbed by one of his supposed quasi female friend then the next day our immature brother told us he might be interested in the woman who robbed him. What.


          Yesterday, 7:30pm rolled around and I made a direct call to my platonic and none sexual surrogate Millennial Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American brother.


          A disruptor of my brother’s answered our brother’s phone and explained to me how it was the disrupter’s birthday. I wished the disruptor a happy birthday as I tasted sour saliva in my mouth.


          My platonic brother wasn’t able to answer his own phone since he was “blacked out” or “passed out” and drunk in the backseat of this demeaning man’s car. What.


          The birthday disruptor who answered the phone has a history of getting my platonic and none sexual surrogate Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American Millennial brother either landed in jail for public urination or drunk driving and gotten DUI’s and have had to deal with Sheriffs and the list goes on as of this January 24th, 2018.


           Each Monday my platonic Portland, Maine Somali Muslim American Millennial brother gets paid from the pizza shop in north, Minneapolis.


          Each Monday and Tuesday our brother spends all of his money on liquor for his terrible and rotten quasi wanna-be gangster friends then our brother comes home to the suburbs for the rest of the week and complains and verbally harasses and cries and is cruel against the rest of his family for stupidly spending his earnings on his loser friends who don’t ever watch out for the well being or the best interest of our brother’s heart.


          Anytime, anything happens then we go and literally bail out our brother from jail or give him rides at 7:15am to and fro community service for DUI’s or we talk him down off the ledge from depressive and cruel talk about how our brother hates us and he’s going to get his male friends to “jump” us or beat up our very own law abiding siblings. What.


          Our brother tells us how much he hates us and how boring we are and how he can barely stand to look at us and how we ruin his life even though we stay clear out of his way.


          Personally, I’ve only seen this type of extreme mood swings amongst cocaine users.



Occurrence of Events


          Last night at 8:22pm we left our driveway in the suburbs to head to the McDonald’s on E. Lake Street to wait for a birthday disruptor to meet us there to drop off and pick up our drunken and “passed out” brother. No Show.


          Over the phone the birthday disruptor driving around drunk told us he left the McDonald’s on E. Lake Street and went back to Emerson in north, Minneapolis which we had more or less come from Emerson and north, Minneapolis. What.


          The drunken driving birthday disruptor told us to meet him at the parking lot of E. Lake Calhoun PKWY on W. 36th Street and Richfield Rd, or E. Lake Calhoun. We did.


          We waited until 9:23pm to once more text and let the misbehaving parties know our location or (20.) No show.


          Finally at 10:00pm the drunken driving birthday party showed up and parked on the west end of “Bde Make Ska” Parkway and refused to get out of the car and return with us back home where it’s safe and wonderful and comfortable.


          By 10:15pm the drunken driving birthday party drove away from us and headed up the hill on W. 36th Street and took the first left turn onto S. James Avenue and parked and about thirty Millennial Somali Muslim American young parents drunkenly made their way to the middle of the block of S. James Avenue to continue to “allegedly” snort cocaine and continue to get inebriated.


          Our family got out of the car and family members verbally disagreed with each other while our millennial brother smelled like a complete entire bottle of hard liquor oozing out of all of the pores in his body.


          Our brother was beyond drunk. Our brother was ‘mentally ill’ with excessive and deadly levels of alcohol in the bloodstream. I was surprised to see our brother much less stand up while he swore and screamed at his very own family while five other Somali men threatened to jump the sober brother of the drunken brother.


          None of the other Somali men hit or hurt the sober Somali brother because I think mostly anyone around knew there would be some serious ramifications and consequences to pay and with a camera phone I would’ve recorded the entire bloody and nasty mess.


          The mostly peaceful Somali men split up and walked away and left the two Somali brothers and the drunken brother’s Boston, MA and Worcester, MA (literal ghetto) drunken former criminal friend to get into our car and let’s go.


          Our drunken Somali brother had accidently left his phone with the birthday disrupter and once we were in our car then the drunken Somali brother whined and complained for me to stop the car and let him out. I had no intentions to stop a moving vehicle with incredible amounts of traffic all around and let him out.


          The only reason why I didn’t let him out was to prove to our drunken Somali brother I wasn’t any type of taxi service.


          What a waste of valuable time.


          We existed unto a highway ramp from Uptown, MN near the Basilica we drove 394 to 100 North and safely made it home even though near the Cub store my drunken Somali brother threatened to jump out of the moving vehicle while I drove at exactly 60 miles per hour. No way. My brother went to shake the handle and I reamed him out and yelled a good lecture on civility however my voice was constantly on the verge of laughter therefore I couldn’t pull off the gravitas of my words.


          We arrived at our driveway at 11:00pm.



One Continual Hour of Sexual Harassment


          When I parked I told everyone to get out of the vehicle.


          The Worcester, MA extra drunken passenger we’d picked up by mistake or chance or as a hanger-on told me he would truly appreciated if he could be dropped off at Emerson and Broadway north by the arts center and I agreed.


          When we arrived at the McDonald’s near the intersection of Emerson and Broadway in north Minneapolis then the complete waste of time for a passenger told me he didn’t ever say he wanted to be dropped off there and to please drop him back off to W. 36th St. and S. James Avenue.


          Per as I was taught not to ever leave anyone drunk or otherwise on the streets because if drunken people were to hypothetically “denounced dead” then some legal responsibilities could be taken upon or against any parties involved in leaving anyone defenseless and drunk anywhere by themselves much less without a cell phone on their persons.


          Yes, I patiently explained to him he had specifically specified to be driven to Emerson and north Broadway. I did drive there. He told me he wasn’t getting out of the car. Ok. I didn’t want to argue.


          Back to Lagoon in Uptown, Mpls, MN and to E. Calhoun Parkway and up the street to W. 36th Street and S. James Avenue.


          We arrived at such a previous particular destination and the place was dark and the street was empty of cars. Everyone had left and gone.


          Immediately, I parked the car and the young man said to me, “Can I kiss you?”


          “Not unless you want to get punched in the face.” I said.


          “I’m going to kiss you.” He told me.


          “No, thank you. If you kiss me then there will be serious consequences for you tonight.”


          “Come on let me kiss you.” The Somali with feces breath told me.


          “No.” I bluntly reiterated.


          “Can I use your phone?” he asked.


          “No, I forgot my cell with my brothers back at home.” As I immediately explained to the man then my phone rang and my platonic and sober brother called and briefly we spoke together and I told him my exact location.


          When I hung up the line then I immediately turned the car around at the driveway of 3534 S. James Avenue since the young drunken Somali Worcester, MA American man didn’t have his cell on him and he didn’t know any of his contact numbers and needed to get on “Snap chat” to find his contacts, however. I don’t have “Snap chat” on my phone and then we would’ve needed to register the phone and this and the other and sign up for an account. Ridiculous.


          When I parked the car then I turned the car off and got out of the car with car keys in hand and sat down on the curb and smoked an American Spirit cigarette while the young man utilized my cell phone and began to fondle his private parts and stopped reading my phone and from the glow of the cell phone he looked directly at me and said, “let’s fuck.”


          “No, thank you. Find your phone numbers, let’s call your people then let’s go.”


          Only did I stand up from the curve because the Worcester, MA man told me he could barely work my phone and to please help him. I did help him out with my cell.


          “Do you fuck?” he asked.


          “Everyone fucks.” I said.


          “Yes. But do you fuck?” He asked again.


          “Please, don’t ask me such questions.” I said.


          “Do you have children?” He casually asked as though he were asking for the time or talking about the weather.


          Continuously I looked at the glowing screen on my phone to somehow sign up for “Snap chat.” I stalled.


          “No, we weren’t blessed with children.” I answered.


          “Who? You and your husband?” He wanted to know.


          “Yes.” I said to make matters simple.


          “Why not?” He pressed on.


          “We weren’t blessed with children because on-and-off for nine years I’ve been living with tumors. No, I’m not dying from tumors. Yes, I’m living with tumors. I’m extremely healthy.” I bluntly said.


          “Oh.” Finally he went silent.


          Whenever one replies bluntly then it’s mainly to always end any type of personal remarks spoken about anyone present in conversation.


          Personal curiosity in others’ conversation specifically personal remarks made about anyone present which can either come from ignorance or arrogance or straight forward nature to want to know personally about another person when it’s no one’s business to know anything about anything especially when parties approximately met about two hours earlier.


          Once people get personal with me then all I’m doing is to quickly change the subject.


          He told me to forget “Snap chat”.


          He got back into the car and the man from Worcester, MA took off his pants and I told him to put his pants back on and he did. He didn’t have any choice. He reclined all the way back on the front passenger seat then again touched himself.


          Twice we called his mom’s phone number.


          We set on course to drive to E. Lake Calhoun to 35th E. Lake Street to drop off the drunken and inappropriate Somali sexual harasser convict from Worcester, MA, 28 year old man and father of a small daughter and son.


          Also a father who told me the most grotesque things he does to Somali Muslim American Millennial women and the women are willing to put up with misogynists and physical abuse with rough intercourse and date rape and choke and strangulation of the young women and the women love it and take it up the ass.


          What a bunch of corrupt Somali Muslim American millennial sexual predators.



          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 2,711

Weekly Word Count: 1,514 + 1,526 = 3,040 + 2,711 = 5,751


Tuesday, July 3, 2018


“The heart does not mean everything the tongue utters.”


 (Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Veracity (truthfulness, honesty)


Her veracity was not doubted because she was a truthful woman.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Never Dress Above Your Station.


Chapter 26.

Page 328 


Never dress above your station; it is a grevious mistake, and leads to great evils, besides being the proof of an utter want of taste.


Care more for the nice fitting of your dress than for its material. An ill-made silk is not equal in its appearance to the plainest material well made.


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


---  ---  ---


Hello. Hi.


Upload: 2:07pm CT


Happy Tuesday!


---  ---  ---


          Side Bar:


          Yes, I’m one citizen and civilian writer/blogger/diarist/journals.


          No, Citizen writers and Civilian writers and Citizen bloggers and Civilian bloggers don’t usually ever publically write lies since Citizens’ and Civilians’ nonfiction/diary/journal writing’s done under oath to the best of one’s knowledge and ability to write to the best of one’s memory which memory mostly always serves people wrong and communications can easily get “lost in translation” then miscommunications happen and peoples’ feelings get hurt and people either get sad or mad or angry then get over the hurt and move on and let go.


          Yes, I’m excellent at letting go of any negative emotions since I work. I work. I work. I don’t have time to sit around and play imaginary make-believe day-dreaming games about how or when someday I’ll be “rich and famous” then brag about how I’ll hypothetically will save the entire world and purchase other peoples’ houses since I only have $2.50 in my checking bank account and the lawns were cut yesterday and large appliance items stickered ready to be picked up for the public city municipal workers at 7:30am this morning.


          Wet rugs seem heavier to lift than tree branches.

          Wet rugs are heavier than anything else.


          Yes, all and/or any writers are biased from their “subjective” points of views.


          “Subjective” translates into “bias.”


          No one is “objective.”

          There’s no such thing as “objective” humans.


          All humans are biased in their opinions therefore “subjective.”


          What’s literary “spin”?


          “Spin” isn’t about lies. No.


          In writing “spin” is the facts of who, what, where, when, how and possibly why.


          Nonetheless, literary “spin” is either about “positive” or “negative” tone of written voice in perspective which is acceptable and “spin” is nothing to cry over.


          The most “cruel” places on Earth are writers’ workshops therefore when ever any writers are ready to publically write “under an umbrella” or platform then workshop writers are ready and capable of “thick skins” no matter what’s said or written about the writers’ work and writers’ opinions.


          “Spin” is like throwing a curve ball whether the batter likes it or not yet curve balls are legal in the game of baseball since curve balls take skill and talent to learn.


          “Spin” is usually “negative” in nature.


          However, “spin” can be positive which is worse to get “positive” spin mainly since it’s considered condescending and patronizing.


          No, creative writing has nothing to do with the presidency.


          Creative writing has nothing to do with “narrative”.


          “Narrative” is to drive the story forward.


          Facts are to cement the “narrative” in storyline format of beginning, middle and end.


          If any presidents were to act or speak such as modern Citizens Civilians do then neither are any presidents equipped nor ready for Civics duty much less get up on any platform and deliver quasi cruel speeches about illegal silent immigration encampments or blatant racial discriminatory remarks or inflammatory remarks about the Free Press or the destruction of the world.


          No, I’m not a “hater player.” Nope.


          What don’t people get about critical writing?


          Yes, I studied years and years about the art of critical theory and argumentation in debate and speech which mainly is writing.


          End Side Bar:


---  ---  ---



Minnesota’s White Privilege


          Yes, legalize all narcotics and street drugs.


          Yes, legalize all sex work for healthier outcomes.


          Yes, legalize polygamy since the country is already there.


          Yes, legalize “nudism.”


          Yes, legalize poly-amorous.


          However, leave me out of it.


          Why Minnesota’s higher education middle income earning Caucasian nudist “hippies” and nudist friends insist upon their “victimhood” when ‘people of color’ get angry with Caucasians who rarely worry about real death threats of physical violence by the hands of the police, doctors or nurses or EMT’s?


          Why do Minnesota’s higher education middle income earning Caucasian nudist “hippies” and nudist friends insist on mutually consenting to sexual intercourse with each others’ best friends without condoms and lie about condom use?


          Why do Minnesota’s higher education middle income earning Caucasian nudist “hippies” and nudist friends insist the same laws apply to Caucasians as laws are applied to ‘people of color’ when harsh action and harsh laws only apply to ‘people of color’?


          Why do Minnesota’s higher education middle income earning Caucasian nudist “hippies” and friends insist for ‘people of color’ to constantly and continually go around making apologies about moot points and moot issues and inconsequential nothings?



Lecture of a Lifetime


          If one’s privileged enough to get away with only one single lecture of a lifetime then one’s lucky enough not to get sued.


          Yes, since 1995 my Minnesota family members and Minnesota friends have more or less all been nudists in front of each other and in front of me and not once has any skin shown ever bothered me.


          The only time I ever get bothered is when as a proper guest I’m personally asked to cook.


          If my food doesn’t taste exactly the way other people want my food to taste like their food then people tear me down or belittle me or berate me and tell me I’ve been “brainwashed” by the racially discriminatory suburbs not to be able to cook as my hosts wish for me to cook exactly as they do.


          We were taught there’s no such thing as “brainwashing” unless there’s a willing participant and I’m not “brainwashed.” I quite well know the difference between my head and my rear end.


          No matter how much “White Privileged” Minnesotans literally howl at the moon and serve and eat meals naked I don’t flinch and I don’t ever make myself uncomfortable around nakedness or orgies or not.


          No, I haven’t ever and not once partaken in any orgies.


          No, I haven’t ever and not once partaken in any threesomes.


          Yes, I’m aware most modern peoples are in “open marriages” or “open relationships” with multiple sexual partners.


          Yes, the Muslim men are allotted four Muslim wives at once.



Spiritual Vs. Cruel


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who’ve literally asked me to insert tampons into their vaginas. No, thank you. I had to walk away.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who’ve literally asked me to wipe their rear ends. No, thank you. I had to walk away.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who’ve ever literally asked me for money and contacts.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who’ve ever literally treated me as their personal assistants while shopping or in any grocery stores.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who run around naked in the woods or at beaches or at cabin parties.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who are able and allowed to continually for weeks and months and years scream and yell at the top of their lungs whenever such women get uppity about their place and station in the world.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who think such women can tell me who I am and how I feel in my body riddled with tumors.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who speak for five straight hours about themselves and their frustrations to men and hardly ever take a pause or a break or ever takes genuine interest in others.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who seem to believe life’s a game and such women are inside the pages of the novel “Gone with the Wind.”


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who live in their imaginary world of make-believe day dreams of becoming “rich and famous” and practice speeches in front of their mirrors.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who get half of the story and when such women are done with people then such women act like plantation masters.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who tell others to “stop” talking when others ask about hard truths which by most global standards “stop” is either for “life or death” emergencies or “stop” is considered the equivalent of “shut up” and don’t speak which is more rude than to be told where to go.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who believe such women are in full and total and complete control and power over men, children, family, friends and the whole entire world especially about their half imaginary truths.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who hold the luxury to say they “aren’t ready to talk.” Who’s ever ready to talk? No one’s ever ready to talk.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who are “white privileged” enough to always put a stop to communications especially while such women spend their days licking their crotches.


          Yes, it’s only ever been Minnesota’s Caucasian women who manipulate the subject of psychology as a way to win arguments simply by being misguided in their own emotions and trapped inside fragile egos or dismissive then such women don’t ever have to deal with the mess such women make of others’ lives.



          Yours Truly;





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Weekly Word Count: 1,514 + 1,526 = 3,040


Monday, July 2, 2018


“Speech is hard, but who can keep quiet?”


 (Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Mendacious (dishonest, not telling the truth)


His statement was not accepted because he was a mendacious character.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Neglect of Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 323  


There are occasionally to be found among both sexes, persons who neglect their dress through a ridiculous affectation of singularity, and who take pride in being thought utterly indifferent to their personal appearance. Millionaires are very apt to manifest this characteristic, but with them it generally arises through a miserly penuriousness of disposition; their imitators, however, are even more deficient than they in common sense.


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          Yes, whenever asked or necessary to offer to make any type of an apology to a third party removed then one holds the right to make an apology short and make the forced apology “look good” for the sake of others especially when an apology is asked to be delivered in person. Yikes.


---  ---  ---



Millionaire Trust Fund Baby Hippies Vs.

Bohemians Vs.

Avant-garde Vs.

Hollywood’s Degenerate and Defeated

Executive Producers


Why Harvey Weinstein’s of Hollywood

end up in the Twin Cities of MN?


          No, I’m not Mother Theresa. I’m not.


          No, I’m not vulnerable.

          No, I’m not a victim.

          No, I’m not a martyr.






          Yes, I mostly and always keep my clothes on except for private and personal hygiene.


          Why do nudists continually ask others to go around apologizing for nudists’ ultimate responsibilities?


          Why do nudists who want to become business partners take the liberty to take off their clothes and go in the nude?


          Yes, at nude beaches I’ve gone naked.

          No, I don’t have anything to hide.

          Yes, I was born with a legitimate vagina.

          Yes, I know exactly what my vagina looks like.

          No, I’m not a lesbian.

          No, I’m not a sexual addict.

          No, I’m not a dominatrix.

          No, I’m not a gambler.

          No, I haven’t ever been a sex worker.

          No, I haven’t ever hired a sex worker.

          No, I haven’t ever been an exotic dancer.

          No, I haven’t ever been a drug dealer.

          No, I haven’t ever been a pornographer.

          No, I haven’t ever made any sexual tapes.

          No, I’m not a vixen.

          No, I’m not in an “open marriage.”

          No, I’m not a hermaphrodite.

          No, I’m not a sexual nymphomania.

          No, I’m not a pedophile.

          No, I haven’t ever been involved in incest.

          No, I haven’t ever been raped.

          No, I’m not a mistress.

          No, I’m not a concubine.

          No, I’m not Mrs. Robinson.

          No, I’m not a cougar.

          No, I don’t write letters to inmates.

          No, I’m not a thief.

          No, I’m not sneaky.

          No, I’m not manipulative.

          No, I haven’t ever been any type of arsonist.

          Yes, in fall of 2016 our childhood home burned down.

          Yes, my dad’s neighbors burned down our childhood home.

          No, I haven’t ever flung feces at any human being.

          No, I’m not cruel.

          No, I’m not a hater.


          Yes, I’m incredibly direct.


          No, I’m not a liar, not usually since I’m terrible at telling lies or oral stories for such matters.


          Naturally, I don’t keep up with lies because lies take a lot of time and memorization and tracking of what was said or not said or what was done or not done.


          Yes, I’m a lovely ‘woman of color’ as most women are lovely and rash and hormonal as any other except some women hide it better than most only in mixed company, however. Behind closed doors most women scream and yell or are dismissive.


          Yes, I’m always fully attired in my awesome modern T-shirts and Jeans and tennis shoes or winter boots or rugged outdoor sandals, no matter what I keep my clothes on especially no matter what anyone may or may not offer as proper hosts since I don’t hold any expectations from anyone except myself.



Why do Nudists like to be Looked at?


          Yes, ever since 1995 Twin Cities, MN Caucasians either low income earning “hippies” or middle income earning “hippies” or millionaire trust fund baby “hippies” with trust funds set up by “blue collar” uneducated parents have and will invite me over to proper lunch or dinner and have answered the door completely naked or completely in the nude. I’m told this is common practice and not to ever ‘freak out’ for any reason or I’ll be perceived as “not cool.”  


          Each time anyone in Minnesota answers their front door in the nude then immediately and directly I genuinely smile, make eye contact and say a quick greeting then quickly look down or away from their naked private sexual genitalia even though my natural impulse is to quickly look yet I always look away.


          The true and real measure of ethical character is to hold any type of civilized conversation while any hosts cook or prepare food in the nude around hot stoves then sit down for the meal and throughout an entire meal as any proper guest one doesn’t ever flinch and for any reason one doesn’t ever sneakily objectifies any hosts’ naked bodies simply because others are naked during the course of any sit down proper meal.


          The entire and whole objective of any civilized meal is to not ever make fun or mock or make the host feel uncomfortable for being in the nude since it’s their abode and their rules.


          However, I don’t ever and/or under any circumstances get naked unless I’ve none sexually spent the night over as a proper guest which I don’t ever -- only in my twenties.


          My eyeballs want to look, however, I don’t. Instead I either look people directly in the eye while nudist speak to me as a proper and fully dressed guest or I cast my look away and downward.


          My naked hosts and their naked roommates and naked friends have always offered to cook and make meals while in the complete nude as we hold civil conversation and usually speak about organic vegan nutrition or general events in our lives.


          As any proper guest in fully dressed attire the entire goal is not to ever and not once burst out laughing.


          It’s best to get awkward or even raise one’s voice or cry as some guests do, however.


          Its best not to ever laugh in nudists’ faces otherwise there’s serious ramifications when nudists feel either emotionally attacked or psychologically mocked by their dressed friends or fully properly attired guests such as myself.


          For one second right after the front doors are ever opened up by nudists then I always catch my breath then politely enter and don’t ever for any reason or under any circumstance take off my clothes mainly we all know I wear long pants to the beach if I ever get to the beach once per decade. I don’t like hot sand all over my body. I don’t.



It’s Not About Me.

It’s Not Me.

It’s not.


          People advice me as to the reason why my Minnesota acquaintances and none friends feel “guilty” by being my “quasi” best friends and nudists is because I’m considered “pristine” and haven’t ever given mutual consent to hold any sexual intercourse relations with our former schoolmates or former co-workers or former none best friends or former teachers or former professors or former bosses or clergy or former friends’ parents or former family members now deceased or any others’ former and now ex-boyfriends or friends’ siblings or friends cousins or friends’ roommates.


          Yes, I’ve been informed if hypothetically I were ever to become single then I ought to consent to peaceful sexual intercourse with anyone else’s friends. No, thank you.


          No, I don’t romantically date.


          No, I don’t have a crush on anyone.


          No, I don’t flirt.


          Although I’m told I’m extremely and subtly sensual. I can’t help it. I’m quiet yet physical and alive and vivacious and full of gusto and filled with vitality. It’s obvious to anyone unless they’re dead.


          Yes, I come first and foremost.

          Personally, I first take care of myself then others.


          Yes, mature adults take care of themselves before anyone else otherwise one’s ‘no good’ to anyone else much less the self.


          It’s been legally explained to me in many circumstances acquaintances and none friends perceive me as an object rather than any ‘woman of color’ with rights and liberties.


          In the Twin Cities, MN Caucasian millionaire “hippies” in their forties and fifties and sixties were entrusted with “baby trust funds” by Caucasian “blue collar” income earning uneducated late-born “Greatest Generation” and/or early-born “baby boomer” parents.


          Most Twin Cities, MN Caucasian “trust fund baby” millionaire “hippies” in their forties and fifties and sixties spent the last thirty years amongst low income earning “hippies” or middle income earning “hippies” and prostitutes and drug dealers and local artists and others.


          Most Twin Cities, MN Caucasian “trust fund baby” millionaire “hippies” hold higher education degrees mainly in psychology as most low income earning “hippies” and middle income earning “hippies” also hold the same academic similarity in common yet mainly each demographics experiments with all types of pharmaceutical pills or not.


          However, most Twin Cities, MN Caucasian “trust fund baby” millionaire “hippies” are indeed any different of several of ways any liability to themselves since they hold an air about them as though “nothing can touch them” and nothing much can except they “seem to be their own worst enemies” and actually do legally get into trouble mainly through sexual or narcotic misconduct or embezzlement or fraudulence or unethical misconduct “in each of six different ways to Sunday.”



The Obese Dying

New Zealand Maoris



















          Yours Truly;





Word Count: 1,514

Weekly Word Count: 1,514


Thursday, June 28, 2018


“To have no tongue is like having no [warning] bell.”


 (Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)


Renegade (one who deserts, a turncoat, traitor)


Although they trusted her she turned out to be a renegade.


---  ---  ---


A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.




Consistency In Dress.


Chapter 26.

Page 321


Your dress should always be consistent with your age and your natural exterior. That which looks ill on one person, will be agreeable on another. As success in this respect depends almost entirely upon particular circumstances and personal peculiarities, it is impossible to give general directions of much importance. We can only point out the field for study and research, it belongs to each one’s own genius and industry to deduce the results. However, ugly you may be, rest assured that there is some style of habiliment which will make you passable.


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          “Katamine” ought to be Illegal to Administer to Humans:


          August 8th, 9th, 10th, 2017: Kidnapped and Detained:


          “Katamine” better known as “Special K” or rather “horse tranquillizer” is a veterinarian drug whenever illegally administered to humans then the horse tranquillizer is considered to make people hallucinate like no other drug unless…


          My New England, MA private Liberal Arts college taught me, if I were ever under the hallucinating influence of any type of “Katamine” then to have “the cry” of my life and produce enough tears to literally change my entire body and brain chemistry to wash away all of the “Katamine” introduced poison into the bloodstream. Thank you.


          No, not once and not ever did I hallucinate while under the influence of 400mg of horse tranquilizer because I cried my heart out to wash away and clean out the bloodstream as one would with wounds and infected bacteria with soap and water.


          When one’s under the influence of 400mg of “Katamine” then one is most likely semi-psychotic otherwise meditation takes precedence throughout most of life.


          Katamine is like a temporary death then paralysis to humans.


          Anyone may take off anyone’s clothes and change the patients and there’s nothing the patients can do about anything definitely not against possible hypothetical rape or sexual assault or sexual molestation.


          No, I haven’t ever been raped or sexually assaulted or sexually molested while under the care of Caucasian Western medicine, not to my knowledge anyway.


          However, when one’s been inappropriately touched without one’s notice or awareness then the next day one’s entire body hurts as though one’s trekked five miles through thick jungles while weed-whacking one’s way through with a compass in hand and with a single machete on the other hand and “made it out alive” with body aches and bruises and marks on the body and tenderness on the breasts and possibly the reproductive genitalia or not depending on the area of physical abuse.


          For as long as I live, I’ll always be civically against police asking EMT’s to administer any type of horse tranquillizer to anyone being illegally detained without their rights read or kidnapped for any reason under any circumstance.


          EMT’s are staff of hospitals.


          Individual EMT’s can also be privately contracted through hospitals.


          Police are staff of the taxpayers’ and civically bound to respectfully protect all and any citizens and civilians.


          Individual Police can also be privately contracted as private security, however. Private security is not civics work.


          If police aren’t able to through peaceful words deescalate any situation or misunderstanding then police don’t have any business being police.


          Yes, I only wish and hope there’s pathetic police body camera footage of me being illegally kidnapped, pricked with 400mg of Katamine and detained for three days while having to prove my wits and peaceful and kind Costa Rican American disposition otherwise I might not have been seen again for a long time afterwards.


          Even though my Caucasian Duluth, MN only dad, and Caucasian Rockport, MA only mom and Caucasian Suburban, MN only legal spouse through marriage all advocated for me to be kept illegally detained in a psychological ward for one whole straight month, I legally passed all of my psych evaluations and was immediately released to freely walk out of a 72-hour hold since I have nothing to hide and I’m a good person and an Indigenous peasant living with tumors and I don’t get, too, excited or worked up about any melodrama in Caucasian peoples’ lives.


          No matter what any Caucasian privileged and racially discriminatory doctors or nurses say, “horse tranquiller” nearly brings the heart to a stop and one sees one’s “program” almost shut down and nearly die.


          Since I already have low blood pressure then placing my heart under the influence of either “uppers or downers” will nearly get me killed.


          High blood pressure is debilitating disease.


          Low blood pressure is an instantaneous killer.


---  ---  ---